12 Minute Payday Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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12 Minute Payday is a new work at home program available from Justin and Steven James which says that it can help anyone make money from the comfort of their own home, with no need to trade or host, or work with Twitter or Facebook.

The “free six figure business plan” promoted and offered by this company comes in addition to the main opportunity, which is actually a list building opportunity, and does require customer purchase.

Customers who are interested in participating in this work from home program can purchase this training program for $47, or if you attempt to leave the sales page but choose the option to “Stay on the Page” you will be given a reduced price of $37.

How Does It Work?

According to various reviews and comments made on their own website, the 12 Minute Payday business system is focused on providing their members with between 5 and 15 different premade webpages.

These webpages are capture pages, or lead pages, which have been predesigned in advance and are intended to help you get the email addresses of potential customers who are interested in making money online. This is also known as “list building.”

Once you have built your list, you can begin sending your list members various work at home opportunities for which you are an affiliate. When your customers make purchases, you will receive a percentage of the purchase price they pay.

Potential Concerns

First and foremost, though the video presentation on 12MinutePayday.com stresses the amazing earnings success of the people providing their “personal testimonials,” the reality is that the website itself clearly states that “the typical purchaser does not make money using this system.”

In addition, this company is hosted in the country of Cyprus, which has traditionally been a red flag when it comes to online business opportunities, because the United States is unable to prosecute fraudulent businesses there.

However, the low price of this work at home opportunity may seem reasonable to people who are willing to see what this company has to offer, and may be the only positive aspect of this program, as many other list building opportunities are often priced at $100 or more. Customers should be aware, though, that these types of opportunities will often come with many other sales pitches, and you should not be told that you cannot be successful without purchasing many other tools and resources.

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