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ABC Fundraising


Fundraising is a great way to earn money for a cause that is important to you, whether it is an existing program or a new one. While some non-profit organizations, schools, sports teams, churches, charities, PTA’s committees, and youth groups may have donors to fund the program, others must take matters into their own hands and raise money. With ABC Fundraising’s products and services you can raise the amount of money necessary to meet your needs.

Because they offer so many fundraising options, ABC Fundraising has consultants that are available to provide clients with the best advice to maximize their potential earnings. There are also articles that are posted on the site as an additional resource; some of the information within the articles includes suggestions for fundraisers, tips to get people involved in the efforts and much more.

ABC Fundraising understands that funds may not be available at the time the order is placed so they have different payment options available for your convenience. Payments can be made up front or within 30 days. They accept credit cards, money orders and check by phone; they will even hold the payment for 30 days before processing it should you need them to do so.

To try it out simply request a free fundraising package online. The sample package has information about ABC Fundraisers including details on The Scratch & Help® fundraiser, the Cookie Dough Fundraiser and the Spinners™ fundraiser. You also receive a sample of the ABC Fundraising Card®, the most profitable fundraising card in the country.

ABC Fundraising is always searching for new independent distributors to sell fundraising packages. This is a great job for people who want to work from home and set their own hours. By filling out the form online anyone can obtain a free, no obligation, business opportunity information package. It takes approximately one week to receive once they send it out; you can start working as soon as you receive it.

As an independent contractor you will call non-profit organizations, churches and schools to offer them fundraising opportunities using the fundraising products offered through ABC Fundraising. Not only are you able to select your own contacts, but they will also send you free leads to follow up with. Contractors earn commission off of their accounts year after year; after building up a base of accounts it is possible to earn thousands of dollars in a month.

Fundraising can help raise awareness in your community and gain supporters for a cause. The more people you reach out to with your fundraising efforts can lead you to a wealth of lifelong supporters. Creating a following is important to the future success of any group. Collecting money for something that means a lot to you is intrinsically rewarding especially when the difference you make in the present influences the future success of the organization.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " abc fundraising " is 2.89 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
  • I have check in this and it cost $600 upfront to start the gold 2membership.
    • Actually I paid $376 for my Gold package .
    • It seem legit and something to think about but you have to pjt money up front? Someone help me clarify.
    • Hi Robin - It doesn't cost $600. It's only $367 if paid up front when joining. The $600 is only when choosing to spread the payment over 6 months at $105 per month. You could earn your initial investment back with just 1 good sale.
  • i am interested in this company. working at home is best for me as i am physically unable to work. there are so many scams and being that we have tp pay....makes me very unsure!!!!

    can anyone truely assure me that ABC fundraising is something i should invest my time and money into??????
    • I am the same way I'm interested also.But not too sure.
    • This is a good opportunity. I would suggest you contact some non-profits in your area to see if they would be interested in fundraising ideas before you invest your money. Possibly a church where you could recoup your initial investment. If you are unable to work that means you have limited funds. $367 may not seem a lot but when your income is limited it is a lot.
    • Judy,

      Did you find any other information regarding this job? I am curious as well. Please respond when you can. Thanks You can also email me at [email protected]

      Again, Thanks !
  • I've been a distributor for ABC Fundraising for a few months and have been making sales to mostly schools and a few local Churches. They offer a great commission structure especially if you sign up as a Gold distributor. On my last sale I made $600 by setting up a fundraiser for the high school football team in my home town. I would definitely recommend this company if you want to work from home. They have bi- weekly live nationwide conference calls and great customer upport.
    • Congrats , I am trying to start off with individuals who need a fundraiser. Giving my business card and putting out word of mouth. About my fundraising business. I work at a restaurant. And I see all kinds of customers plus I live in a very small town and there is not much that goes on here.
    • Would you be willing to send me the information. I interested in become a distrubutor but a lil curious.. [email protected]
    • Are you still a distributer at abc fundraiser. Do they pay bi weekly or monthly. How much have you brought in from this.
    • Hi how do customer receive their product, do I have the chocolate on hand for customers?
    • Mary, I would really be interested in knowing how it's going for you now a few months down the road.

      Thank you in advance for your time.
    • How do I find out if there is a distributor in the KCMO region. I am thinking about pursuing this and want to know if we are saturated in the area with representatives.
    • I see that you stated you made $600 dollars so let me ask you are you working with this company as a employee or as part of the scam team. Nothing can be trusted now a days and with times already being so hard people just don't feel like been taking advantage of anymore.
  • Signed up and received the kit it had everything promised and even offered training and videos my only issue is the video alway refer the customer back to the abc fundraising site rather than instructing them to contact their local rep which can lead to missed commissions on sales and worked leads

    I really like the products being offered too
    • Question...

      Are you making the funds they say you will make? Just trying to figure out if this a scam or is it legitimate and they do send you clients to mail fundraising to.

      Thanks for your time

  • little or no legit information available refund policy in not comfortable and offers little to nothing to those who would like to involve with this company and be assured their not being taken by another internet company. the fact that the company sells may profitable accounts as house accounts is troubling
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