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Advertising Profits From Home
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Advertising Profits From Home


Anthony Morrison has grown to be a familiar face on late night TV, pitching his books and seminar events on nightly infomercials. The focus of Anthony Morrison’s products is to teach people ways to make money from home. In this particular book he focuses on internet marketing and offers people the chance to become an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept to explain but a difficult business to master. Essentially, it’s a method of sales that allows vendors to recruit outside parties called affiliates to help promote their products. In return for their participation, these affiliates earn a percentage of sales made from their referrals.

The website for Advertising Profits from Home states,

Give yourself the opportunity to achieve financial freedom and make all your dreams come true with guaranteed employment from the comfort of your own home. Anthony Morrison’s system is not only filled with all the necessary information that you need to succeed but it also shows you how to start your own internet business with NO MONEY DOWN.

In addition to the informational training, the ‘Advertising Profits from Home’ offer also gives you a free website that you can use to start promoting products online.  I personally think affiliates are better off learning how to build their own websites because it lets you to gain a better understanding of internet marketing and allows you more control over your unique website.  However, if you’re just starting out you can use the free site to test affiliate strategies and see if affiliate marketing is something you’d want to further pursue.

Most of the complaints for Anthony Morrison‘s Advertising Profits from Home system seem to stem from their billing practices and refund policies.  Before buying or returning APFH make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions found on their sales page.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Advertising Profits from Home " is 1.54 out of 5 based on 96 reviews.
  • I watched a webinar. It sounds very lucrative, and the program costs $2000. First thing I noticed: urgency. Buy now or forever lose the opportunity. I'm not an impulse buyer, so that slowed me down. Second thing I asked myself, was if he is making so many millions on internet marketing, why does he work so hard at selling the classes?
  • Thanks for all the awesome comments. Once again another technique to take away people hard earned money. God bless those who suffer from these scams. Glad his holy spirit took over by letting people know the truth. No o one should fall for these quick making money ways. I have experience so many job opportunities that seem unreal. Was stuck in an office thinking I was going to get training to become a manager. Just to find out I was about to sell fire extinguishers for 300 dollars. Requested my money back and I was denied. I felt bad for those who quit their job because they fell for the introduction. Do not pay a cent until all your questions are answered and do not sign any document. I even fell for a company that called themselves a fortune 500 company. Convincing people or selling people cable service or other products. Never saw a penny. I also received information to sell real estate in other states from getting a list of properties that they provided or I had to research at a local record county department. My point is these companies are getting people rich but not for an average person. They can tell you about the tools or materials they can provide but a fee is always involve. And if you refuse or like me do not have the money, then your journey to making money is over. I am glad to know this is another business that is ripping average people from their money. The enemy works in mysterious ways.
  • Anytime you see a website or somebody ask you for money upfront or something like that anthony morrison is asking you for money to start the business, you can see it's a RED Flag. Do not buy anything from people like that because you're losing money, and he is gaining money. He is getting richer thanks to your money not his, To make a website like he did, it's very easy to make. He probably hired his friends or somebody else to record his presentation and hire a driver to bring him everywhere so yeah, he is using money by fooling people to buy his scam website.

    To be rich you have to be poor first, but rich all in a sudden.

    Work as a nanny, or dishwaher at a restaurant, EARN money then Start your own business then BECOME RICH! that's how real life works! not like this guy is doing. HE is earning money from our pocket money and from his work probably.

    • I dont understand? How can this be legal and allowed to continue? With so many complaints, as I have seen researching this, about the same issue (the continued charges after cancellation) wouldnt this guy be out of business by now? I am seeing complaints way back to 2004.
    • Check the mailing address in Terms of Use or Privacy Policy page. If its a P O Box or some thing that google maps cannot locate run away from it.

      Botton line! when some one is asking your credit card number be very cautious disclosing that information as 100% of them are scammers who would over charge you or set you up on a recurring overcharge!
    • Yes this is a definate scam. I have been scammed more than $1000.00 dollars by using this system. When I first heard about the system I was a little leary, but I was unemployed at the time and I said to myself maybe this would help. Once I received the books and watched the dvd I made the call and declined all the other offers at start up, then shortly after that here come all the phone calls from their staff. I recently received a letter from my credit card that I was late and charges were escalating. Much to my surprise it was several monthly charges of $39.95 from this company. The charges started back more than a year ago. I called the call center and they stated that it was an automatic charge after the thirty days if I didn't call and cancel. I was told by the call center that this charge starts when you first purchase kit so beware. What a rip off...............beware stay away from this guy.
  • I, unfortunately, did buy into all the BS Anthony Morrison was spouting off. I was instructed that when I attended the "workshop" that I would be given the tools and information to have a successful business. I paid the initial fee of ($4500), which was hard to come by as it is as a single mother. However, I had a feeling of...okay, now I'm on my way. I think I even started to hum the theme song from The Jeffersons "Moving on up" :)

    Shortly after that initial fee I started to get bombarded with calls from them wanting more and more money. Saying I NEEDED money for all these services in order for me to have a successful business. Everything from Web Development to payroll to bookkeeping. I did not need many of these services as it’s just me. However again, I paid the money. After each time a different company name was on my credit card statement. Never the same one twice. Why did they charge me under different names? A legitimate company, one that provides the services that it claims to, charges under the same name. For all I know Billy Joe Bob in Tumbleweed, Arkansas is getting my money. I’ve called them on numerous occasions and every time getting a different answer. I have been told that Anthony Morrison or Adrian Morrison would contact me and I have yet to hear from him. I’m starting to think they don’t even exist. Who does business like this?

