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Anthony Morrison
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Anthony Morrison


Anthony Morrison is one of the internet’s and television’s most well known internet marketing gurus. According to the bio on, he is a “self taught internet mogul” who “launched his first business in 2005, when he was just 21 years old.”

Morrison is most well known, perhaps, for his late night infomercials and his nationwide business seminar tour.  Since he has started eight different successful businesses in a period of only 6 years, according to his website, people who hope to one day be entrepreneurs themselves are often interested in what he has to say.

Anthony Morrison has also published two books, The Hidden Millionaire and Advertising Profits From Home, which explain his success in the internet marketing industry and attempt to give people the information they need to get their own internet marketing venture off the ground.

Books and Seminars: Are They Worth It?

According to his website, Morrison’s seminars are “currently one of the most successful business seminars in the country.”  However, they routinely generate lots of negative feedback.

Essentially, his Hidden Millionaire business seminars try to get people to sign up for business training and a free website, provided by Morrison’s company, that will have a list of all the various credit cards offered in the United States.  This website will allow people to compare and contrast potential cards they are interested in, and when they sign up for information, the owner of the website gets paid for providing a lead to the credit card company.

Online lead generation is a completely legitimate business, utilized by people working online every day.  But people don’t generally get upset at the type of business opportunity that is being offered, but rather the price of it.  While the seminars are advertised as “free information” on how to make money, only the introductory part of the seminar is actually free.

The cost of receiving actual training on how to make money has been reported at $3,995.00 with a continuing monthly charge of $19.95 for website hosting and maintenance, a discrepancy which caused him to be investigated by CBS News in Atlanta in 2009.

The books are a far cheaper version of the seminar and come with a wide range of praise and critique, detailed in a past review on his book, Advertising Profits From Home.  Like most books detailing business opportunities, the vast majority of Anthony Morrison’s information can be found online for free, so what you end up paying for is Morrison’s personal insight on the industry.

Why Is Anthony Morrison So Controversial?

The problem with Anthony Morrison is that he’s just so good at what he does.  The name “Anthony Morrison” has become synonymous with marketing because he does an amazing job of marketing himself.  It’s not surprising that people would want to learn from him.

However, because of this, many, many people read his books and attend his seminars who likely have zero familiarity with any form of online business, internet marketing, marketing or sales in general, or a million other small facets that go toward finding success with an online business, and their likelihood of failure with Morrison’s programs is very high.

The catch-22, though, is that if you do have background experience with online business, computers, internet marketing, or other aspects that you think would help you be successful with an online venture, you probably already have too much experience to benefit from Morrison’s training, which is aimed at beginners.

If you’re wondering whether or not Anthony Morrison is for you, I would advise starting out with a book rather than a seminar – $19.95 seems far more reasonable than $3,995.00.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Anthony Morrison " is 1.7 out of 5 based on 69 reviews.
  • I am an Internet marketer by trade. I can tell you not to waste your money. You could learn more in an hour of searching the web than you will ever learn from this clown. He has learned to market himself not internet marketing. He has been on cnn and in the spotlight because he has been able to rip off the "newbie" crowd and make millions. Making money is why he is on tv ect... people always want to watch people who are wealthy. but he has made his money taking advantage of people. He is a joke among real internet marketers.
  • If you work the system and make money its Legit. If you buy it and don't do nothing it's a Scam. That simple.
    • BULLSHIT JOE.. I paid 77$ to join & take his course to get 500 people email list but if I pay a low low cost of just 297$ of what I just did then I can watch a webinar and pay another $797.00 x3 for the next 3 months and I didn’t receive any email list... just a need to pay more money to be taught.. so BULLSHIT ITS A TOTAL SCAM JUST TO GET YOU IN TO KEEP PAYING MORE AND MORE HE USES WHAT HE PROMISES TO TEACH SQUEEZE PAGES ON HIS STUDENTS! Nice try .. you must be a family friend or Morrison himself!!! THIEF!!!
    • "If you work the system and make money its Legit. If you buy it and don’t do nothing it’s a Scam." --- I DISAGREE. A scam is when a program does not deliver what it says... but if you don't do anything after buying a program, it's your choice, but that doesn't make the program a scam.


      All systems are meant to work, if you work it... but if you don't follow the instructions, you can't say that it's a scam right away. Your success is guaranteed only by YOU! If you quit, then you will never see yourself win the race. The thing about these online money making programs is that you choose what system to follow and work it and be consistent. You shouldn't complain not making money after putting in 2 hours a day for only a week and not going through the whole program and implementing with actions. Besides, there's no such thing as "FREE", there's always a cost for every decision - for some programs, you may not have to pay money to make money, but you have to put in TIME and EFFORT, or pay someone else do the job for you!

      Most people who buy "make money" stuff never make a dime.

      You have to work your BUTT OFF, make a lot of mistakes, try lots of stuff (some work and some don't), go back to the drawing board, work some more, and THEN you're probably going to find success. Usually, it's worth it like it has been for me.
  • If i could have rated it a zero i would have, definitely a scam, you never know how many sales you make since he controls that and you can't see it , it is a matter of time before he is gone for good
  • It is a come-on. Preys upon people with a loss leader price and then goes for your jugular for thousands to set up the "free" website. Then they won't ever stop calling you!
  • I purchased the program that was initially $47. Then I clicked off the page to think about it and then there was an offer to stay on the page and get a $10 discount. Therefore, I purchased the program for $37. As soon as I received access, there was a video enticing me to spend another $197. Suddenly I felt some regret. When I clicked off, there was another video that had Anthony Morrisson offering to split the payments over 3 months. When I clicked off that one, another video popped up with Mr. Morrisson claiming to understand that money may be an issue. He said he would do the initial work for me for $97. So I purchased it. Later, I received a phone interview from one of his coaches asking how much was I willing to invest in my new business. I said "Haven't I invested enough?" He said the program wants to separate the curious from the serious. I called ClickBank and demanded a refund.

    I believe this is a good program and can make you successful over time. I'm just disappointed in the tactic that Mr. Morrisson used by having a very discreet and high overall price for his program and using bits and pieces of it to lure prospects.
  • Anthony Morrison scam:
  • Anthony is a genius. But to be successful with his program you have to have a little knowledge of what your doing on the internet, because the big companies are good at taking your money.

    I've made thousands in the first 3 months.
    • Josh, I would also like to see your proof!
    • im confused. if Anthony Morrisons a scam, why was he able to be on CNN, Fox an more an more legit News channels an infomercials? they dont just let anyone be on tv like that unless theyre actually legit right? they would need to look into that to make sure they CANT Scam the people. so im not taking anyones side here. i just want to know whats what
    • Josh, I would love to see your proof .. Or are you also one of Morrison's pitch-men?
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