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American Mail Publishing is a company that says they give people the opportunity to become independent at home workers with control over how much money they can earn each week.

The type of work required for American Mail Publishing is simple; your job will be to expand the customer base of companies that do business through direct mailing by mailing brochures from the comfort of your home.

Their website says that companies need at home workers to do this type of basic work for them because, with as much money as they pay their independent workers, it is still cheaper than expanding their in office staff. All you need to start is to pay a registration fee of $29.95.

How It Works

After you register, you will be sent a kit of required materials, which will include envelopes, brochures, and the order forms which make up their Home Mailers. You will then follow detailed instructions to put together and process each of the envelopes.

It is not your job to manage contact lists, so all the envelopes you receive will be pre-addressed and stamped. Your job simply consists of putting together the Home Mailers and ensuring they are mailed out – everything else will be taken care of.

Going along with this premise, they try to assure their independent workers that their mailers are actually items people enjoy receiving – you will never be asked to sell anything or to distribute any material that could be found offensive.

The Criticism

Unfortunately throughout the years there has been some backlash and controversy associated with “envelope stuffing schemes,” where companies promised at home workers could “get rich quick” simply by assembling envelopes.

But American Mail Publishing says that their promise of $5.00 per envelope is a fair offer which could help anyone make up to $500 per week if they chose to stuff 100 envelopes per week.

If customers are unhappy with this opportunity within the first 45 days of registration, customers can call the customer service phone number and arrange to return all of their materials and receive a refund of the registration fee. Workers who go through with the program however will not be given a refund, but they will also never be asked to pay any more money to cover any further expenses.

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  • It's a rip-off. The phone number is false and the so-called company does not respond to E-mail. There are dozens of complaints online about them. I don't understand why criminal charges have not been filed against them by the US Mail or some other branch of fraud enforcement.
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