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Automated Home Profits


Automated Home Profits ( is the latest version of a notorious home business opportunity.  The sad fact is that this program incites so much negative customer feedback that the owners have to continually change the name and look of the website.

However, for those who’ve seen it before it’s fairly easy to recognize as they keep the same basic template.  Automated Home Profits used to be called the Quick Cash Kit and is also using some elements of the Home Income Cash System sales page.

Take a look at the screenshot of the Quick Cash Kit, which is a rearranged version of the Automated Home Profits website.

The reason for all the customer complaints, hundreds on this site alone, is due to several factors.  This program is sold using various deceptive tactics, the most notable of which is the infamous fake news article.  They advertise a story about a young single mom who is supposedly using the Automated Home Profits kit to make a great living online.

These fake news articles make use of an IP reading script which tailors the “newspaper” to fit your home town, a shady trust building tactic which sometimes backfires on them when people from small towns realize that no such newspaper exists where they’re from.

In the past programs like Automated Home Profits were sold using a sneaky continuation billing scheme in which your small S&H payment automatically enrolled you in a high cost monthly subscription plan.  But in this case they’re selling the program for a onetime payment of $9.97.

Now you should be asking yourself, why would someone who had a system for earning up to $375 a day, as they claim, sell it for only 10 bucks.  The answer is simple: not only is that a completely made up earnings figure but they sell their program cheaply in order to get you in the door, after which they tell you that to really succeed you need additional hosting, software, coaching, and so on until you’ve spent hundreds of dollars.

Is Automated Home Profits a Scam?

I would not recommend that anyone buy this program, for the simple reason that they have to keep changing names and websites.  If no one complained about this course then it would still be sold under its original name, with a list of real testimonials and not complaints.

The worst part about this company is with the brazen manner that they manipulate their customers.  They barely make an effort to hide the fact that this is just a recycled course; they didn’t even bother removing the old program’s name from their disclaimer.  They leave a trail a mile long and don’t seem to care.

The good news is that Automated Home Profits is being sold through ClickBank, a 3rd party payment processor which has a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.  So if you have purchased the kit you can easily get your money back.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Automated Home Profits " is 1.25 out of 5 based on 115 reviews.
  • I want a refund 37.00,not interested in home business .I'm not computer literate.
  • They need to be arrested for theft!
  • The telephone number that is given is not answering, its hard to reach someone to register !
  • just google automated home profits fraud cases and all will tell.i was almost persuaded until i googled.
  • I almost fall for that, good thing i called my friend that i have received an e-mail about that, and he said that he was hacked, he told me to Google it and i did. Thanks guys for the heads up :)
  • they are all liars, I need my money back, I tried to login but the link they give was not available.customer support of home profit connections please try to be human, put a stop to your dirty works.give us our money back
  • please help me to find a number and cancel this :) I really need money back i have changed my windows so i have lost all the information on it please give me a number to contact them :)
  • If you go to the actual top jobs list at, you'll find that they replaced "Software Engineer" with their "Online Affiliates" in the "MSNBC" article.
  • Beware.....just had a robo email sent from a friend's email address to find out he did not send it and his address list was apparently mined...can't imagine anything but a scam would utilize a method like to get the word out...good luck folks...
  • Well, well,well. I just got GOT, I think. Now seeing this review I think maybe this is a scam!!!!

    I went through the introduction, reading all the information and decided to join up. The initial offer was $49.95 but when I was exiting the site, the offer was reduced to $29.97, so I went ahead with the offer and paid with my credit card. I was then guided to my initial training session which tempted me with an additional VIP member offer for $99.97, which I declined. The same membership was then offered to me for $17, which I declined. I was then directed to a login page, to which I had'nt entered a user name or a password prior to this page , therefore, unable to login. That was the end of that. Can't go any further with the training. ????????????

    In my attempts to obtain contact info for the company I came across this review.

    Now I will be contacting my bank to cancell the payment.
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