Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a company that offers independent contractor job opportunities to people looking for work from home positions.  An independent contractor is not a traditional employee.

ICs are contracted to work for a specific company, performing designated duties in exchange for a pre-determined hourly pay rate.  However, taxes will not be taken out of your paycheck, though the company you work for will be claiming you on their taxes, so make sure to put aside enough money from your checks to pay your dues at the end of the year.

Now, you will not actually be contracted to work with Arise. acts as a middle man between you and the companies who will hire you. does a background check on you, trains you, and then connects you with the company you will be working with. connects you with online retailers who need people to do telephone customer service, online customer chat services, and email technical support.  You determine in advance what hours you will be willing to work, and once you are contracted to a company, you must be willing and able to honor those hours.

You will generally be required to have specialized training for many different companies, however, once you’ve gotten your specialized training for a couple different companies, you’ll usually maintain working with them for extended contracts.

Positions acquired through tend to begin at $10/hr and then move up the scale to $14/hr once you have a job that requires further training.

So What’s the Deal with

While Arise is a legitimate company, the most complaints come from users who are upset at the technical issues and required costs.

First, the software uses to track your working time and officially pay you only functions with Internet Explorer and certain types of anti-virus software.  In addition, their software hasn’t been updated to work with versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, so you must have earlier versions to work with.

But the costs of working with Arise seem to generate the most complaints.  Of course you must have a home computer and high speed internet, but you must also have a landline designated for business purposes only and a set of headphones.  If you don’t have one of the few anti-virus programs that Arise software works with, you’ll need to purchase that as well.

You must have a national background check performed, which you have to pay for, and can run around $30.  Also, the actual training provided by will run you $99 initially, and you will be charged various costs whenever you require further specialized training, which almost every job will require.

Finally, the software that Arise provides you with to connect you with your employer and track your working hours – in addition to the 24/7 support they offer you – will cost you $40 each month.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • WOW! I had no idea that you had to pay so much money to join Arise! That's "highway robbery"! Is there any other work-at-home legit businesses? How about Westathome? Anyone else?
    • yip.. not only is training NOT paid...but you pay for it...then they take money out of your check each week. I dont know how this place is still in business. I think because they call you an independent contractor they can get away with pretty much anything if your dumb enough to go along with it.
  • Arise is a legit work at home company with great clients and you make your own schedule. I have been with the cruise ship client since 2008 and never had any issues. Depending on the client you can make 9-15HR

    NEW Incentives!! June ONLY. ODMS is happy to announce great new incentives for joining the first established super VSC! ACP's that join our company in the month of June will receive a service fee reduction. The service fee will be 6% from July 2011 to January 2012!!

    You will also receive training reimbursement up to $150 after you certify and work your client for 30 days, maintaining the required metrics outlined in your Statement of Work. We are also offering a FREE customer service training class to help you better service your clients! This offer is only good for those who join with us in the month of June only, don't miss out on this exciting limited time offer!!

    NO Arise support fees

    Voucher towards training PLUS training reimbursement towards the remaining balance!

    Free customer service class!

    Reduced service fee of 6%

    No need to incorporate!

    This is a great offer and is only going on for the month of JUNE! Don't miss this great offer as it won't be extended.

    • Why Kate? Wouldnt someone who is working with Arise have more credibility than someone who hasn't? I really dont understand that statement.

      I am not a troll. The reason I post here isnt because I am an uncritical Arise fan. I guess I have a problem with those of you who post negative and untrue comments about Arise. The people whose posts bother me are the ones who claim they are told things that a simple reading of the agreements you sign are not true. Arise hides nothing from ACP's but you do have to read their documents. People simply do not read. They assume and when they do not get their SOW renewed because they dont meet the stated metrics. Then the run to sites ike this and claim they were deceived. If you perform, you work. If you dont, you dont. Arise has every incentive to keep you working.

      Go to the site, begin the process and before you go past the first page you see a list of 7 or so statements that you must acknowledge before you can go on. They are designed to prevent any misunderstandings.

      I have nothing to gain by posting here. The people who complain want justify their own incompetance. That irritates me.
    • Miranda, Tom... your both Arise Trolls. ANYONE who has worked with or is currently working with KNOWS this company has SERIOUS issues. My advice to anyone thinking about joining is, DON'T. I am an arise VSC, the issues I have had wih this company are too many to list here but include NON EXISTANT support of which we pay $19.99 twice per month for, pay shortages, mis-leading advertising regarding client opportunities i.e. taking money for training and then terminating them as they were only hired for seasonal help... and on and on and on... Is it all a complete scam? No... but unless you can meet their requirment PERFECTLY with NO error, don't waste yout time or money. When my SOW with my current ends.. Im gone.
    • The only thing it cost me was for the background check, no issues here...again for the rogers training.
    • mark im working now dont have any complaints matter of fact my preformance is so good that i get paid almost 16.00 an hour and thats only one client 12 from the other one how that for recent and current
    • "[W]orked with arise over 3 ago..." - I don't understand this quote. Where on this site do you see complaints from 3 years ago? I only see complaints that are current (within the last few weeks). I really want to believe the good feedback, but the negative reviews are scary.
    • lol you don't think someone working with Arise has much credibility?? So you would rather go off someone who has never worked for Arise or serviced a client? Or someone who worked with arise over 3 ago and has no idea what it's like now?
    • I don't think someone working for arise is going to have much any credibility here.
  • right now i just moved into production from nesting and I'm hoping this change will increase the income that I have made from them recently because I am in a bad shoe with my bills because training is not paid time. I'm gonna give it a few months and see if something improves. If not, I'm out the door...
    • How did it work out for you?
    • Anarisevsc

      I could easily accuse you of being a troll but I chose to discuss facts and not engage in name-calling. As I said, Aise is not for everyone but it is NOT a scam.

      If you are interested, go to their website. Ask questions, attend an online forum where you can ask your questions and get them answered. Dont listen to me, dont listen to those who hang around here and bad mouth the company.

      Find out for yourselves.
  • Trust me any good reviews from this company most likely came from their home office. They do a good job of not allowing anything negative or any dissent on their site and "HUB", but you can talk to your classmates while taking the courses and you will find this method of removing from client for questionable reasons so you need to "invest" in a new course is pretty universal. After all costs, you are lucky to make minimum wage.
  • I would just say stay clear from this nightmare. Pay a bunch to get incorporated, background and Arise course, then pay $250 for client's course only to find they have far too many reps and it is impossible to get the minimum hours. Pay $250 to get a new client, again issues with calculating metrics with no chance of actually getting someone to help you. Again, pay $250 for new client and had a family emergency. Do exactly as the performance facilitator advised only to find out the PF had been changed for the 5th time and guess what, no record of this conversation. Too bad. When you have any issues you can wait hours on the phone or at help desk before you don't get the help. Beware of tech dpt taking over desktop then suddenly you have foul language typed in to chat while servicing client. Please, please, please stay away from this company.
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