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Awesome Penny Stocks
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Awesome Penny Stocks is a website that offers a free subscription to an investment newsletter that targets the buying and selling of penny stocks.  In exchange for simply supplying your email address, you will get a newsletter with stock recommendations that allegedly rise in cost on a regular basis, allowing you to earn payouts on your investment.

Penny stocks is a term used the market to reference stocks that trade for under $5.00.  Awesome Penny Stocks generally seems to limit the stocks they investigate and promote to being those that actually trade at less than $1.00.

While it may seem hard to believe (or not so hard to believe, given the current financial situation in the US) that there are legitimate stocks being traded at less than $1.00 a share, it is true.  Penny stocks are also called “micro cap equity” and have been around for a long time.

So is Awesome Penny Stocks a Scam?

It’s hard to say definitively whether Awesome Penny Stocks is a scam, but it is definitely dangerous.  First of all, penny stocks are notoriously easy prey for price manipulation.  This means that a company like Awesome Penny Stocks can purchase a large amount of potentially worthless stock, recommend it to their subscribers, who purchase the stock causing the price to rise, and then the company sells their stock, causing the the stock price to drop again.

This is a well established problem with companies that recommend penny stocks, even long before the Internet became the go-to investment guide.

Another serious problem with Awesome Penny Stocks is that they admit in their Disclaimer that they accept money from third party companies, and therefore admit to being biased when reviewing these companies.  This means that Awesome Penny Stocks could be taking money from companies for the purpose of recommending their stock to their subscribers in order to bring up the price of their particular stock.

And if those problems aren’t warning enough, Awesome Penny Stocks also freely admits in their Disclaimer that no one who works for them actually has any sort of training or certification as far as investment advising is concerned.  So really, if you were interested in penny stocks, you would be much better off researching and choosing them on your own, than taking a chance with a company that admits to taking money from companies who might wish to promote their own stock.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Awesome Penny Stocks " is 3.2 out of 5 based on 152 reviews.
  • APS has had a lot of good pics lately.
  • It is a scam, or they suck. Either way. They make recommendations then pull them and sell the stock. Then they claim their pick went from really low to high. Yeah, but that wasn't the time period they told you to buy and sell. Usually they tell you to buy once they have loaded up.
  • U.S. SEC wins injunction against Canadian tied to penny stock scam

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission won a preliminary injunction against a Montreal man it accused of running a penny stock fraud known as "scalping," and who regulators say enjoyed a lifestyle of multiple homes and expensive cars before he became a fugitive.

    U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty in Manhattan on Monday refused to disturb an asset freeze he had imposed on March 13 against the defendant John Babikian, and again ordered him to account for his assets and respond to the SEC's allegations. Babikian was 26 at the time of the freeze.

    "The evidence establishes a strong likelihood that Babikian committed securities fraud through the alleged pump and dump scheme," Crotty wrote. "There is also a high risk that, unless enjoined, Babikian may commit the alleged fraudulent acts again, given his control of penny stock websites and his aptitude at using anonymous email accounts, alter-ego front companies, and mass email distribution systems."

    Crotty also said that while "there is substance" to the defendant's argument that the SEC had overreached by tying up too many assets, the regulator's action could be justified on "equitable" grounds.

    Stanley Morris, a lawyer for Babikian, declined to comment.

    In a court filing on Saturday, Babikian, through his lawyers, declined to address some SEC claims, invoking his right against self-incrimination under the U.S. Constitution.

    Babikian was accused by the SEC of reaping an illegal $1.9 million profit by selling nearly 1.4 million shares of coal mining company America West Resources Inc after his emailed touts had boosted their price.

    The SEC said Babikian sent the touts on Feb. 23, 2012, to about 700,000 email addresses through the and websites.

    As other investors bought the stock and drove up the price, he sold his holdings at an average price more than quadruple the level where it had traded previously, the SEC said.

