Auto Profit Sites Review – Legit or Scam?

Auto Profit SitesAuto Profit Sites is a work at home business opportunity that is quickly gaining popularity on the web. They promise that anyone can work from home and be their own boss, regardless of knowledge or experience.  All you need are basic typing skills and an internet connection.

These are not uncommon promises for a work at home business opportunity.  Often, companies or individuals will promise that anyone can do a particular job in order to keep as many potential customers as possible.  It’s not until you read further details on what the job entails that you can decide whether the opportunity is right for you.

Unfortunately, Auto Profit Sites never gives you any further details on the work opportunity they are offering.  They simply ask you to put in your credit card number, and then they will give you the details later.  This makes Auto Profit Sites a perfect example of the type of website and opportunity you should avoid in your job search.

Other Warning Signs You Should Look For

As mentioned above, perhaps the most significant sign of an untrustworthy business opportunity is when they ask for your credit card number before they even tell you what kind of work you will be doing. But there are many others, as well.

  1. Creating false urgency with banners saying there are only so many “positions remaining” or “time left” for you to purchase.
  2. Claims that they were featured on a particular TV station or magazine with no link to the article.
  3. A super low price with promises of one on one business coaching.

First, when a website says that it is offering a business opportunity where you are your own boss, then follows that by saying “Only 3 Positions Remaining,” there is a problem.  Either it is a job with limited availability, or it is a business opportunity. But the truth is these companies place these banners or timers on their site to create a sense of urgency in you, hoping that it will encourage you to buy the product without doing any research.

Second, many, many work at home opportunities will make claims that they were “featured on” popular or well known TV stations, like ABC, CNN, or MSNBC.  But what this usually means is that they paid to place an ad for their company on those sites, which is something anyone can do, regardless of their reputation or credibility.

Companies like these logos to appear on their websites, because customers often think the company has more credibility when they see them.  However, if someone was actually featured on those stations or in those magazines, the logos would be links to the articles. If they’re not links, they’re usually meaningless.

Finally, when a company is telling you that you can start your own business for a super low price like $19.95, there’s going to be a catch. When they offer one on one business coaching, generally the catch is that you will start receiving follow up phone calls by the company offering to sell you additional packages at much more expensive prices, with promises of how much more successful you’ll be.

These additional packages or services are not covered under the same warranties or refund policies as the original purchase, so make sure you have an idea of what to expect in writing and what kind of action you can take if you are unhappy with what you receive. Or, better yet, simply avoid these companies that will lure you in with a low price just to try and charge you tons of money later on…

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  • I purchased Auto Profit Sites, and then one of their products, Digi Product Lab. This product has never worked properly. They have never corrected product. They have never given me the promised refund. Now, they have disabled the product from my use, although I have paid for it, and never been able to use it.

    From a dissatisfied customer.
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