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1 Hour Home Income
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1 Hour Home Income


The 1 Hour Home Income work at home opportunity is the most recent online business training program promoted by Michelle Boudreau and a new partner, Jane Simmons, in the field of internet marketing.

Boudreau has been the face and representative of a few other work at home opportunities in the past, including HowIReplacedMyJob.com and MillionDollarIncomes.com. Both of these programs also focused on the link posting aspect of internet marketing.

According to the 1 Hour Home Income sales page, this opportunity will give anyone the ability to make up to $375 a day, even if they have no experience or technical knowledge, and with only 1 – 4 hours of work per day.

To get started, the website says you need only make a one time payment of $97, which is a 75% discount off the normal price, and you will get immediate access to the training program and the ability to earn money that same day.

How It Works

The 1 Hour Home Income program teaches people how to post links from home, which is a popular form of affiliate marketing. They estimate that you will be paid an average of $15 for each link posted, and that it only takes one to two minutes to post a link.

The website goes on to say that some companies will pay you as quickly as the same day you post the link, while others will take 2 – 3 days before they process payment.

Finally, the sales page says that if for any reason you are unhappy with the 1 Hour Home Income program or you are unable to earn money with the program within 60 days, then you can request your money back.


While link posting and affiliate marketing are honest forms of making money online, this opportunity is being seriously misrepresented by the sales page of the 1 Hour Home Income program.

You are not paid to post links online by companies. Instead, you post a link promoting a good or service of theirs and if – and only if – that link results in a sale for that company will you earn a commission, which is based on a pre-determined percentage of the cost of the product or service you are promoting.

In addition, being successful with affiliate marketing and link posting takes time, money, and effort, and is not something that will make anyone with zero previous experience wealthy with just “1 – 4 hours a day” of work.

While there are people who earn a good living in affiliate marketing with just a few hours of work a day, that is because they spent lots of time and energy building a business that now only takes a few hours a day of maintenance.

1 Hour Home Income makes affiliate marketing seem like a basic data entry job, but unfortunately it is not possible to get wealthy off of just a couple hours of typing a day. It is far more complicated than that.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " 1 Hour Home Income " is 1.15 out of 5 based on 27 reviews.
  • The worst experience ever! If I could tell these people what I think of them and their work ethics I am sure they would be paying everyone back with their own money.I am so upset it is unreal.
  • SCAM. PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THEIR FALSE PROMISES.!!!! After you finish the payment process and they refer you to their log in page you find that the page no longer exists!!!!! It makes me feel sick to think that there are people out there that can just steal ones hard earned savings. The bank says I can't do anything seeing that I gave them my card details:( So please don't just jump in when everything sounds to good to be true. If I had done my homework I could have seen other people's warnings on the net. I feel very stupid!!!!
  • I am trying to call the number and the number is not work I signed up in december and need to cancel. I had called before and they said I needed to wait 30 days, now the number isnt working are you kidding me? anyone please help I can not find a working number
  • I too was scammed! I recently had to close a business that I've owned for the past 10 years. I trusted 1 Hour Home Income to get me through hard times until I could get my feet back on the ground. Well, now I'm further in debt and couldn't be more frustrated. Afterall, $97 is a lot to me right now. Thugs!!
  • On October 11th they charged me $97 for trying to find extra work. I checked out their website and asked for the money back right away. They wouldn't return it till the month was over and so I called them on the 11th of November and they said they'd send it to my account within 10 business days. I waited two more weeks and then called them back right after thanksgiving... they said they'd been unable to wire the money back to my bank and would send me a check. They sent me the Check dated 12/12/13 i received and deposited almost immediately on 12/18/13. the check bounced and i talked to my bank and they said to call this place. But their number was no longer in service.. i called another number for them that had been on my bank statement beneath the $20 fee for their bounced check.. The people that answered said that this business had closed down , they no longer worked for them and there was nothing they could do. so i called my bank back and they said since 60 days had passed since the original charge there was nothing they could do. if you can think of any way to get the money back for all of us let me know. I'm thinking of filing a complaint at my police dept. like my bank suggested. But maybe they just said that to get me off the phone.
  • I called the number on the computer to cancel the 1 hour home income before I even got out of the program and she still took my money.

    Reading on past the amount to pay I realized it was a scam, so I tried to cancel and the woman on the phone was very unprofessional,

    when I told her I did not want in the business and not to take my money out of my credit card.
  • I signed up, called them within an hour to cancel. They said I had to wait 30 days. Today is 30 days, I called and someone picked up right away and processed my refund with no issues (.49cent fee). Hopefully it's all set but I was able to get a hold of someone right away. Remember time zones (They're in Utah).
  • I also got caught up in the moment and signed up for this. The web site said I would get information by email in order to log on. No confirmation received online. I checked my trash, scam, and inbox still no email. NOTHING

    I tried several times to contact the company on the same day and no luck. No one answered the call.

    I ordered on 10/8/13 and was charged on 10/10/13. When the charge came up on my bill there was no address or phone number listed.

    I finally put a hold on the charge at my CC company.

    I tried again to call the number in the contact field.

    1 Hour Home Income:

    855 N. Freedom Blvd.

    Provo, UT 84604

    E-mail: [email protected]


    I got hold of Melanie in customer support and she was support for two companies. I explained what happened. She gave me login info. When I tried to cancel, I was told the same thing. Must wait 30 days then I would be able to get a refund. Money would then be charged back to the same account that was charged and should take anywhere from 2-10 days to be credited to your account.

    We will see what happens.

    I would like to see if anyone gets a refund.
    • I forgot to say that I did receive one call from them. The person I talked to said there was a special of $44.95 but he needed my CC information again. I would not give that to him. He said he could not process it until CC information was received and I would not be charged until he received the information. Then the charge showed up on my CC.
  • I am retired "don't want to work " Please send this 80 year old man his $97.00 back, thank you. Hurry, hurry. Did I just help make some joker a wealthy person?????? Please send my $97.00 back.
  • I signed up today in haste and am now asking for a refund from 1 Hour Home Income. I called them at the number below and they said I could get the full refund in 30 days or half now. I will wait the 30 days. Good luck to all of us trying to get our money back. If you go to their website the policy for refunds is in the "terms and conditions" under #16. You can find that at the bottom of the page. Their address was found under "contact us" at the top of page. Here is their address and phone number. Their website is 1HourHomeIncome.com

    1 Hour Home Income

    855 N. Freedom Blvd.

    Provo, UT 84604

    E-mail: [email protected]

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