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The AurumTech App, found online at AurumCorp.Tech, is a new trading and investment opportunity which promises people the ability to earn $187,981 once they have become a member and begun regularly using their app.

This app works with a binary options investment platform in order to provide people with the use of their proprietary investment software, which they claim is correct in their trades 95% of the time.

But perhaps the best part of the new AurumTech App is the fact that they let their new users try this software for themselves, completely for free, as long as you sign up with the trading platform of their choice.

How Does the AurumTech App Work?

For those who don’t know, binary options are a specific kind of investment where customers look at the current value of a stock and then choose decide whether that existing value will move up or down during a specific time period. Often this time period is as short as just one minute.

Though this may seem like a simple type of investment that anyone can do, the truth is that it can be incredibly risky and many people have lost money with this kind of investment. AurumTech App says that they are “the most cutting-edge advanced trading tool” available in this industry right now, which provides people with the chance to be successful 95% of the time.

This app says that their algorithm uses real time market data that is directly linked to the stock market in order to make sure that you never miss an available opportunity and that you are able to make huge profits in a split second.

The Problems

There are many different issues with AurumTech App. First, it isn’t actually free, because in order to use this software you will need to deposit a minimum of $250 to the binary options platform of their choice. Even if you already have an account available at that exact platform, it doesn’t matter – you will need to open a brand new account and fund it with a brand new $250 deposit.

This is because AurumTech App is actually paid a commission by the trading platform, and the reality is that the goal of this software is not to make you or anyone else any money. The goal of this software is to bring new customers to that trading platform, and once they’ve accomplished that, their job is actually done.

And even though their website repeatedly discusses the fact that they “guarantee” earnings for their members, the fine print of their webpage is very clear that members are not guaranteed to make any money whatsoever from this App.

The bottom line is that these types of investment bots should be avoided at all costs.

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