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A Closer Look, found online at A-Closer-Look.com, is a marketing and mystery shopping company that gives businesses the necessary customer feedback they need to expertly improve their services and stay competitive within their industries.

According to their website, this company works with businesses in the Restaurant, Hotel, Retail Store, Health & Wellness, and Professional Service provider industries to help them get a better understanding of their customer relations and services.

They do this by employing “expert” mystery shoppers, who they say will provide their companies with detailed reports of their experiences as well as with suggestions for improvements or changes.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shoppers are employed by A Closer Look and then given an assignment to interact with a specific client of theirs. For example, they may be told to go to a local pizzeria for dinner, with optional specifics like ordering certain menu items or “experiencing” certain issues or problems during the meal.

The mystery shopper then provides a professional report on their experience, including specific details and feedback and opinions on their experience and what could be improved. It is important that this report be as clear and accurate as possible, so companies know they are receiving the most reliable information.

How to Sign Up

People who are interested in becoming one of their mystery shoppers must submit a valid email address to their website and they will be emailed an application as well as be given access to their “Pre-Application Information Guidelines” which explains their company guidelines for shop assignments.

The application will include questions about spelling, grammar, math, and logic, as well as a section of the application where you will have to provide a written narrative about your most recent fine or casual dining experience “in a clear and concise manner.”

Finally, you will also be asked to provide all relevant contact and demographic information and complete a “Shopper Qualifying Test.” Applicants must pass their test with a score of 7 or better in order to be eligible for hire.

A Closer Look also regularly hires both schedulers for their mystery shopping experiences, and editors to look over submitted reports. Unfortunately this website does not publish payment or rate information for their employees at this time.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " A Closer Look Reviews " is 2.57 out of 5 based on 35 reviews.
  • Reading all of the reviews online here and other places tells me that the a-closer-look needs there own revision of their policies and procedures. I think most of these are scams to simple drive retail sales to the "Shop" and figure a way to not pay the "Shopper". SO...I will not waste my time on this company. Thanks for posting
  • I agreed to complete a shop for "A closer look" mystery shopping company. After completing the shop per their directions they refused to accept my shop and pay me for the work performed.

    It was a Blaze Pizza shop and one of the requirements was NOT to order the "high Crust"> I completed the shop and did not order the "High Crust". During my shop the cashier was having trouble printing my receipt. When I submitted my report, my receipt stated "high Crust" a additional $2.00 and stated my credit card had been declined on the receipt. I must have been given someone else's receipt.

    Closer Look would not look at my explanation or the photos of the pizza showing it was not a "high crust" pizza.

    My advice do not use closer look company as you will get scammed from them and cheated out of your pay.
  • It's legitimate, and I've done for shops for them, but the huge list of things to remember is almost impossible. If you forget even one tiny detail, they threaten to not reimburse you. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless you have a photographic memory.
    • It's obviously not an issue for everyone since there are many reviews from people stating they do shops for ACL. One lady even stated she uses her phone to take notes, pretending to text, that way she doesn't forget anything. If you want something FOR FREE, you'll make the effort to follow the instructions. If not, you won't get it for free. I feel like people are just too lazy anymore and want free things or easy money just handed to them. If you can't handle working (if you can even call it that) at getting meals and other things literally paid for for you, then this obviously isn't for you. Get over it and move along!
    • Cori what other company would you recommend to shop for?
    • I agree with Lisa. It's a legit company but the reports are cumbersome. You have one editor telling you that your report is perfect, and then another one says it's incomplete and accuses you of sending in a hand written report. I feel like they are doing this to try and not pay me, as I didn't submit anything handwritten. The editors couldn't even spell my name correctly. Why would you trust someone like that with your report? DON'T shop for them. There are other companies that pay well.
    • Lisa: Please detail the type of info you were required to remember. I am very interested in working as a mystery shopper but have a few reservations. Do you think that it will be feasible to bring my phone camera/recorder so that I am able to replay my transactions later as I report it?
  • Everyday, everywhere...our names are being used by hackers...A.K,A. Scam Artists, who like to see who they can either harm or put out of business. Although I am relatively new to mystery shopping, I find it supplements my income in a fun and safe environment. The people I have spoken to are professional and sincerely interested in doing the jobs they have been hired to do, and that is to make restaurants, bars, and hotels better for all of us to enjoy by providing feedback (positive or not so positive) to their clients so commendations or retraining can be accomplished. All of us have been warned about not cashing a check in advance of doing a "shop" and to call A Closer Look (or any other mystery shopping business) to confirm the check. I know that if I were to receive a check in advance, I would ask questions before messing up my bank account. This is a reputable organization, and I believe one scammed person does not need to throw sour grapes for their inability to read between the lines. I will continue my mystery shopping and wish others would join this growing was to fill the empty coffers in an honest fashion.
    • Alton, you never sign up for a mystery shopping company that asks for your personal banking information or money up front. Those are scams. There are many legit companies out there. A closer look is legit.
    • I would NOT do this. I was scammed for sure by the exact same approach and almost lost considerably financially. It sounded fantastic but was an attempt to rip me off financially. For this specific company we are talking about I reported them to my IS PRETTY AS A SCAM AFTER THEY EMAILED ME BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY BEEN SCAMMED WITH THIS APPROACH. I ASKED THEM TO INVESTIGATE THEIR VALIDITY AND LET ME KNOW.
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