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No Reviews Yet Review It is a new website that claims to give existing businesses the edge they need to compete effectively in online marketing, as well as giving existing websites another stream of ad revenue.

If you are a business that is looking to get into the complicated world of online advertising, has a selection of advertising campaign packages you can purchase from them.

Or, if you are a successful website that is looking for further ad generated revenue, you can register with and receive money each time your website creates an ad impression for one of their clients.

How It Works says they have a large list of both client businesses (or “advertisers”) and established websites that are shown to have over 1000 hits (which they call “publishers”) which they mix and match for the best possible advertising outcome.

If you do not have an existing business or an existing website, has a Combo Advertiser-Publisher package.

This package means that will create an online store for you, with complete design, hosting, and operation included, and then will also sign you up to both place and receive advertisements.

Concerns sells lots of services – traffic packages, ad packages, etc – but they do not offer refunds on any of them except the Combo Package. However, the Combo Package raises some red flags.

First, if Banners Broker designs, hosts, maintains, and operates your website for you, it’s really their website. If at any time you cancel your service, you won’t be able to take the website with you – it will simply be shut down.

Second, establishing a brand new website to get the amount of traffic needed to generate good ad revenue is difficult. But the fact that Banners Broker will be in charge of running your website, placing the ads on your site, placing your ads on other sites, and then paying you seems like a potentially problematic system.

You are, after all, paying them monthly fees for all these services and then they are turning around and paying you monthly ad revenue, and they are providing all the tracking services.

If you have purchased or decide to purchase the Combo Package, be aware that you can cancel within 30 days for a refund, as long as you follow their specifically outlined policy in their Terms & Conditions section.

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  • Whether there are analogues?
  • You are not right. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.
  • Thank you for your review.You saved me $ I don't have. Take care, Shannan
  • Thanks for sharing the facts on BannersBroker site and though lots of friends were excitedly encouraging me to join it and pay to earn, was bit confused on the catch and now from your article do understand it all.

    Could you or anyone here, guide on the best place to contact for getting economically build personal website to be owned, run the same successfully, get all tracking information and feedbacks and finally be able to earn well online?
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