Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a company that offers independent contractor job opportunities to people looking for work from home positions.  An independent contractor is not a traditional employee.

ICs are contracted to work for a specific company, performing designated duties in exchange for a pre-determined hourly pay rate.  However, taxes will not be taken out of your paycheck, though the company you work for will be claiming you on their taxes, so make sure to put aside enough money from your checks to pay your dues at the end of the year.

Now, you will not actually be contracted to work with Arise. acts as a middle man between you and the companies who will hire you. does a background check on you, trains you, and then connects you with the company you will be working with. connects you with online retailers who need people to do telephone customer service, online customer chat services, and email technical support.  You determine in advance what hours you will be willing to work, and once you are contracted to a company, you must be willing and able to honor those hours.

You will generally be required to have specialized training for many different companies, however, once you’ve gotten your specialized training for a couple different companies, you’ll usually maintain working with them for extended contracts.

Positions acquired through tend to begin at $10/hr and then move up the scale to $14/hr once you have a job that requires further training.

So What’s the Deal with

While Arise is a legitimate company, the most complaints come from users who are upset at the technical issues and required costs.

First, the software uses to track your working time and officially pay you only functions with Internet Explorer and certain types of anti-virus software.  In addition, their software hasn’t been updated to work with versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, so you must have earlier versions to work with.

But the costs of working with Arise seem to generate the most complaints.  Of course you must have a home computer and high speed internet, but you must also have a landline designated for business purposes only and a set of headphones.  If you don’t have one of the few anti-virus programs that Arise software works with, you’ll need to purchase that as well.

You must have a national background check performed, which you have to pay for, and can run around $30.  Also, the actual training provided by will run you $99 initially, and you will be charged various costs whenever you require further specialized training, which almost every job will require.

Finally, the software that Arise provides you with to connect you with your employer and track your working hours – in addition to the 24/7 support they offer you – will cost you $40 each month.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • been with them since 08-09 i dont undertand you people here crying about a minimum wage job that you can do from home in your jammines im not a client with arise just a ordinary person 3 kids going to school and working form home... i paid what 130 to get my own incorp and 13 for a back ground cheack and got to traing for a class for free omg how could this be... hello people it a real job so why do you expct a company to train you to work for them and you dont pass the exams so now they loose money please show me that company doubt its still open...

    most of you on here are crying over the inicial invest omg get over your self i paid it and almost 4 yers laer im still servicing disney n sears same time im going to grad school n just had another baby i make my own schedual and dont waste time having to drive to work i am m own boss and i love it im the principal owner and havve 5 friends signed under me i pay them with out hesitation ever two weeks and they are just as happy to work as i am...with out arise i would have been od know where,,,,TY ARISE
  • Hello everyone..I would like to add my experience with Arise. First, let me start out by saying that I have over 10 years customer service experience along with a top of the line computer and super fast internet. I own my own business already so I was already incorporated. I fully understood the costs upfront and had no issues with that or with the SOW agreement. I understood the training was unpaid and that they make you pay for tech support. I am very intelligent and I read over EVERYTHING. Please listen to me...DO NOT WORK HERE UNLESS IT IS A LAST RESORT! Working at McDonald's will pay you more in the end.

    Here is what happened to me: My client was AT&T. My trainer was horrible and belittled us in the class room. I had various tech problems due to their system. This was proven to be a fact, my computer was new and internet speed fast. However, I later found out that the tech removed something when he took control of my screen that prevented me from logging into some of the systems. It took them 4 weeks to finally figure this out. I would go to class then sit an additonal 2 hours with tech support so I could log in to complete my course work. No pay for training, no pay for sitting with their lousy tech support. NO, I had to pay them for their error. Anyway, I got certified and I started working. Pay checks were always on time..BUT..I noticed that I NEVER got paid what was promised. At first it was barely noticible, but as time goes on I noticed I worked many hours but somehow my checks never reflected what I worked. And the call were back to back (I do understand how it works). I never complained just kept working.

