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Anthony Morrison


Anthony Morrison is one of the internet’s and television’s most well known internet marketing gurus. According to the bio on, he is a “self taught internet mogul” who “launched his first business in 2005, when he was just 21 years old.”

Morrison is most well known, perhaps, for his late night infomercials and his nationwide business seminar tour.  Since he has started eight different successful businesses in a period of only 6 years, according to his website, people who hope to one day be entrepreneurs themselves are often interested in what he has to say.

Anthony Morrison has also published two books, The Hidden Millionaire and Advertising Profits From Home, which explain his success in the internet marketing industry and attempt to give people the information they need to get their own internet marketing venture off the ground.

Books and Seminars: Are They Worth It?

According to his website, Morrison’s seminars are “currently one of the most successful business seminars in the country.”  However, they routinely generate lots of negative feedback.

Essentially, his Hidden Millionaire business seminars try to get people to sign up for business training and a free website, provided by Morrison’s company, that will have a list of all the various credit cards offered in the United States.  This website will allow people to compare and contrast potential cards they are interested in, and when they sign up for information, the owner of the website gets paid for providing a lead to the credit card company.

Online lead generation is a completely legitimate business, utilized by people working online every day.  But people don’t generally get upset at the type of business opportunity that is being offered, but rather the price of it.  While the seminars are advertised as “free information” on how to make money, only the introductory part of the seminar is actually free.

The cost of receiving actual training on how to make money has been reported at $3,995.00 with a continuing monthly charge of $19.95 for website hosting and maintenance, a discrepancy which caused him to be investigated by CBS News in Atlanta in 2009.

The books are a far cheaper version of the seminar and come with a wide range of praise and critique, detailed in a past review on his book, Advertising Profits From Home.  Like most books detailing business opportunities, the vast majority of Anthony Morrison’s information can be found online for free, so what you end up paying for is Morrison’s personal insight on the industry.

Why Is Anthony Morrison So Controversial?

The problem with Anthony Morrison is that he’s just so good at what he does.  The name “Anthony Morrison” has become synonymous with marketing because he does an amazing job of marketing himself.  It’s not surprising that people would want to learn from him.

However, because of this, many, many people read his books and attend his seminars who likely have zero familiarity with any form of online business, internet marketing, marketing or sales in general, or a million other small facets that go toward finding success with an online business, and their likelihood of failure with Morrison’s programs is very high.

The catch-22, though, is that if you do have background experience with online business, computers, internet marketing, or other aspects that you think would help you be successful with an online venture, you probably already have too much experience to benefit from Morrison’s training, which is aimed at beginners.

If you’re wondering whether or not Anthony Morrison is for you, I would advise starting out with a book rather than a seminar – $19.95 seems far more reasonable than $3,995.00.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Anthony Morrison " is 1.7 out of 5 based on 69 reviews.
  • I asked to be taken off his list to be notified of webinars and he won't stop sending me them. Loser!
  • Hello!

    Every program I have bought I can claim the person was a "SCAM ARTIST" if I didn't learn it.

    If I didn't put in the work for it. When people come looking for a free lunch and want to make money off of someone else's free lunch and don't they scream "SCAM" -

    The funny thing is I have been out here a long time and haven't made what I thought I should - and I know why - because I was always - not sometimes always looking for a "SHORTCUT" and because of that, I didn't entirely understand what the heck I was doing.

    The funny thing about people who put other people down especially these so-call reviewers is "THEY" always have a product to sell you after bad mouthing someone. Well, when I follow the script I always make money - You know one of the best ways to get people to these reviews is by using the product person ranking and status to get you to their BS - the question you should ask is where is there ranking. where are the people who are visiting their page? If all this is a scam then Facebook must be a scam because there are thousands of people who have checked out and like. Of, course everything is for everybody but to be bad mouthing people so you can sell a product - well it just shows who the real scammer is.
  • Thank you for your review.

    I was really tempted, but once I read the above reviews, I have changed my mind.

    Thank you everybody for your reviews which helped me save time, and especially money.
  • check out Success Connection training 3-14-19 SEE Live streaming testimonials at end.
  • Online since 2004, I cannot argue for or against the comments before this. None of which refer to his Success Connection or his PWA 2019 program which I found to be exceptional and substantial value. My review for what it is worth.
  • I am so glad that read these reviews. He is so smooth in his speech - certainly good at marketing himself. I was almost persuaded to join.
  • I initially bought his online training and then was lead to Win Coaching that is affiliated with Anthony Morrison and I'm currently starting to arbitrate against them because of their tactics and lack of responsibility. They keep telling you to follow their coaching and the only thing their coaching offers is a way to keep spending money and not making any. Do not work with anyone in affiliation with Anthony Morrison if you can help it. And especially do not work with Win Coaching.
  • Check ripoffreport, Mr. Morrison is quite a celebrity there.
  • going through same the same thing right now. Im gonna get him.
  • What I can't understand is Bob Proctor who is supposed to be the elite of online marketing, recommended him on a Live Platform! That is what got me onto him. I have only parted with $90 sometime ago for the inner circle weekly training but I am glad I did not fall for the recent funnel business with his business associate Greg in Hawai, I nearly did and it wasn't cheap.
    • That is when I started questioning Bob Proctor!! I was on facebook AFTER getting ripped off, and jerked around by anthony, and saw Bob Proctor, advertising for anthony's brother adrian, I was SO angry, that Bob, who USED to make sure have quality people he was backing, was NOW promoting these to street criminals.. I was going to try morrison's product, but before I could even get through the first payment, his site tried to FORCE me into another $2,000 purchase of a VERY pricey product, and would NOT let me backspace, or get out of the program. I ended up trying to cancel the first program as well, that I WAS ORIGINALLY going to buy, he blatantly lied SEVERAL times, in a matter of JUST A FEW minutes, in the video, I watched afterwards, saying this particular product was guaranteed for 365 days, then immediately contradicting himself, by saying there was a 6 mos. guarantee, and within less than a minute later, NONCHALANTLY says there is a 60 day money back guarantee, return policy. That's when I Said ENOUGH!! He had already charged my credit card, though I hadn't even finished the checkout, and it took me 2 wks, he was calling, leaving texts, emailing constantly, AS IF nothing was wrong, and after repeatedly texting, calling, and emailing, I was fed up, and threatened a lawsuit, and his office FINALLY, said they would credit my account, the full amount.. FULL ON CON ARTIST..
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