Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a company that offers independent contractor job opportunities to people looking for work from home positions.  An independent contractor is not a traditional employee.

ICs are contracted to work for a specific company, performing designated duties in exchange for a pre-determined hourly pay rate.  However, taxes will not be taken out of your paycheck, though the company you work for will be claiming you on their taxes, so make sure to put aside enough money from your checks to pay your dues at the end of the year.

Now, you will not actually be contracted to work with Arise. acts as a middle man between you and the companies who will hire you. does a background check on you, trains you, and then connects you with the company you will be working with. connects you with online retailers who need people to do telephone customer service, online customer chat services, and email technical support.  You determine in advance what hours you will be willing to work, and once you are contracted to a company, you must be willing and able to honor those hours.

You will generally be required to have specialized training for many different companies, however, once you’ve gotten your specialized training for a couple different companies, you’ll usually maintain working with them for extended contracts.

Positions acquired through tend to begin at $10/hr and then move up the scale to $14/hr once you have a job that requires further training.

So What’s the Deal with

While Arise is a legitimate company, the most complaints come from users who are upset at the technical issues and required costs.

First, the software uses to track your working time and officially pay you only functions with Internet Explorer and certain types of anti-virus software.  In addition, their software hasn’t been updated to work with versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, so you must have earlier versions to work with.

But the costs of working with Arise seem to generate the most complaints.  Of course you must have a home computer and high speed internet, but you must also have a landline designated for business purposes only and a set of headphones.  If you don’t have one of the few anti-virus programs that Arise software works with, you’ll need to purchase that as well.

You must have a national background check performed, which you have to pay for, and can run around $30.  Also, the actual training provided by will run you $99 initially, and you will be charged various costs whenever you require further specialized training, which almost every job will require.

Finally, the software that Arise provides you with to connect you with your employer and track your working hours – in addition to the 24/7 support they offer you – will cost you $40 each month.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • Apparently people that are complaining are not able to read. If you don't want to incorporate, then join a super VSC. If you pass the class, you have a job! If you show up to work and do your job well, you get to keep your job. Pretty simple, huh? All of you complainers about the monthly expenses should consider that you are most likely already paying for a phone line and Internet service. When you use it for your work, you can write it off - well bonus! Arise allows you to set your own hours. Their competitors tell you when to work. You are running a business people! You have to be professional and actually work! SOWs get terminated mainly because people just don't show up to work or bother to even perform the work. What job on this planet do you think you would keep if you fail to show up or not perform? I am not an employee of Arise but rather a CSP that started in October 2010. If you don't like a particular client, then go with another one. Not everyone is going to like the same client. I enjoy the fact that I can work at home, set my own hours, and pretty much not leave the house and waste my gas while 0still making more than working at McDonalds.
  • It's really simple some people are business orientated some are not . You have to invest time and some cost into anything you wish to gain. Works for some and not for others. Call me a troll if you want but I'm a new ACP and love it already. I over look the negative as there's so many positive reviews, notice the negative is people mainly complaining on start up costs
    • What is a business that pays $10 an hour? Have you ever made money?

      I have made money and Arise is a joke. I have serviced for a while and I have had my PFs on two different clients tell me it is a horrible company.

      Everyone I know who recently tried to register with Arise are telling me how disorganized they are. One of the girls said this is a bait and switch company. These are people who are use to making in the 40s plus a year.
  • is providing a service to promote tax evasion and no benefits to hard working Americans. If we allow companies like to grow not only will the U.S. be broke but many Americans won't benefit from the protections that we have fought so hard against big businesses. practices a miss-labeled relationship with many hard working Americans doing their job from home offices. The reason why I say this statement is because the relationship between and these "independent contractors" is an employer-employee relationship. Not only does train these "business professionals" to do a job in a particular way but they do ongoing training about procedures and methods (which is mandatory and not paid). Furthermore, they have an evaluation system that measures the details of how the work is performed (which many times these measures are not even capable of meeting because the client’s applications don't work a quarter of the time). They also require "independent contractors" to lie to the Customers they help. They tell them to say "We are in a call center in (the state the company is in)”instead of telling them they work from home. This is probably to avoid smart people to understand the fraud they are committing. also tells you what type of equipment that can be used. Their equipment that they make you use limits when and where you can work. All in all, is conducting their business to have complete "behavioral control" which establishes an employer/employee relationship and not a self-employed contractor and (B2B relationship).

    Another indication that the wrongfully demonstrates a B2B relationship is because they have a "base pay" which is a guaranteed amount of money that they pay for hourly work (most of the time this base pay is lower than most states minimum wage). Where might be getting away with this is through the "opportunity of profit loss". has no problem allowing hard working Americans to lose money doing a venture with them. They may say it’s all in the name of doing business but this is just wrong.

