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from 126 reviews Review It is a popular penny auction site that has recently started advertising on TV, making it one of the larger auction sites and, of course, making it one that people have a lot of questions about.

A penny auction site, for those of you that don’t know, is an auction site where each bid you place is limited to one penny.  This results in items that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars being sold for an unbelievably low fraction of the cost.

However, the difference between a penny auction and a standard auction website, is that at a penny auction site you must pay for each bid that you place.  In general, these bids can cost anywhere between 50 cents and $1.00 per bid.  So when you see that an item has sold for $50.00, remember that means it sold for 5000 bids, and even at 50 cents a piece that means the true sale price of the item is $2,500.00.

At, there is not standard price per bid.  You buy a package of bids, and the larger (and more expensive) package you are willing to buy, the cheaper each individual bid is – as low as 60 cents a bid.  But if you are unwilling to invest a lot of money into Beezid bids right away, and would like a smaller and cheaper package, you could actually pay 90 cents per bid.  This means when you bid “one penny” each time, you are actually out almost one dollar per bid – and that could get expensive really fast.

So is a Scam?

In general, I don’t recommend any penny auction websites.  It has been well documented at this point that penny auction sites are far more like gambling sites than they are auction sites.  Real auctions don’t make you pay for the right to bid, nor do they limit you to a specific bid amount.  In a penny auction site, if you lose the auction, you lose money.

The other problem with all penny auction sites is that the website acts as both seller and auctioneer.  There is no third party to ensure that the behavior of the seller and buyer are appropriate.  You’ll read complaints all over the internet of people who had the last bid on a penny auction site, were declared the winner, and then the auction magically started again with more people bidding and the price being driven up. itself has had these complaints.

But who are you supposed to complain to?  The website?  Who just earned a lot more money from letting the auction continue longer than it should have?  Pretty much 100% of customers report that their responses in reporting these types of problems is the website claiming a “computer glitch” and apologizing for not being able to do anything.

And the problem with penny auctions is that in these cases, you don’t just lose the item you were trying to win when these “computer glitches” happen, you also lose money.  This is why I tell people to stay away from penny auctions in general.

As for, they have had all the above complaints and then some.  People have reported serious issues with their customer service, most specifically repeatedly receiving automated general help responses instead of a real email that addresses their specific questions and concerns.  Customers report having to email and call repeatedly before having their problems addressed.

Another problem that is unique to, is the fact that they have no “Buy It Now” feature.  Those of you familiar with penny auctions know the Buy It Now feature allows the losers of any given auction to buy the item they were bidding on at full retail price, less the amount of money they spent on bids trying to win it.

So if you were bidding on a $300 iPhone, and spent $90 in bids trying to win it, but still lost, for an extra $210 you can just purchase the item from their site.  In this way you lost the auction, but at least you haven’t lost all the money you invested in trying to win it.

On, however, there is no Buy It Now feature.  So if you lose $90 bidding on an iPhone, you have really just lost $90.  For all these reasons, I would recommend staying away from

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Beezid " is 1.72 out of 5 based on 126 reviews.
  • never again will I ever do some thing this dumb again,,,,,, never got what I won,, I have wrote them so many times they never get back in touch with you big rip off,,,,,,,
  • I started using Beezid this past summer. I invested almost $5,000 in bid packs. I won small items and then some larger ones. The larger items I received were a deal I made when I bought the larger bid packs, i.e. for $2,000 in bids I received a Play Station 4 along with my bids. I did win a Del Chromebook on my own as well as some Tablets, but used a lot of bids. I was told it took 30 days to receive items. After 30 days I was receiving items everyday. They when I decided to stop buying bids, my items stopped coming.(The ones I had won or purchased from their store). I still have over 15 items coming to me. The latest ones were some watches I bought for myself on September 26, 2016. I cannot reach anyone at Beezid, whether it be over the phone or e-mail, and the auction site has everything on Stand-By. No actual bidding going on anymore. I fear that I will not receive any of the latest items. I will join the lawsuit. There are items I won in July 2016 and have not received. As this company is in Canada, I don't know if I will every get the items or my money back.
  • Don't go to Beezid. It's a big scam and fraud. If you do win, which is rare, you never get the item. If you buy from their store, a flipped item (an item previously won at an auction and then sold by the winner as a discount) you never get your item. They claim supplier problems. Gee, how can you have supplier problems with a flipped item? Oh, I know, it was an illegal auction because they never had the item in the first place. All auctions at Beezid are now on standby and they aren't responding to any calls or emails, they've skipped out with everyones money. There is talk of filing a class action suit against them. BEWARE
  • Reviews either 1 or 5?? If the person reviews 5 stars they are smart, intelligent and a savvy gambler. The one's that leave a 1 or 0 are stupid, unaware and losers but have paid to learn a lesson. Wow--perfect parallel between overlooking a burned out embassy and a media driven hit campaign. I'll stick with being deplorable and skip this website.
  • Beezid is a total SCAM, stay away! They advertise that you can sign up and get free bids to try it out. i signed up, but and they charged me $70 for my "free" bids. They refused to credit me back even though I had never used the site. Total scam artists.
  • I'm so glad I checked the reviews before I joined....
  • No one usually wins for 3 days
  • My dad did it and wasted $70 bucks on bids and got some free so he stayed up betting on my brotheres TV or iPad and then stayed up another day and didn't win
  • It's a gamble. If you understand risk, and strategy, this site works. Read the fine print. Don't give your CC number away without knowing exactly why. Don't be an idiot (always a good rule). There is a buy it now function. It's not that complicated people.
    • Who are you to talk that way to people. This may be the nicest comment you left.You really seem to defend Beezid, very aggressively and quite often. That's strange. And very interesting.
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