Amazing Academy Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Amazing Academy is a new company that says they can help anyone build a seven figure business using a system hidden within an online retailer that everyone already knows and is familiar with online.

The goal of this company is to teach their members how to become entrepreneurs selling successful items on major online retailer, The first step of their process is to teach their members how to choose what items they might be interested in selling.

The rest of the process is, then, to learn how to turn these items into a successful, competitive brand as well as a successful business that can eventually earn you up to seven figures.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the first step in this process is getting access to their Profit Spotlight 2.0, a useful tool that will teach you how to identify products around which you can create a successful business.

Profit Spotlight 2.0 will help you determine the three most important pieces of information you need to find your product – best seller rank, price, and reviews. First, customers will want to identify products that are within the top 100 items sold in any category.

Once you do that, you will want to identify the items on the best seller list that are priced between $7 and $50. Items that sell for less than $7 will be too difficult to make a profit on, and those that sell for more than $50 will be too difficult to build an inventory of them.

Finally, once you’ve found these items, you’ll want to narrow them down even further by those items that have 1000 reviews or less. Products with more than 1000 reviews will likely be too difficult to compete with.

The Good and The Bad

The Profit Spotlight 2.0 tool is free to use and the information it provides to the users is actually very useful. The information they give about choosing what products you may be interested in working with makes good sense, and they walk you through the whole process.

But Profit Spotlight 2.0 only takes you through the process of choosing what products you are interested in making, marketing, and selling. To take this information and make a real business, you need to go through the whole Amazing Academy process, and unfortunately the website does not openly publish pricing for. There’s a good chance the whole Amazing Academy experience is pretty pricey, so users should be prepared for that option.

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