    Essentially what this boils down to is pays their "independent contractors" (employees) a very small amount of money so that they don't have to pay much taxes and they don't have to pay any employment taxes or provide any benefits for the thousands of people they get to blindly call their "business professionals" and "independent contractors". pushes and pushes these hard working Americans to understand that the relationship is B2B but at the end of the day they have complete control over these people which again demonstrates a employer/employee relationship.

    Not only is unpatriotic but at a time when the US government is at the brink of bankruptcy but this is just wrong. I want to think that the large companies that are clients (I won't name them for their sake,) are unaware of the situation. They probably are thinking about their shareholders and how much money they are saving on this cheap labor. And they want to look good about it so they tell people "We are bringing the jobs back to America"!!! Hurray!!!

    Don't be so blind and to think that providing the service that undermines the American Labor laws is a win for the U.S. The jobs that provides are underpaid and obviously wrongfully miss-classified to prevent the cost of benefits and taxes. should be stopped and all Americans should be made aware of this type of fraud.

    If you are still not convinced that needs to be stopped let me give you a break down of what is takes to be an part of the Family. I'll let you decide after that. should immediately hire these "self-employed contractors" to be their employees. They should start providing benefits and paying rightful taxes to the U.S. government. It is not fair that this has gone on for so long. Other businesses that provide the same type of service actually do hire their employees, pay taxes and provide benefits. Because is not playing fair, I am sure they have taken business "clients" away from other businesses that provide this service.

    This is just completely unfair and unpatriotic.
    • Nicely put Drummerboy622!! Everything you say is true. I worked for them many years. There are no benefits and your pay is reduced rather than increased over time. They had a good idea but greed and corruption has taken over there! I am happy these forums exist to let people know exactly what is going on.
    • I would like to see a class action lawsuit against Arise for this. You would not have any problems finding former employees who have been scammed by Arise. Its interesting the people who defend arise are saying they work the phones, but reading their statements of praise leads me to believe they are chat pf's or corporate execs. Rah, Rahs buffered from the regular job mill demographic that gets exploited by Arise
    • Arise is a great company to partner with. Any kind of uptraining or certifications will cost. Its an investment. I know tons of people who invested in a college degree and paid 10's of thousands of dollars for " education" and are currently unemployed. If you didnt know, even a 9-5 job has to pay someone to train you for a new postion. You may not have to pay out of YOUR own pocket, but the company does. This is a WORK FROM HOME business to business relationship. I can not think of one job where there are no costs associated. Real Estate agents have to pay for classes and exams, Doctors have to pay their way through college, Truck drivers have to pay to obtain their CDLs, Insurance agents have to pay to take the state exam, Medical Billing and coding specialist have to pay $100 just to join some kind of association and pay dues, then they have to pay to take the exam which is about $300-800 heck, even teachers have to pay out of pocket to take the praxix. I guess its not for everyone. If you dont want to pay for it, go get a 9 to 5. Surely, you'd still be paying even if its not upfront, because guess what?! You'd be paying uncle sam every time you get paid.

      Im not in anyway attacking you. I just want people to realize they should research before they down-talk another companies business practices. Thats the whole point of being a business. To Profit. Even not for profits have to make some kind of profit to stay afloat.

      Also, what if I dont want to be an employee? What if I like the flexibility of being my own boss? What if I like the challenge of being paid based on performance?

      And one last thing, Arise is bringing jobs back to the US! We need this work here. A lot of companies offshore their customer service to India so they can pay the employees very little. Im so glad Arise is in existence! Its helping a lot of people make money, who otherwise wouldnt be able to.

      Best of luck to everyone!
    • Arise is not perpetrating fraud. What they ARE doing is making corporate America wake-up and start bringing jobs back on shore from the likes of India, The Philippines, Guyana, etc. You are waging a verbal war with the wrong company. Why aren't you bashing every manufacturer that has outsourced all of their work to China? Why haven't you bashed the Government for bailing out the auto industry and yet almost 70% of what is put into cars is made offshore. What a narrow, ridiculous vision you have. At least Arise is driving Corporate America to look back on-shore. And being a contractor provides me a whole lot more flexibility and freedom. And by the way, moron, I do pay taxes on what i earn!
    • AMEN!! Why isn't the IRS looking into this fraud? I am a certified tax pro and I for one can tell you what they are doing is definitely avoiding taxation to make themselves a hefty profit. I couldn't have worded it better myself!!
  • I was wondering about this very thing. I already have a team of 5 wanted work now. Is it possible to pay a different salary than Arise offers because of taxes your business would be responsible for? Just curious. Some people don't want to be 1099 but w2 employees under my incorporation. Is that possible with Arise? I am hearing it is difficult.
    • You pay your people what you want, as long as it is minimum wage.
    • no it isn't difficult here's why...

      you as an IBO are in an independent contractor relationship with Arise, that's why you will only get a 1099 also...

      so you as a Inc or LLC can also hire independent contractors and give them 1099's as well...

      the independent contractors you hire are their own boss as well...

      pay no employee type taxes, just taxes on being a Inc or LLC or sole proprietor
  • Frustrated........Why should readers trust you?

