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Is 123CashSurveys.com Legit or a Scam?

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123 Cash Surveys is a site that claims to offer people an opportunity to earn money from taking online surveys. This is a very popular niche, as many stay home parents, laid off employees, and those needing extra cash often turn to surveys as a way to make additional money online.

Despite its popularity there is a lot false information floating around this industry and sites like 123CashSurveys.com are partly to blame. Anyone that tells you that you can make $46,800 a year from taking online surveys is lying, plain and simple.

These types of sites try to lure you in with exaggerated income claims and promises of easy wealth. The truth is that you can make money taking online surveys, but no one in their right mind should expect this to replace a full time job.

The kind of income you’re looking at is in the neighborhood of a couple hundred bucks a month. The reason it’s not as high as they claim is because of the way the market research business works.

These research companies get hired by large corporations and businesses to get feedback on their products and service. These companies are always in need of very specific demographics in order to get the most use out of their data.

For instance, a typical market research study might need males between the ages of 18-20 who drink Coke 1-2 times a week but have never tried Gatorade. As you can see, this is a tough demographic to fill and as a result many people won’t qualify for this particular survey.

So while sites like 123CashSurveys.com claim that if you do X amount of surveys you’ll make X amount of dollars, the math might be right but the reality is much different. Before you can count your hypothetical earnings you need to qualify for the surveys first.

So is 123 Cash Surveys a Scam?

It may not be an outright scam but they do charge you $30 for a list of survey companies that you can find for free online and they do grossly misrepresent your income potential.

You can make some extra money taking surveys and I do encourage you to give it a shot by signing up for some legitimate market research companies. The good news is that since these companies often need very specific demographics they want as many people as possible in their databases so they let you sign up for free.

This is why you don’t need to pay a company like 123 Cash Surveys for a list; you can do your own research and get the same results. A great place to start is with our vetted list of market research companies. They’re all free to join and have paid out cash rewards to their members, take a look at our Free Online Surveys Here.

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