    One day during my shift a family emergency occured. I had to log off. I let them know and offered to supply them with a police report (this was a serious situation involving a child). Their reply to me was that I could only drop hours 48 hours in advance. I wrote them back and explained, unfortunately I did not know 48 hours in advance that an emergency was going to happen. They terminated my SOW the next day. I wrote them back and asked to to reconsider. Here is the funny part..a week after this they sent me an email stating that an interval exception had been granted for the hours that I missed. I then wrote them again and asked if I could work again and offered to fax them any supporting documentation from the police department. They finally wrote me back and admitted that they made an error in terminating me but I could not be reinstated. Instead, I could pay for training for another client.

    I am sorry this is so long but please ask yourself, is this the type of company that you want to work for? There are many legitimate work at home jobs out there. Do not fall for their promise of making tons of money. Its true, you will make nice money at first..but as time goes on they will start to jip you out of your hours or they will change the SOW in the middle of the agreement and make you do more work for less pay. Do not fall for this crap, it is a terrible company. Go work for a fast food place until you can find something better. Arise is not worth the hassle or the headache. I would love to sue these people. Please, run the other way!!! Every word of my testimony is true and I will gladly share the email they wrote me that states that they made an error but can't hire me back.
    • their training is a joke....I love how these Arise employees love to chime in with their great things to say about this's a pyramid keep the scheme running you rely on idiots who take the word of a few people praising how well it's going...only after this shows to be a scam will people finally realize they were duped
    • OMG, how is Arise getting rich on training fees. Have you stopped to think about how detailed their training is? And you can do it from your home with live instructors. At the end of the day, if you think it is a scam, then walk-away. For every one person that thinks Arise in making money illegitimately, there are thousands that are servicing customers everyday. If you don't pass the training, at any company, they would not let you work. My goodness, what an entitled group of people that don't really understand what work is.
    • You said: "Instead, I could pay for training for another client." You are absolutely right! And this is coming from a veteran, not a newbie. is getting filthy rich off those training fees. Class prices are going higher and higher and they're always pushing VSCs to get new training rather than just giving them some kind of Make up class. Run as fast as you can from those scammers!
    • They removed something from your computer? What nonsense.

      You are right about the family emergency. That would count against your metrics but if that was the only problem (and I doubt that)it wouldnt result in your SOW being terminated.

      As for the 48 hour thing, its called the "lockdown" period and it is not something that was sprung on Missy. It is emphasized again and again. Lockdown is not a punitive thing and is necessary to protect the clients scheduling interest. I have dropped hours within the lockdown period and while it does count against you, that alone wont get you dropped.

      I'm guessing Missy had other problems.
    • Would you be willing to share the e-mail?
  • Arise is NOT a scam.

    I have been with this company since 2008 making my own schedule EVERY week and working the client I choose. (Carnival :))

    Yes you do have some expenses up front but you make that back within the first week or so of working. Not ALL clients are good but most are you just have to make sure you research and pick the right client.

    We have over 400 agents under our corporation who are servicing the arise clients including AAA, Carnival, Royal Carribean, Home depot, Apple, AT&T, Disney and so on. Why would all of these companies contract with Arise if they are a scam? Most of our agents make 9-15HR working at least 20 hours a week. This is NOT for everyone you have to train and PASS the class or you don't work. You have to work the required hours and maintain high standards just like any other job. You also have to be very independent and work the hours you schedule or you will loose your SOW.

    Open Door allows agents to join under our corporation who DO NOT want to incorporate. We also offer vouchers to help pay for the client training. Currently you can enroll in Intuit and AT&T for UNDER 30$$..Please don't let some of these negative comments make someone miss out on this great opportunity. Please don't go off of what people say who don't work with Arise or haven't in the past year.

    No EIN NO contract NO business bank account needed No need to incorporate

  • Arise Virtual Solution is a pyramid scheme preying on women, the unemployed, the underemployed and other home-bound sectors of society. At first glance you are given the impression that this a home-based business that could be lucrative if you put in the time and effort. This could not be further from the truth. Many VSC or Super VSC is employees and or an insider of the companies that contract Arise as clients. For example, someone who works at ATT actually signs up to be a VSC and under them hire employees to work for the client under Arise. They make sure their agents get the hours and the calls. These VSCs are also promoted to work as management within Arise. This is unethical because they make decisions and manage other ACP and VSC based out of their own interest. The VSC get paid to bring in people, and a percentage accrued from bringing peopleto take the class.

