Automated Wealth Network Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of Automated Wealth Network, a website which promises to give people an “automated” way to earn money online, even if they have no previous knowledge or experience.

This program was created by Tim Chesonis, who says that he is so eager to share his system with people who are interested making money from home that is currently selling access to it for just $7, down from the regular retail price of $97.

The Promises

First and possibly most important, this website promises people the ability to “steal” their six figure business model and be able to earn between $250 and $310 per day, each and every day.

All their customers need to be able to do in order to have online success is to click a button with your mouse, follow step-by-step directions, follow tutorial videos, and apply simple directions. The website says that as long as you can do these things, you can be successful with their program.

Finally, this website says that their goal is not to teach tips or tricks. Their goal is to truly teach people that methods that will grow their business today and ten years into the future, and give them access to a community of entrepreneurs where they can discuss ideas and receive guidance and advice.

Is Automated Wealth Network Legit?

Though it is difficult to answer this question conclusively, it certainly seems as though the Automated Wealth Network is more than likely an unethical company that is making promises they can’t keep and purposely misleading their customers.

First and foremost, a company that promises you will quickly and easily make large amounts of money – like more than $300 per day – with no knowledge or experience with working online should be immediately distrusted.

They create further trouble when they refer to their system with words like “automated” and “automatic,” implying that people will not only make money quickly, but make money with hardly any effort. This is the very definition of a “get rich quick” scheme – little time and little effort with a huge life changing reward.

Another red flag that should give people serious cause for concern is the fact that this company provides an important list of links on their web page, including Terms & Conditions and an Income Disclaimer. Unfortunately, these links don’t actually provide customers with any information – they just cause the sales page to reload and begin playing the sales video over again.

This is particularly concerning because it is unrealistic to believe that this company is selling their program for only $7. Most companies that offer access to their programs for such a small amount are either only providing a trial basis or part of their system requires a monthly fee to use successfully.

Since this company doesn’t provide any additional information, it is impossible to know what to expect until after you provide your credit card number. Because of this, customers should avoid this program and look elsewhere.

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