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Acai Optimum is a website that offers acai weight loss supplements through a free trial offer.  It is also one of the last acai websites still allowing its affiliates to market their product through deceptive advertising.  If you heard about this company chances are it was through one of the many advertisements plastered all over the internet.

The ad that you probably saw is one of the sneakiest marketing strategies developed to date, and frankly I would not be surprised to find out if it was technically illegal.  When you click the advertisement you’re taken to what looks like a newspaper article profiling the Acai berry and making it out to be the miracle cure of the future.

The site is designed to look like a professional news outlet using everything from weather charts to videos and other tricks to make you feel like you’re at a legitimate news source.  However this is not the case; the site has only one page on it and contains no real reports or articles, it’s strictly created to sell you Acai Optimum.

Click the image on the right to see an example of such an article.  You can see that at the very top it even says “Advertorial” and you can be sure that none of the links work, they simply take you to the acai trial offer.

So is Acai Optimum a Scam?

The claim made by Acai Optimum is that taking their supplement will help you increase stamina and help your body minimize fat storage of foods that you eat.  They imply that this will help you lose weight, but at the bottom of the page they do stipulate that none of the claims they make are evaluated by the FDA.

Now, I’m not a dietitian that has studied the acai berry, so it’s not my place to debate the health benefits of these products.  I can tell you my opinion is that the whole Acai berry craze has been completely blown out of proportion with so many baseless claims being made you’d think it’s the next miracle cure.  It may very well be healthy for you but I can almost assure you it’s no miracle cure-all.

The other aspect to Acai Optimum that causes many people to call it a scam is in their business model.  Their whole purposes is to get you signed up for the trial period, however the trials is immediately followed by continual monthly billing.

It’s called a “negative option billing”, meaning you have to take action to stop being charged, and it’s pretty heavily frowned upon by the FTC.  If you don’t read the terms and conditions you might miss this information which states that,

If you do not cancel your order within the 14 Day Trial Period and return the Product to us within 30 days after you cancel your order, your credit card on file will be charged $79.98. If after your 14 Day Trial Period you wish to continue to receive AcaiOptimum, simply do nothing, and in approximately 30 days and continuing every 60 days thereafter (a Recurring Order), you’ll be shipped out a fresh new 60 day supply of AcaiOptimum for the low price of just $49.00 per bottle with FREE shipping. For your convenience, we will bill the credit card you provided us for your initial order.” Remember, you can cancel at any time by contacting our Customer Care Department at 1-877-825-1528 or online at

From what people are saying, canceling the Acai Optimum trial seems like a nightmarish headache since they want you to first contact them for a Return Merchandise Authorization RMA number and then ship the product back to them.  Many customers have complained of telephone numbers not working and staff being unresponsive.  If you need more canceling instructions call them at the above number.

Acai berry products are in really high demand right now and their price reflects that.  No one is giving them away for free and if you have signed up for a seemingly “free trial” I can assure you that you’ve just signed up for an overpriced continual billing plan and that you will have a heck of a time trying to cancel it.

After doing a fair bit of research, I’ve found only one legitimate business that sells acai supplements online.  They’re certified by the BBB with zero complaints, sell 100% pure freeze dried Acai (highest form available), and offer their products cheaper than the scam sites and with no sneaky re-bills. is by far the most reputable retailer of Acai products so if you do decide to try it, I would definitely advise you to purchase it there.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Acai Optimum " is 1.18 out of 5 based on 136 reviews.
  • Same here! Thought it was a good product to try...after charging me 99.00 twice and again for that same amount! contacted the company, sounded very fishy. Same guy, foreign accent said mail in the rebate info etc...mailed it in, nothing. repeated all the steps again, sent it certified..nothing, WOW..called and called, no answer, no answer. That was a year ago!

    Yes I feel very violated! not right. To those who do wrong, it will come back to them..I pray this company will be found and out of business once and for all!
  • I too totally fell for this scam; I can't believe I have been so stupid. I am only glad I read all these reviews so I can cancel my card immediately. I was under the impression I was just paying for the postage and only noticed to my horror the actual amount taken from my bank account for purecolon and hcgultra.
  • I found no problem cancelling, my order. I tried it only for a few days about 18 months ago, It was not suitable as it interfered with my epilepsy medication.
  • so aside from being scammed money wise.. is the product any good? does it work?
  • Same as everyone else, this is a total scam and it was a nightmare trying to get my money back. My credit card company got my money back for 1/2 off it. I also ordered the Advanced Colon from some article saying to use both and it turned out, the article was a fake not U.S. News at all! What a nightmare. Not only because I spent $200 for it, but it does not work one bit. And when I called customer service, and sent in my mail in rebates, I never did get the rebate money back and they told me they don't do refunds, give it to friend! I learned my lesson!
  • I also read free trial 99 cents to get it. well they are so stupid and eager to charge you let me tell you, I had a prepaid card with only 10 dollars I had gotten all the bottles totaling up to 4 in a couple days and I realized the prepaid card was charged the 10 dollars right away after ordering. oh well that's all they got and I got away with 4 bottles haha:) Isn't that karma for them?
  • I got scammed by these jerks too! My Credit Card was charged (unauthorized) not once, not twice, not three times but four times! The total amount of charges were approximately $400!!! Their website claimed that it is a "FREE 30-DAY TRIAL" and only pay something like $3 for shipping. They got me good! I filed a complaint with the B.B.B. in Arizona against the company: "Calais Naturals, LLC". Nothing was ever resolved. The B.B.B. marked my case as "Unresolved". What a great help they were! All of us that were mislead and ripped off by this company should get together and file a law-suit against these bastards and sue the crap out of them!!! That is, if we can ever find out what happened to this company? Ever tried getting in touch with them? Impossible!


  • Another victim I am afraid of this now very obvious SCAM! I cant believe how naive I was to apply for the trial of Acai & Colon cleanse. I contacted my credit card company to report this but was told that they cannot block the payment and that cancelling my credit card would not stop the charges being made. They assured me that in the meantime they would contact the company and look in to it, but meanwhile charges could be still made to my account?! This does not seem right and I would appreciate some advice. My gut feeling is just to pay off the balance on my card & cancel it ASAP.

  • I too fell for this scam, i have been trying to contact them since oct last year so they can refund my money with no luck at all. i ordered the trial version but it came from an address in the uk but when i contacted the number on the receipt it never went through and same as the US ones. They charged me £66.96 twice and another for trial version £0.79.

    Those from the UK, how did you get refunds?
  • This is a scam. Ordered initial trial and immediately cancelled the next day. Website indicated "cancelled" and approximately 2 weeks later, product arrived despite website indicated "cancelled" on account screen. At that point, credit card was charge $99 and checked website again. This time, the "cancelled" was removed and deleted. Customer service claimed I never cancelled and I could cancel for $20. Immediately closed credit card number, disputed transactions, filed report with Internet Crimes Bureau in Washington D.C. and filed report with credit card company. Luckily, I had printed out statement initially from site stating "cancelled" and sent as evidence. Charges were dropped from my credit card. Incredible amount of work. Company is actually in Panama or someplace in South America and a complete scam.
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