    This is why the turnover is so high. They are really not trying to service clients with CSR, but rather the insider for that company is getting a bonus for bringing in new people to pay for classes. The calls you get are not real. Most of them are coming from the various VSC or the agents under the VSC/ employee of that company. It's a Scam! It's a conflict of interest. To cover it up, they often switch supposed Arise management between companies. For example, the ATT employee who is also acting as a VSC for Arise will be given a management team position for another Arise client. This is a farce because they all serve one another's financial benefit. A total SCAM!! They have multiple class-action suits against them and are always trying to get ACP to post how great Arise is. A TOTAL SCAM RUNNNNN!
    • Tom,

      I disagree with you. I started with their minimum specifications for equipment and had nothing but problems with their broadcast from the classroom starting from day one. Over the weeks of class I spent countless hours with their tech department (total ten times), my ISP provider, manufactures of computer and router and found no solution to the problem, which caused me to be in class for 4 hours realtime then watch 4 hours of recorded class on top of homework, tests and pratice of applications (total of 12 or more hours 7 days a week).

      Arise kept saying it was a problem on my end. Purchased new computer equipment and still had same problems. Contacted Adobe (application platform used for classroom viewing) during class and got them to monitor their broadcast for the rest of the day. They checked out my computer and ISP connection and asked for me to contact them the next day after they had a chance to review the classroom session. I contacted Abode the next day. They stated their was nothing wrong at my end or equipment, actualy my old computer should have been suffcient for the course.

      The problem was at Arise, they did not want to purchase the necessary bandwidth needed to broadcast the classroom adequately over the Adobe platform.

      Failed my class due to not being ready for live call test at time needed.

      SCAM? Matter of opinion.

      They give you no recourse for technical problems they cause. Won't aknowledge the problem in the resolution center or respond to my complaint.

      Company is not what they project there image to be. If you want to work for a company where there is no integrity go for it. That's my opinion.
    • The people who are making the claim that Arise is a scam are those who only read the part about working from home and the 9-15 per hour pay rate. They failed to read the part about minimum computer specifications and software requirements.

      Arise is not for everyone. If you can read, follow directions and are self-motivated, make some inquiries. Do you due diligence and do not listen to the ignorant cry babies who didnt bother to read what would be required of them.
  • Well I have signed up and didn't pay any huge amount of money. It was 12.95 for backround, 9.99 for ACP 101. I then went with a Super VSC, so I I didn't have to pay hundreds to incorporate, then Arise offered a voucher for my first client as did my VSC. Original cost was $179, I only paid $29. Class for AT&T tech support starts in a week. This client averages $13 hrly for this particular position and everyone that I have spoken to on work at home forums who work this particular line says hrs are plentiful and money is good. They have ALOT of choices regarding who you can choose to work for right now, and you have to do your homework BEFORE you pay to certify to work for that client. FYI, register with if you want the real deal on ALL work at home companies, positions in that company, and a TON of current workers who vent frustrations and tell the good, bad, and ugly for every client they work for...including those under Arise.
    • Florida... You are wrong. First of all the class is broadcast via Adobe Connect by an instructor working from home just like his students. Arise doesn't broadcast anything.

      You no doubt didnt follow directions. Frankly, you were wrong about how content was delivered and I suspect the rest of your story is equally flawed.

      Like I said originally, the people who bad mouth Arise probably tried to attend class with underpowered computers or insufficient broadband speed. This not for everyone, especially people who dont accept responsibility for their own mistakes.

      Who did you contact at Adobe? What was the incident number? Who was your ISP and what were your connection speeds? Were you using a wireless connection? How about your keyboard/mouse? Were they wireless?

      I'm guessing that one or more of those specifications were not in compliance. Trying to get by on the cheap is the reason most try and fail and rather than accept responsibility for their own errors, they blame someone else.

      Your comment about Arise not "purchasing enough bandwidth" told me all I needed to know about you. Check for yourselves, dont listen to failures who blame others Its probably you that didn't buy enough bandwidth. All of those specifications are posted in the Workstation Requirements on their website. .
  • Arise is a major rip off. I wasted 35 dollars with this money pit, thank god I didn't spend more. 14.95 for the background check, then 20 dollars for ACP 101 which I didn't finish.

