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Auto Pilot Marketing calls themselves the “Blueprint to Internet Success” and promises that if you are willing to give the time and effort, they can give you the tools to succeed with an at home business.

With Auto Pilot Marketing, you can work from anywhere, choose your own hours, whether or not you want to work full or part time, and all that is required of you is a telephone and high speed internet access.

If you sign up with Auto Pilot Marketing, not only will you receive a step by step blueprint on how to create your own home business, but you will get access to a team of instructors and be assigned a personal business coach to ensure your success.

How Do You Get Started?

First, you must watch their introductory video which only lasts about one and a half minutes. Afterward, you fill in your basic contact information and move to a second page, featuring another video, this time around nine minutes long.

This second video is filled with testimonials concerning individuals’ success, though the specific business plan is still not laid out. Instead, you learn more about the Auto Pilot Marketing “franchise” set up, where you will be given a step by step process for success.

During this video, you learn about the 18 Months to Freedom training program, which is not about “getting rich,” but rather about creating a passive stream of income that can help you achieve personal financial goals, such as getting out of debt or creating a better retirement fund.

Finally, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to pass a screening process. This questionnaire is very basic, and only asks questions regarding your age, your schedule, and whether or not you have the time to dedicate to their system.

What You Should Know

First, once you give any of your contact information to Auto Pilot Marketing, not only will it be distributed to their partner and affiliate companies, but in addition it will be sold to third party businesses for the purposes of marketing and advertising. Keep this in mind when filling out an email address and telephone number.

Second, Auto Pilot Marketing never specifically says what sort of business you will be doing, or what you will be investing in. They also do not provide any sort of Terms and Conditions that allow you to see what sort of refund policies or customer service policies they provide their members.

This certainly does not mean that Auto Pilot Marketing is a scam; however, when dealing with a company that requires all of your information before even explaining to you what business opportunity you are investing in, you must make sure to proceed carefully.

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