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At Home Income Source
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At Home Income Source


The At Home Income Source is another website that is promoting link posting as the newest work at home opportunity. Jennifer Smith, their spokeswoman, says that for just $49.95 you can complete their certification program to become a Search Engine Agent and be guaranteed an immediate position.

Link posting is just one of many different affiliate marketing methods. Affiliate marketing is when you partner up with another business and do various things to bring web traffic to them. The companies compensate you when your traffic results in a sale.

While the At Home Income Source implies on their sale page that you will be paid for posting links, the reality is that you will only be paid when a sale occurs as a result of the link you posted. In addition, you often must pay for the ad space to post that particular link, which isn’t particularly clear from the information being given by Jennifer Smith.

At Home Income Source Questions

First of all, what is a “Search Engine Agent”? A “Search Engine Agent” is the job title being used by companies who are training people to post links from home. This is a fairly new term, and it’s only being used in certain circles of the work at home business community. Ultimately it doesn’t mean much – you’ll never see a brick and mortar company trying to fill a position for “Search Engine Agent.”

There is a problem posed by this job title however, and it’s just that – the title makes you think this is a “job.” In fact, much of the At Home Income Source sales page implies that you will be training for a job working with major corporations. The truth is that link posting is an independent business. You won’t work for anyone, and there will be no guaranteed earnings for the work you perform.

Another questionable issue with At Home Income Source is that they are advertisedFake News Site At Home Income Source by fake news sites. This is a very specific type of advertisement that tries to pass itself off as a local online news source, often telling the story of a single mother who now makes great money working at home using this opportunity.

The fake news site is frowned upon by legitimate businesses, as it is not so much a method of advertising as it is more of an attempt to trick customers into believing that sales pitches and campaign slogans are actually factual and true, and not just sales methods.

In fact, fake news site advertisements have gotten so problematic that the FTC is trying to ban them. In the work at home business industry, companies that use these types of advertisements are generally not considered to be very trustworthy.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " At Home Income Source " is 1.33 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
  • Thanks so much! I struggle as a single mother whom has a past that keeps me from a lot of jobs! Even having an employer calling today to cancel my job interview due to me having a felony. I spoke up saying "that's been well over 10 yrs!! Isn't that discrimination?!" Her response "ah oh my store manager don't wanna take the risk." With all that saying I'm so over the job hunting & all the turn downs! I was pretty desperate when I seen that work @ home site! Though something made me do lil more research and this was first to catch my eye. Thank you Lord can't afford to let go of $97.00! Thanks again!
  • I had been getting calls from these people due to my filling in my email and phone for more info. No big deal. This woman calls me with a foreign accent telling me about the program. I asked her if she could email thew info to me and stated they were not permitted to send email unless you join the program.

    I then asked if there was a website I could get more info from and she gave me the url. Checked out the site and started to get excited and decided I wanted to do it but, better do more research first. That's when I came upon this site. So glad I did as it saved me $97.00.

    The woman who called me was offering this course at $47.00. She also said I would make $15 for every link posted and did not have to end in a sale in order to get paid. However, I was not about to give my card number to some unknown person with a foreign accent over the phone. Was going to sign up on the secure site instead. Again, decided to do more due diligence first. It pays to do your research before giving up your hard earned money. I cannot afford to lose $97.
  • After signing up and paying over $300 for extended training, they are asking for a commitment from $5,00 to $20,000 for more training. Would not give detailed information as to time or location or content. I am asking for complete refund. Getting out ASAP
  • Thanks everyone for sharing your experience dealing with this ad. I was about to register but then I got to see this website and get the information.
  • don't bother with this. it is a scam .if they do take money out of your credit card and do not refund you. inform the credit card company and your money will be refunded quickly.
  • Thanks for the info I almost made a huge mistake and did this!!!!!!
  • Everyone please be aware! This is a big scam!

    I have been asking for the refund on my money for the last 4 months.

    I had no response from the Jennifer Smith program. I called , emailed several times and no response from anyone.

    Don't believe that this is 100% money back guarantee. I still fighting to get my $90.00 back.
  • SCAM!!!! They withdraw money each day while you are waiting for your "password" to come. DO NOT REGISTER!!! Just had to cancel my credit card.
  • Dont use this website, its a pure scam!

    I am still fighting visa to get my money back. Paid them and never got anything.......... stay far away!

  • My partner signed me up for this without me knowing so i have tried to get my money back with the IRON CLAD money back guarantee with no success so far . I have emailed them 3 times and am still waiting for a response . All other parties involved have refunded my money except them, I'm starting to think it's a big scam!
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