    You're very fortunate on having not fell into Anthony Morrison's trap. I wish I would've NEVER done it. I mean...

    ($17,400) later, I am now on food stamps, facing a potential bankruptcy and God knows what else all because I trusted these people and they didn’t hold true to their word. Online Strategies, whatever they want to call themselves, hasn’t done anything but take food from my children’s mouths. I can’t feed them with empty promises! The worst business decision I have ever made was to get into bed with these crooks. I was struggling then and now I’m worse!! I’ve had to change my number several times because creditors keep calling for money and thanks to PMI, I CANT PAY THEM! I thought the feeling of being ripped off from Anthony Morrison was bad. Try having to send your children to school with clothes too small because you did not have the money to buy them new school clothes. Or the pressure of making the little bit of money I get from food stamps stretch all month so my kids don’t go hungry. This is no way to live. I mean I wanted to start a business so I would not have the worries and stressors of making ends meet.

    I had to contact an attorney on the steps that I needed to take in order to get my money reimbursed and he referred me to another law firm that better deals with companies like PMI, whose sole purpose seems to be to bankrupt unsuspecting people like myself. I spoke with Richard at 302-300-3757. He was really helpful and considerate of my situation, which is a lot more than I received from the “consultants” at PMI. I did not have to pay anything upfront like PMI or Online

    Strategies, which gave me peace of mind. I could not afford to get ripped off again. I was required to follow up with him a lot more than I had hoped for but all and all, it has been a success. I got my money and I’m just going to do the steps of opening my business the BEST way…and that’s WITHOUT Anthony Morrison’s help or the help of PMI…WHOOPS! Online Strategies. Whatever THEY want to call themselves, I’m just going to stick to calling them SCAM ARTISTS!!!

    So, to sum up everything...




    Government Assistance…YUP

    Feeling like you can’t provide for

    your children…CHECK

    All thanks to the one and only Anthony Morrison and this outfit that he’s running.

    After speaking to Richard, I got

    something a lot more valuable than I thought I would…Satisfaction!!

    Getting my money back and sticking it to Anthony Morrison ….PRICELESS!
  • The article was very good. Read a lot I do not know.
  • Anthony does give you a free website with the books, but it may confuse many about the follow-up phone calls. They call to offer you a tutor program that guarantees you success in Online Business Marketing. It is only optional, but you do get everything that is advertised and under $20. If you follow his techniques, then I too promise that you can make money online. The website they give you is not much to boast about, but it does work.

    The site will work for you only if you advertise it through other links and build traffic to it.

    Again I say that Anthony does follow through in giving you what he advertises, but it is up to you to work at it.

    Dr. Steve
    • I bet you're not even a doctor, because you do not write like one. From your comment, you are part of the scam. Keep you advice to yourself, these are real people who actually paid, lost money, and experience this online scam.
    • Dr Steve if you are making a lot of money how come you are still commenting on this blog defending a scammer from your trailer? Shouldn't you be surfing in Hawaii?

      Bottom line is that Anthony Morrison is one big scam and stay away from it.

      People like Dr Steve get paid by his PR campaign to post positive comments to misguide others!
    • I see why so many negative reviews are out there about Anthony Morrison and it is usually because someone jumps too soon and gives a bad review without researching or experiencing first hand what they are talking about.

      Anyone can tell someone else how to do something, but it does not mean they know what they are talking about. Opinions are a dime a dozen, but it takes genuine knowledge and experience to form a proper review about a subject.

      My advice to those giving a review about a product, person, or business is to get the details first. Spouting off about something you know nothing about only promotes a negative atmosphere for those around you.

      Be careful before you say NO! You might be missing something good for you.

      Dr. Steve
  • I purchased the books and 5 days after receiving them, I got a call from a guy asking about my credit cards' balances/payments, etc., how much I make a year, and for 5 grand, I could join the "inner circle". I hadn't even read the books yet! What a giant turnoff that was.

    So, it is 2 yrs later and now there is a seminar in town. I'm going because I want to see how this goes and what kind of pressure is applied. Husband is coming with, we won't be "caving".
  • Don't buy anything from an infomercial, no matter how tempting or seductive the offer is! I've been in advertising sales and marketing, can tell you that it costs A LOT OF MONEY to get a message out to the mass public. When you invest this much money, you will want to make the money back (R.O.I. - Return On Investment), which means the price of the product will be jacked up. You rarely "get what you pay for," most of the time you get LESS than what you paid.

    Any information Anthony Morrison sells can be learned from the THOUSANDS of internet marketers willing to teach you for a fraction of the price. Problem is you don't know who these guys are, because you are watching TV - to learn internet marketing, you have to go to the internet! A good place to start is WarriorForum, where you can buy a course on making money on the internet for as little $7!
  • This thing is a joke! I can't believe that this guy can stay in biz. After I bought this ripoff scam kit, a company by the name of P.M.I called me and asking for 5 to 15 thousand dollars and that they would fly me out to work with Anthony in person... I made a 10k investment with a guy named Matt Reinbold and needless to say I was ripped off its not even live coaching its all online and automated. I should have realized it was a scam when the first guy asked me how I rate my credit good avg. or poor and from there they found out how much I have on my credit cards and tried to take me for every thing I had! I will never purchase any thing with his name on it again or P.M.I for that matter!
  • Got 2 email purporting to be an acquaintance and a family member, that both ended up linking to pages that redirect to this so called product! I can't think of any explanation beside some virus causing email addresses to be hijacked/address books stolen and spoofed. Not only is this a dubious product, but they may cause friends to block each other when they see they have been sent a scam email!
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