    Among the assets subject to the freeze are two Los Angeles homes, property in The Dalles, Oregon, which according to The Oregonian newspaper Babikian hoped to develop as a vineyard, and proceeds from the sale of a stake in an airplane.

    The SEC has said Babikian left Canada in 2012 following tax evasion allegations.

    Revenu Québec, a tax authority, has said it had won a judgment last year to recoup millions of dollars of back taxes from Babikian, and frozen assets including a home in Laval, Québec, a Bugatti Veyron, a Bentley Continental and a BMW X6.

    America West is not a defendant in the SEC case and was not accused of wrongdoing.

    The case is SEC v. Babikian, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 14-01740. (Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; Editing by Mohammad Zargham)
  • APS are a scam you know it, i know it and everybody know it. You can win, you ca loose but the adm behind APS always a lot of money.
    • John Babikian, one of the principals of APS, is facing lawsuits for stock manipulation and unpaid taxes. The SEC and AMF (Quebec's SEC) are currently investigating on this case. John has fled Canada. He is of the worst scum. He's a fraud, a thief, a criminal and I hope someone finds him, tears him apart and shit on his remains. He has frauded clueless investors for hundreds of millions of dollars. Torturing him is going to be sweet; bring out the Iron maiden, the pillory and the Brazen bull
  • Lost 33.4k USD got dumped on. It was hard dump on PVEN. Highly recommend staying away unless the volume is good. Goodluck to all. Play regular nasdaqs.
  • I lost 25G on the pennystock platform on a certain aps alert.My fault so in order to recover my losses I did not sell I did not took approx. 4-5 mos and guess what here is a pick breakin through the internet and it was the same company I had these worthless shares from and low and behold I saw my money coming back to me not only did I get my 25G back but they were gracious enough to add 10G to it.Now im no rocket genius but even 10G in 4-5mos and my total principal im in these people said get in and get out and greed will break you im a living testament to that.when I cash out if my numbers are green and not red im happy.Good Luck People and thanks awsome penny.
  • sure aps is a scam but if u dont know that your a goof .pump+dump can make u money if u ride the train rite. u can make money off corruption just assume its corrupt. its like the gangtsers and trhe three stooges.
  • They aren't taking people's money, other investors that actually know what they're doing are. 5 solid stars for APS.
    • Vic is right, if you play it right you can make some good money. By the stock when they first release the tip, right around the 50-100% mark sell, sell, sell, and you'll be left with some good cash. Don't get too greedy and think it will keep going up. Also, put in small sums of money that you will not lose sleep over if lost. If you sold at 75 cents after a 125% increase, then see it go up as high as $1.20, don't worry.. you made out handsomely still. Then wait until the next alert and rinse and repeat. It works.
    • Mike I agree. APS advertises a stock which raises the value. Everything they say in thier emails is hype just like ANY advertising campaign. The only real truth is in their disclaimer. Get in early, take a ride, and get out. GREED kills. Getting 50% to 100% return on your money is Awesome. Don't try to ride a penny to long. 5 SOLID STARS for APS.
  • do members get the new stock a day or 2 before the others let me know please
    • I heard that you only get it 30 or less minutes before the others if U sign up for Premium Stock Report (APS), which does little good. See my post below for May 2, 2013 for full reply.
  • I am wondering who is more stupid the people that follow APS or the people that doesnt know the difference between investors and speculators.
    • People who don't take advantage of APS are stupid. I buy early and sell before the stock pick crashes. Its easy and I'm making a fortune. Just don't drink the cool-aid and get out on time.
    • I heard that you only get it 30 or less minutes before the others if U sign up for Premium Stock Report (APS), which does little good. Because sometimes the stock drops intra-day when APS first announce the new pick, or sometimes the next day it drops, before later rising in trend for about 2 weeks... So based on that, I'd say $149 would be a poor investment. You can get good entry for free. And I have read posts where some people claimed to get their money refunded (maybe fake posters?) & posts where they did not get any refund or reply. I'd be very skeptical of signing up for Premium Report.
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