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Affilorama, found online at, is a new company and website from Mark Ling which promises to give anyone the tools and training they need to build a successful and profitable internet marketing business.

Internet marketing is a method of independent, internet based business where marketers promote the products or services of another company, and if those products and services sell, they will earn a commission on the sale.

What Does Offer?

The main product being offered by this website is AffiloBlueprint, a step-by-step training program intended for beginners or those who have and failed in internet marketing previously.

This blueprint will take you through each step of the internet marketing process, from buying and building a website, getting the necessary traffic to your website, creating affiliate partnerships, and making the sales.

They also offer something called AffiloTools, which they say is still currently in beta mode, but which will eventually offer all the necessary tools and resources most needed by successful internet marketers.

Is This Opportunity Legit?

In today’s scam filled world of get rich quick opportunities, Affilorama actually looks like it might be an ethical company. The website clearly states that they are offering people a training program for internet marketing, walks prospective customers through exactly what this program will teach them, and tells them directly that a successful internet marketing business will take months of effort and building before it begins to earn money. also clearly states upfront that this program costs $197 and is sold through the Clickbank digital marketplace, which offers all users a guaranteed 60 days in which to request a refund if they are unhappy with what they have received or feel the product is not as advertised. In addition, they offer users select training videos completely for free so they can see an example of their product before they sign up for a full membership.

The only thing users should be careful of is any time Affilorama offers them the opportunity to purchase products from other websites. Those purchases and companies should be closely investigated before being made.

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