Automated Paydays Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Automated Paydays, found online at, is a work from home opportunity which promises that people can earn up to $257 a day with no experience, using just basic typing skills.

According to their website, their online home business is quick and easy to set up and requires no technical skills or experience. It allows you to have a new source of income while being your own boss and working on your own schedule.

The sales page of Automated Paydays says that you can sign up for this business opportunity for “free” in just five minutes. Once you submit your information, however, they tell you that you must pay an activation fee of $4.97 to login and get started.

The Problems

One of the biggest indicators of an unethical scam business opportunity is that they refuse to tell you what kind of business you are purchasing until after you purchase it. No business opportunity should withhold that kind of important information until after they have your credit card number.

Looking at this opportunity further, you also see that they are promising high levels of income – up to $257 per day – for very little work requiring just “basic typing skills.”

Promises of specific earnings are always suspicious when dealing with independent businesses, but combining these promises with claims of super easy, unskilled work generally turns out to be “too good to be true.”

And More…

Automated Paydays also has a misleading and complicated refund process, which is a bad sign seeing as how they don’t even tell you what the business is until after you pay them.

The fine print on their payment page says that for the $4.97 activation fee, you get a 7 day trial to review your materials before you are charged the full fee of $29.95, which is a monthly subscription fee.

But the Terms & Conditions says that this trial actually only lasts 5 days. If you have not canceled your order within 5 days of ordering, you will be charged. And after you are charged, the refund process becomes much more difficult.

After you are charged you have 60 days to request a refund from the payment processor, Clicksure. When requesting a refund, you must be able to prove that you contacted customer support and used their assistance in setting up your business, as well as a valid reason for needing a refund or a valid report of a fraudulent or unauthorized charge.

All these signs taken together are clearly not good. A business that won’t tell you what you’re doing until you pay combined with a confusing and difficult refund process is usually a good sign to stay away from a product.

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  • no way to cancel your trial just keeps taking u to more places to sign up and pay more money ad says facebook is hireing once you pay for the kit ther suposed to send you you dont here nothing else about facebook and then if you dont cancel your trial they charge you 70 or so dollars but there no where to cancel your trial ive looked for two days no where !!
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