    What client course did you pay 250 for?

    You are correct about "family emergencies". They do not excuse you from your contracted responsibilities. Think sbout it this way, you are a business and businesses are supposed to operate without regard to "family emergencies". What if yoou bought a ticket to fly to your parents home for a surprise party for your elderly father? What if that flight was cancelled because your pilot had a "family emergency". How your you feel about "family emergencies" then.

    You do not work for Arise, you work as an independent contractor. If you dont like that type of arrangement, dont sign on with Arise. Get a job working for someone else.
    • Tom, AAA MSC is $249 - That's a FACT. Less than HALF our class certified and they DO NOT get a refund.

      Of the half that certified NONE of us can obtain enough hours to even meet the SOW requirements.

      It really doesn't matter what Arise trolls say on these boards, there is an ABUNDANCE of people who have shared their bad experiences with this company and not to mention the class action suit which is still in progress. Now, let me provide some resporces to back up MY claims.

      Class action siut info can be found here:

      I know of NO business owners that are unable to take time off for family emergencies. It's not realistic. Arise is a training mill, and you can always tell the people who are giving a semi-positive review, they include the bad with the good. ANYONE who has worked with this company has had bad to VERY BAD experiences.
  • Troll?? Good luck but I'm still very happy with Arise and still making over 12HR making my own schedule. :) Visit the Arise Facebook page and you can see LOTS of ACP's who are currently working and have been for a long time. Sorry you had a bad experience but I have been with Arise since 2008 and I'm not going anywhere :)
  • Arise Rogers is laying off 400 ACP's this week. Need I say more.
    • They did lay off as in they did not renew the contract for Rogers agents based in the U.S. The worst part is that Arise gave notice about this 1 week before the next contract renewal date which left us hanging without any work and without income. Arise should have done better than 1 week notice to save their reputation and to allow the agents to find alternatives. They did give us a $150 voucher to pay towards a new class but the new opportunities are scarce and even after taking a new class it will be about 2 to 3 months before receiving any income. Shame on Arise, they should have been more considerate towards their agents. I myself have brought 5 people into Arise but will not advertise them anymore.
  • I passed the video tutorial with flying colors. However, after you finish the exam and testing - THEY REQUIRE A $75.00 BACK GROUND CHECK FEE TO PROCEED AND GET IN THE POOL OF APPLICANTS FOR A JOB. BUT WAIT !!! get's 6,000-10,000 applicants (globally) a year !! Therefore, you may never get a call for work and already paid the (so called) background check fee.

    ARISE.COM IS POCKETING OVER $ 500,000.000 a year and not doing background checks or giving people the jobs they paid the fee's for. Most companies don't do a background until you're offered the job. makes you pay the high background fee prior to even job offer etc.

    They are ripping applicants off to the max with claiming 'background check fees"
    • Arise does not mark up the background check and in a majority of states it is $12. There are some that it can be as much as $26.

      John Meyer

    • i only paid $12.00 for my background check as well. you have to be grossly exaggerating the truth. when you first join arise it tells you the fee is only $12 and you have to do a background check before you apply to jobs and train not after.
    • What lol I paid $12 for my background check I don't believe you were asked to pay $75 unless a vsc was scamming you
  • I was considering working for this company.....the reviews saved me! Thank you! All of the positive reviews were obviously coming from people with vested interest in Arise (phoney as hell!) People don't say "run the other way" and "please, please, please don't work for Arise" without good reason. Hey we may be the little guys but we look out for each other....thanks everyone, I'll stop wasting my time
  • I am now starting my 4th year with Arise. I have 5 children and this year am expecting to earn around $23,000 for a 40 hour week, yes if I left the house and went out to work I could probably earn more but I would also have to pay for gas, after school child care, dog walker, clothes for work, lunches etc.

    It cost me $500 to be ready to service a client, I had a cable connection put in my office, bought a phone, a bigger screen and paid for a class and incorporation. I had the money back in earnings within my first month. Since the first client I serviced I have trained for several more and now work for a well known large Book Seller where I was promoted to supervisor and also a large Cruise company where I assist with questions from other Customer service reps. I am putting my oldest son through college and allowing us to have the extras. The huge plus is as I am a military spouse I can work from almost all states in the US so no looking for a new job when we move.

    Every job has hiccups and with regard to personal emergency time it is correct that dont have allowances for it but I had bronchitis for a week and as I had always arrived for work it averaged out over the year and I wasnt penalised for it in any way - two promotions since then.

    If you want to work from home Arise are a fantastic company to work with but remember you are not employed by them but self employed and I think people who have issues are those who don't realise this.
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