6 Tips to a Successful Online Business

6 Tips to a Successful Online Business
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6 Tips to a Successful Online Business


Whether you’re trying to make it as a professional blogger or affiliate marketer try following these six tips to get the most out of your online business.

1. Offer Value – This has to be the most important factor in any online business, not only do you have to offer your guests something of value whether it be information, a tool, or advice it has to be better and different from what they can get elsewhere.

2. Build Relationships – If you’re serious about working online this is a must. Building relationships with your visitors is crucial to building trust which is the basis for any potential sales. Try offering something for free to your guests, but make sure it’s a solid product and not just another 2 dollar eBook.

3. Find Information – Always be on the lookout for new developments and technologies that can improve your business. Online traffic is the building block of success, thus you should always be striving to increase it. Although be wary of the latest and greatest, focus on building a site with tons of original content instead.

4. Perform Testing/Tracking – Once you begin to see an increase in traffic and sales it’s vital to start tracking everything. You want to track, where your sales are coming from, which advertisements are converting, and most importantly what’s not working. You may be hesitant about paying a monthly fee for a tracking service but take my word for it; they pay for themselves. Once you start launching more efficient campaigns you’ll immediately see the difference in your profit margins. I use Aweber as an Autoresponder and for tracking.

5. Use Repetition – This is a no-brainer, and the reason why tracking is so important. Once you see what’s working do it over and over again. If you find that one keyword is showing significant sales spend time on keyword research and try to find a similar one. This will also help you narrow down where you should be focusing your energy.

6. Use Time Management – The irony is that the most appealing aspect of a work at home business is also your worst enemy. There are a plethora of distractions at home that can have you waste away entire days. To avoid these pitfalls try a couple things. Develop a work week schedule that you and family members will respect. Have a plan of action for each day; this will keep you focused and productive the entire day. Finally, limit distractions such as television or unnecessary web browsing.

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  • Sounds good,because some of the thing's you mention, i'm already doing.Which made me a lot more positive. I will get back, to give you my a report. Thank you, and god bless you, in Jesus name, amen
  • It is good to recieve solid information without having to worry about a catch! Thank You for the business advice! It is very enlightining!!!
  • wondering if anyone knows of a legit honest online business opportunity, or even simply a legit way to make an income online. Anything I have ever read leads me to believe that internet marketing may be the best way to make a income online, problem is I dont really want to develop my own webpage and or products/information to sell.

    Thanks to all for any information.
    • Hello Zack~ I have been working from home with a Company called Helios Media, and very happy. You can work part time, or full time. It's all incoming calls offering a no-cost service to people wanting to further their education. You simply find schools, either campus or online, in the Helios data base, and submit the information to the school. You are helping people go back to school, and no pressure. They pay twice a month by direct deposit. And, training is Paid! I would highly recommend them!
  • Dear Friend,

    i need your help because i am new in the online business how can i enter in member area? im really confuse
  • First off non of this advice help me learn from the start. How do you start to make money online usingthe the system advertised by a tv star named andrew morrison. He offered his book and cd training on tv Sunday night November 25, 2012. He was on tv late nite and live used a formula to make 200,000/mo. That is how much he is making on ads just on facebook. 200,000/month

    Im looking for his phone number. Please email to me how I may be able to make money online thru Sndrew Morrison's book at cost of only 12.95 one time fee. teresa
    • Michael is right,

      Dont waste your money on these internet marketing schemes and scams - they work for 1% of the people who actually purchase these things. With any legitimate business, you are not going to make 100's of thousands of dollars by buying SOMEONE elses product to make them thousands of dollars. I dont know how to stress that enough. To build your OWN online business you need time, patience, and your OWN capital - or investors close to you to commit to it. No one ever got rich by making someone else rich... thats just another form of being a laborer - you do NOT work for yourself. I have 100% funded and operated my own business, Im not rich - but I have my own financial freedoms as I chose and work based on my home schedule. This advice is FREE and very true - someone is NOT going to tell you how to make money. The best tool you have is research research research - read reviews from real ppl who actually used the products. People are so quick to throw money at something thinking they are going to get buku bucks because the website looks "enticing". Hard work and dedication are the only things that pay off when you are running an online business - not someone elses hard work and dedication that you have to pay for.
    • Andrew Morisson is the brother of Anthony Morisson; if you don't purchase their $3000.00 plus system (which they claim works)you certainly will not make any money with any of their books.

      My advice; Don't spend money on internet marketing guru's and build your own site with reputable affiliate links. Blogg as much as posible to build your business.

      Good Luck!
  • Good article for me who is just starting online business. Thank you.
  • This is excellent practical advice to become succeful online
  • very good info! solid common sense
  • This is great information! I love that the format is like a list. It's quick and easy to read. I'm looking into an online business (affiliate marketing) now and want to know if legit companies charge you to have a mentor and fees to maintain your own website?
  • Well said, but success online has one important aspect people do neglect and I believe it should always be included in a list like this. It is the issue of mentorship and protege. Without a mentor, coming to start online business can be very frustrating and fruitless. Worst still, if you have a mentor that mislead you, then you are finish. So, mentorship is key.

    Thanks. Ubong
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