    So here's the deal, you pay 14.95 for the background check, 20 dollars for the acp 101 course, then a bunch of money to become an LLC. Which would have all been a waste for me because apparently, my router causes connectivity issues.

    That doesn't even make sense. HOW THE **** DOES A ROUTER PREVENT YOU FROM CONNECTING. "they just knew because of the brand" I'm obviously on the internet with that same router and have been for 9 years, arise also doesn't tell you that if your using a computer that you use for say "personal use" you can't get hired on with arise. any p2p client even IMESH which is legal, can't be used.

    Also they don't allow 2wire branded products because it causes connection issues. How does that even make sense ? Ask any person familiar with networking and ask them if a router will prevent you from connecting. I was thinking maybe it was because I had a dynamic ip but all they would give me was "connection issues" so they're supposedly contacting me with a "specialist" to explain the issue. I highly doubt I'm going to continue with this company because their goals to provide ABOVE AND BEYOND CUSTOMER SERVICE isn't there. They FAIL. Everytime I call the 1800 number i'm on hold for atleast 15 minutes, and the live chat, don't even attempt it. I loaded that thing the night before, went to bed woke up and still STILL DIDN'T HAVE A PERSON TO CHAT WITH.

    So did anyone else know you can't use vista with arise, hotmail (which i use for school), aol, yahoo, skype, they all can't even be installed on the computer you use with arise even if they're not turned on.

    So personally, i say there are a lot better opportunities out there that wont put you through that much bs, or make you change your life style entirely. I was actually looking into the opportunity to make money, so if you have a brand new spanking computer and are willing to change your entire network for a measily 8 - 14 dollars an hour i say go ahead, WASTE AWAY. The dollar store provides much better customer service.
    • If you read the requirements, routers are not to be used and you are to be hard connected to your modem while servicing. This is a security issue that the clients require as you are dealing with sensitive customer information and using a wireless router can be compromised. I wish you guys would just stop whining on here and read the requirements of this job. If you can't follow directions, Arise does not want you anyway.
    • Wow this is self inflicted it tells you all this information in requirements of SOW to work.
  • company stinks...make your work like a dog for measly 8 bucks an hour..then sack you...when you don't make quota.
  • I start training in a few hours. I will be working with Rogers as a client. So far everything has been great. All my courses were free. So I have nothing to lose. Plus I'm working on the side if it doesn't work out. But it seems very legit. I think they have updated a lot lately. They're accepting more people for another training class I think. All free. I'll let you know how it goes.
    • the course is still free as far as I know. so just go to and sign up and get ur background check done and get approved then you get to enroll in the training course. it's easy. also as an update my contract was renewed and I'm being promoted. So it's very legit and the best at home I have ever done!! Maybe I should talk to arise about getting paid for positive reviews. haha.
    • How did you get free courses. I want free courses as well so I can start.
    • Haha I'm not an insider paid by Arise. I still currently work full time for Arise taking calls for Rogers, my contract end data is coming up, so hopefully it will be renewed(its been renewed twice now i think). This Sylvia chick is a moron. It was unpaid training, but after working a month of service I was paid a $1000 bonus. Classes are free still. Your post makes you sound like a sad person. Get a life... and a job loser.
    • It's obvious that Jason is an insider who gets paid by Arise for giving them a positive review. Where in the world did you get that Arise gave a $1000 bonus for the unpaid training???? That's a bold face lie! Were you in the twilight zone when this happened? Where are you now that Arise is letting go of the 400 Rogers ACPs? I hope you won't have to pay for another training class. Oh, no! Better yet, maybe you'll get it free again.
    • Hi Jason,

      Now that you are working with Arise Canada for Rogers, how do you feel about the company now?????
    • kate yes free. done training and been working for a month. it was all free and got $1000 bonus for the unpaid training. solid job great hours! good for anyone that was to work from home for themselves!!
    • I don't think so....
  • WOW! I had no idea that you had to pay so much money to join Arise! That's "highway robbery"! Is there any other work-at-home legit businesses? How about Westathome? Anyone else?
    • yip.. not only is training NOT paid...but you pay for it...then they take money out of your check each week. I dont know how this place is still in business. I think because they call you an independent contractor they can get away with pretty much anything if your dumb enough to go along with it.
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