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from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of Amazing 5 Limited, an international wealth management company that claims to offer their members “some of the most exciting global investments available.”

The website says that this company is an offshore incorporation operating in England and Wales but providing investment opportunities from their “highly lucrative” portfolio of investment opportunities to people from all over the globe.

To get started, all you need to do is create an account with their company and choose which of two current investment plans you are interested in participating in, and a deposit of at least $20 to get started.

The Promises

Currently offers their members two different investment plans. The first is “The 5,” which is a plan that runs for 31 business days and pays their investors a 5% interest for each and every work day during that time period, which means that your payout will be 155% of what you invested, or 55% return on investment.

The second option is their Fixed 112 plan, which the website describes as “less profitable but does have the advantage of paying you the profit it does offer a whole lot faster.” The website says that this plan pays out exactly 112% in total, and the plan only runs for 10 business days.

Is Legit?

The Amazing 5 website works very hard to emphasize the fact that they meet all the legal criteria for an investment company in the United Kingdom, and that they do not allow any person to invest in their portfolios unless they are of legal age in their country of residence.

That being said, the question of this company’s legitimacy is very serious. There are many websites across the internet that warn investors away from this company with vague references to “concerns” but without much detail and without any detailed customer experiences to back it up.

The big issue with this company is the fact that they are very vague on the investment information and very specific on the returns their members will earn. Even with the best investment companies in the world, these two things should be reversed: investors should know exactly what they are investing in, and while there can be an estimation of expected returns, there are never any guarantees.

The simple fact that this company is vague on where your money will be going while guaranteeing returns, in addition to the fact that they promise to follow all the investing laws of the United Kingdom while still guaranteeing all their members complete and total anonymity just simply does not add up to a legitimate and honorable investment opportunity. People looking to invest should take their money to a company that is more transparent and reputable.

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  • I invested my money with you and your server went off. I couldn't locate your site again and I lost my investment like that.
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