Autopilot Home Profits Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Autopilot Home ProfitsAutopilot Home Profits is new business opportunity available to those looking to work from home.  For only $19.97, Autopilot Home Profits claims you can have your own business, which you can get up and running and making money within 20 minutes.

For their limited time price of $19.97, you get training guides and DVDs, a free website, as well as a free one on one consultation with one of their coaches.

Autopilot Home Profits says that you can earn up to $379 per day, and if you don’t like the system, or if the system doesn’t work for you, you have a 60 day, money back guarantee.

So What’s the Deal with

Well, first of all Autopilot Home Profits does something that should make everyone suspicious – they ask for your credit card number before they ever tell you what business you’re buying.  No company should demand that you pay them just to find out what business opportunity they are even talking about.

Since they mention the infamous “$379 per day” earnings, I can only imagine that they are a link posting opportunity.  Link posting is when you pay to advertise products for someone else, and when a customer clicks your link and purchases that item, you make a commission.

And yes, it’s true, they offer a 60 day guaranteed refund on their sales page, but if you look at their Terms & Conditions page, this refund policy is never mentioned.  In addition, they don’t use Clickbank or PayPal for their orders, so if you do decide you want a refund, you must rely completely on them to provide you with one.  If they choose to deny your claim, or ignore your emails, you can only hope you paid with a credit card and that your credit card company is willing to go after them.

All of the above information taken in combination with the standard, red flag sales tactics they use, like “Only 3 positions left!” and “Only half price for a limited time!” makes me think you’d be best to simply stay away from this opportunity.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I am crazy to have signed up for this before finding out the truth. My husband warned me but I didn't listen. Now I want my refund but how?
  • It's a scam!!
  • I have paid for this and don't know how to get my money back I've paid over $100 and they want me to pay more for instant customers and I'm only on a pension,so I've lost heaps. If someone knows how I can get a refund please let me know.
  • My daughter had an email from a friend which said that she should look into this website as he had already made money from it. Turns out he never sent the email, so somehow they have access to my daughter's contacts (email addresses) and are sending phony emails to her to get her to sign up.
  • Definitely a scam. I decided to test it. Thankfully I did not fall for all the other 'help' that they wanted to sell to ensure your 'success'. I signed up knowing full well that it was most likely not legit and proved it by trying to get back to the page and sign in to my 'account' and that proved impossible. Buyer beware, the only people making money are the one's behind this scam. Trust your instincts, it's much cheaper!!
  • scam*scam*scam*scam*
  • You will pay 19.97 and afterwards you are lost!!!!
  • This sucks! They make you think you only have to pay $19.95 and you can fly to paradise from there. But then, when you have paid they try to persuade you to buy their premium package which offers one-on-one consultation, more product support, more capabilities, more features, more websites you can own, etc. (which eventually goes to above 100 bucks!). I'm telling you it is not ONLY $19.95. For this price you only get ONE website with only ONE product to sell, in which by the way you don't have the freedom to choose, unless you upgrade your account so that you can have more available products to select from. The unfortunate thing is that i have close to a hundred thousand (at the time this writing, it's actually 85,000 - not so bad eh?) other people - competitors - who also bought this product selling the same product and the same website. The only differences between OUR websites is just the title tag and the subdomain name. DO NOT do the same mistake as i did, well unless of course if you have enough money to waste a 100+ bucks!!! Now where's the damned refund page?!!!
  • pay $19.99? sounds like a scam. if you want to make money from Google, try Adsense. I used to think this program as an adsense. but apprently to be paid to post link where you have to pay additional sum of money. lame! stay away!
  • Of course you should stay away, I already know this website is a scam from my first impression
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