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98 Success, found online at 98Success.co, is a new money making opportunity which claims that they will give people a chance to take advantage of a “computer bug” that will let them earn almost $700 every day.

98 Success provides people with a promotional video that explains how their “bug” works and how their customers can take advantage of it for their own financial gain, and because this system is still in beta testing, customers who sign up for this system right now will be able to use it completely for free.

How Does 98 Success Work?

98 Success works with binary options trading, which is a type of investment where customers are asked to choose a particular stock and decide how they believe that stock’s value will behave during a specific time period which can be as short as sixty seconds.

This type of investment has become extremely popular because it offers such a quick return on investment, and because it seems very simple. The reality, however, is that it can actually be extremely complicated to decide whether a stock’s value will rise or fall in such a short period of time because of how many different factors have to be taken into consideration.

But customers who use the 98 Success software are told that they will never need to decide on their own what a stock will do. Instead, the software has the ability to “gain access to the trades of the wealthiest billionaires on Wall Street” and follow their decisions about how stocks will move.

The video says that following the proven strategies of these successful billionaires gives their members the ability to be correct about 98.4% of the trades they make, which is where the software gets its name.

The Problems

The truth is that the internet is currently crawling with these investment software programs that essentially the exact same promises, when the truth is that their whole goal is really to get you to sign up for a specific trading platform that will pay them a commission when you do.

For example, in order to use 98 Success software, you must sign up with the specific binary options trading platform that they choose and fund your account with the necessary $200 to $250 to begin actually trading.

Once you have signed up with the platform of their choice, 98 Success will be able to take their money and walk away; as far as they’re concerned, their job is done. This company has no real motivation to help you beyond this moment, because they’ll never earn another penny no matter what you earn.

In addition, the system that they are promoting – copying the biggest traders on Wall Street – is only really successful with long term investments. Binary options trading is actually so risky that it is not really utilized by successful investors, because the truth is that more people lose money than earn money.

The bottom line is that you should never invest any money that you don’t feel comfortable losing, and there is no such thing as special software that will guarantee you any earnings. The responsibility of choosing when and how to invest your money is entirely yours.

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