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from 207 reviews Review It is online database that allows anyone to perform background checks. Using just a name and a state of residence, Been Verified can provide a variety of resources on a new neighbor, a prospective date, or anyone you wish.

Been Verified is not a credit agency or a private investigator service. The records you access at Been Verified are simply a collection of publicly available records on the person in question.

You may receive one background check at a cost of $19.95, or you may become a member of the site. Members may request unlimited background checks throughout the duration of their membership.

A membership begins with a free 7 day trial, and will result in no charges if you cancel before the trial period ends. Memberships have a monthly subscription fee based on length of subscription: $8/month for 12 months, $13/month for 6 months, or $16/month for 3 months.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Been Verified " is 1.39 out of 5 based on 207 reviews.
  • Says everywhere that it's all free, but if you want to search something you have to pay two payments of 19.95. Garbage
  • showed the guy to have 3 criminal records with ages that are older than he is today. made no sense and didnt show any details about criminal record unless i pd an additional 19.95
    • Do nor use this service, see my review above, BUT, I have to use these sites all the time, better ones than this one, It could be right, this is why, A It could be a Diff. person with the same DOB, that person could have used fake DOB and other info, as many felons have and do. The ages are estimates when using trial version!! Or could have hit people with the same name but diff. DOB. Not sure why you are looking...but be careful, if you are doing this on a boyfriend, you need to ask yourself, why would you go out with someone who you have to do a background check on....if its for safe dating then good for you. Type in Top Ten reviews of background check websites, and go with those!

      Hopes this helps
  • It doesn't really give very much info, if it is even available, which was the case on many of my reverse phone number look up. I cancelled, they gave me a hard time about cancelling and then they charged me anyway. Don't use this site, it's not worth the trouble!
  • Sites like BeenVerified are "data dumps" that simply act as pipelines to readily available public information. They provide nothing special that a person with a little knowledge about how and some time can't do better, and for free, on their own.

    Further, since this data dumping provides little filtering ability the data you get could, and usually is, chock full of misinformation that not only would be of no use to the user, it could actually defeat the purpose of using such a site in the first place (being, one would presume, getting an accurate picture of someone you are going to have dealings with).

    So save your money and simply learn how to access public information from your local agencies providing same. if you have to have an indepth criminal background check learn how to file a "Freedom of Information Act" request and give it time to go through channels.
  • I need to know what my background is good or bad
  • Folks, Dont waste your $$ I've been a career investigator NYPD DETECTIVE for over 30 years. These websites are scams. If ya really need hard core crime recs check. hire a P.I or go to the Jurisdiction and file FOIA request. in NYC You can use WEBCRIMS a free search by NYS Unified Court System. A county crime recs check can start around $70.00 retail Just check your local crime courts ect. Do your home work first dont get ripped off. (My good deed for 2012) Do a little phone detective work first by asking WHERE this nfo can be obtained. Good luck folks. (remember some crime recs can be sealed & you ll never get the info.) same holds true for adoption recs.
    • Seriously?

      Every damn company out there is wanting your hard earned money. From the gas company all the way down. You are FORCED to fork out the monies you break your very back for. Problem is is that most folks don't use common sense. If it looks funny, smells funny or simply sends you doubtful vibes then use your inner sub-conscience and run in the other direction. Giving out personal information such as a credit card #'s should only be used through confirmed safe business sites.

      Hey it's your what you want with it. Seriously though if you just want to toss it out the could simply give it to a better cause and help a homeless person for a change.
    • I agree....... It's sad to say these types of websites are all about ripping the public.
  • Do not trust them! I searched my name and not one thing was correct! They had all my info wrong and made me look like a career criminal, all my charges were dropped for a littering charge and they state I was found guilty! News to me since I remember beating that charge, dates are all wrong and the same with the findings, don't trust them or go by their completely wrong info
  • Had my girlfriend check just for fun. It said I was a child molester. Almost Lost my girlfriend until I explained a molester would have to register. We checked and sure enough not even in any data base. They suck don't use, These people.
  • I joined under the free trial period, ran about 20 background checks then cancelled on the 6th day with no hassle. Great service.
  • I signed up for the free trial offer. Sent them an email asking to cancel (well within the allotted time). Get a bill on my credit card for $120. Tried to dispute it, but lost. The I've resolved myself to the fact that they have screwed me out of a hundred bucks plus, so I went to use it a couple of months later (remember..I bought a years membership)...and they want to charge me $19.95 per look-up!!!! They say I am not a member.
    • You sound like a rep for the website, this site is a complete rip. They tried to charge me after I had canceled the "free" trial 2 days before it ended saying I did not give enough notice. If they thought you would actually use their service after you tried it for free, then they wouldn't get your credit card info so they can charge you when you forget to cancel their "free" trial. Almost every person I have spoken to about this site said information is inaccurate and or false, I agree.

      To add another note, if your going to write a review and expect people to take your comments seriously, at least try to use a little grammar...
    • I used it for the free period, forgot to call on the 7th day of the free trial, but on the 8th day called and they still gave me my money back, no hassle, no problem. I'm actually thinking of joining up for real now that I need a service like that, as when I was nosing around in the free period all the information on family and friends was astoundingly accurate and more to the point, complete. Liens, tax records, criminal stuff. I just tried Spokeo and they don't offer any of that, plus 80% of their basic info was incorrect or out of date
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