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1Q.com is a website that offers people an easy way to earn extra income just by answering a few questions, as well as gives companies access to important market research data.

While the website does not provide any information regarding what they charge companies for their services, they do promise that it is completely free for people to sign up as members of the 1Q.com audience and participate in their research.

How Does It Work?

Companies are able to contract their services and submit questions, coupons, or offers to them, which in turn will be distributed to the members of 1Q. The responses or reactions they provide will make up the data which is then returned to the companies.

Companies will then have the ability to see responses come in live, as well categorizes the results in “segmented demographics pie charts and cross tables,” and provides downloadable data created by the company’s own guidelines for analytics, and even more.

Members will receive the questions, coupons, and offers via the 1Q.com mobile application, and they can respond either by text message or through the application itself. There is only a small window of time to reply, however, because the companies need the information as soon as possible. Members who miss the window will not be allowed to reply.

Members who respond will get money paid directly into their PayPal account, for each question or offer they respond to. There is no stated minimum of money that needs to be acquired before you are paid out.

Is It Legit?

While there doesn’t seem to be any reviews regarding the validity of this company and their claims, there also doesn’t seem to be any complaints or negative reviews from users who have bad experiences with this company.

In addition, online and mobile market research is a very legitimate industry. Companies do pay good money for the information they receive from these companies, because this information goes a long way toward helping them meet their goals for improving their products and services, and ultimately being more successful.

1Q.com is unusual because most companies require you to meet a certain minimum withdrawal amount before they can claim their money. If 1Q.com is honest about paying members immediately, then this might be a good opportunity for people looking to make a few extra dollars each month with little effort.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " 1Q Reviews " is 4.4 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
  • The app 1Q just paid me $1 for answering 4 questions. They pay $0.25 per question you answer, super simple.

    They also time the questions, so they know how long it takes for you to answer, the quicker you answer the more likely it is you'll get more questions.

    As soon as you answer the question, the money has already been sent to your Paypal account.

    They also paid $0.25 per referral.
  • 1Q App is a money making but NOT for questions.

    It's the referral program that makes it so amazing. You can delete the app and keep the referral link, that's all you need, that's where the money is!

    Come on, think.
    • 1Q App is simply amazing.

      Actually get paid to answer text messages. Payment are instant through PayPal.
  • I had an inquiry and they never responded. Also, I've had the app for months now and have only received two questions. It's basically just taking up space.
  • this is the best app out there its send you a ? you answer and it pays you right to your paypal. its realy pays you
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