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5in5now.com is a website that, as the name suggests, shows you how to make 5 dollars in 5 minutes daily.  The basis of this program is to show you how to make money signing up for offers and trying out products and services.

5In5Now will also pay you for:

  • Completing Surveys
  • Referring Friends, Family and Colleagues
  • Reading Emails
  • Using the Bonus Offer Program

After completing all these activities you can cash out once you reach $25 in your account, at which point you can request payout via check or PayPal.  What 5 in 5 Now is doing is not new and there are many companies that offer this type of work.

The website is free to join but there are a couple important things to keep in mind when trying to make money with offers.  If you’re signing up for an offer make sure to read all the terms and conditions and understand what you’re signing up for.

The reason many people call these types of programs scams is because they’re not careful with what they sign up for and many times you may be billed additional charges once the trial period is over.  So if you are signing up for a product or service that you know you’re not interested in keeping make sure to cancel within the allotted time period.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " 5 in 5 Now " is 1.48 out of 5 based on 21 reviews.
  • Do not have anything to do with this website. If you sign up and then change your mind they refuse to remove your name from their list. I have unsubscribed 12 times to no avail. Another thing to note is that their emails are obsessive. I have received as many as six in one day. DON'T DO IT!!!!!! DON'T SIGN UP!!!
  • I have signed up for a lot of survey sites. I have done so because I wanted to gather all of the legit survey sites up and try them all to see which ones would make me a little income a month and which ones would be a waste of my time and honestly, from the looks of this one, from the reviews I have read from other members, from the emails I have received and from the offers I have "tried" to complete.. Tells me that this survey, IS A WASTE OF TIME! Yes, that's all this survey site does is keep pulling you around in a circle, how dumb do you think I look chasing $5. That's what this is like.. Okay, this site is like finding a $5 bill on the ground while just walking in the park, and then you go to grab it and as soon as you grab it.. It moves... And than you wait and go to grab it again and it moves again..It moved because someone had it on an invisible string because the money doesn't belong to you.. It's a joke, there's no such thing as making $5 in 5 minutes, defianelty not from this site!! Smh, this is simply for fun, you definatelt won't become rich or else, everyone in the worn would just take surveys for a living :) have a good day!! But all in all... Be careful what sites you sign up for. I also have a million and one phone calls each day.. Take care!!
    • What survey site do you think is the best Shannon?
    • Shannon, your comment "how dumb do you think I look chasing $5. That’s what this is like." I burst out laughing, because not only are you exactly right but I couldn't help picturing the $5 bill on the ground with the string and compare it to "how dumb do you think I look" .. I was researching this survey site as well as a few others...thanks for your descriptive, humorous and very true statement! lol
    • so there is no sight that you have found that works? If you do come across any would you please send the info to me?

      Rebecca Uhrig
  • I tried 3 times to get 5 in 5 and its just not possible. 100% scam!
  • I didn't even sign up for them and I am being spammed by their e-mail offers. To me, this instantly puts them on the scam side. No even semi-legit business should send random spam.
    • There are two surveys that I have done for years that are reputable and honest. But just to put a little extra money in your pocket. There are Pinecone Research by Karen Scott that pays you 3.00 a survey into a PayPal account each time you do one. They also at times end you samples to try from time to time.

      The other is American Consumer Opinion by Anne Parks, hers is also a cash out through PayPal that pays anywhere from 4.00 per survey and up at times.

      There is no maximum or minimum before transferring funds or fees to your bank from PayPal and generally get paid within 1-3 days after completion.

      Hope this helps some of you who enjoy doing surveys, sampling new products and making a little extra cash while doing so. It's not a get rich by no means, just fun.
  • I recommend creating a separate email (gmail/yahoo/hotmail, whatever) for each of these offer type companies so if you get spammed, you won't clog your personal email box.
  • This is the biggest scam I have seen in awhile. It promises to pay you $5.00 for surveys but it does not. It promises you $20.00 gift cards after a survey,but then they want you to take at least two of their sponsors offers that almost always cost you money. It's a waste of time!!
  • I joined from another site to but noticed immedietly they were trying to lead me into spam and all that BS. I do other surveys online I have not yet cashed out but my friend referred me to them and has been doing them for years. I think i'm just going to stick with those!
    • I'm going to second cashcrate, it's the real deal, but it's slow, but you will make real money.
    • Try e-rewards. Ive been doing them for about 2 years.
    • I sure wish someone would tell the rest of us when you find ONE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! This is so frustrating... so far CashCrate is the only one that seems to pay off. But if your demographics are off a hair, good luck qualifying for surveys.
    • what are the other sites you have been doing? i can't seem to find any that are legit.
  • I personally tried to join, but i haven't activated my email, and after reading all this, I simply wont. Thank you for all your posts, which have actually been more helpful than the article itself.
  • I also have been cancelling this website and it's like mold just keeps on clinging. Please help on how to get rid of receiving this e-mail. I even send them to our junk mail but they still keep on coming at least three times a day. Help. I don't want to receive this anymore.
    • go to :Mail Options, Filter, type in the name of the email, "move to" trash.

      It worked for me. Hope that helps :)
  • hey y'all,

    ok i've read all this and just tried to cancel my account and it does nothing? reloaded and it still showed my account, how can i get rid of this site?

    thanks for any help y'all can offer!
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