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from 156 reviews Review It is a jobs database board that allows you to join, post a resume, and apply to jobs for free. They claim their network connects over 25 million professionals.

Beyond also has a feature called the Career Portfolio, which acts as a one stop shop for job resumes. It has all your information, your cover letter, your awards and certifications, and any other information you would like potential employers to see.

While you are signed up at, you will receive new job postings via email. In addition, you will receive special offers for products and services that may be relevant to your interests or job search.

Whenever you choose to no longer belong to, you do not delete your account in case you may need it later. Rather you inactivate the account so potential employers can no longer see your resume.

Finally, also offers a host of articles and services that are intended to improve your job search.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 1.33 out of 5 based on 156 reviews.
  • My experience mirrors that of another reviewer: I created a beautiful professional portfolio with and have regularly and painstakingly updated it over the past 4 years (representing many hours of crafting the perfect resume) and about a month ago, it suddenly disappeared stating that there may have been "thieves" trying to steal my information but provided me with no information as to how to retrieve the lost data. Thankfully, I'd copied most of it into my Linked-In professional profile, so I'm not terribly worried but this ends my relationship with It's very regrettable--I was particularly happy with my profile which was well-constructed and imaginatively and thoughtfully conceived and presented--and went far beyond the Linked-In profile template providing a true 360-perspective. It was GREAT--while it lasted.
    • So, looks like site has been taken down and replaced by! I just found my entire professional profile (that "Perfect Resume" I'd been carefully crafting for the past 4 years or so!) completely assembled/in tact on! Hooray!!! All's right in the world--at least on this little point!
  • They don't have any job listings of their own. I spent time building up my profile only to find that I can't even use it to apply to their job listings because they direct me to another job listing website where I have to create a new account and profile to apply with my resume. It was a complete waste of time and I've been getting calls and emails from scam "jobs" that are not even in my field of work. Waste of time. just became NEXXT. I was originally using NEXXT and now I'm getting calls about my resume on
  • The daily emails from Beyond are annoying. Additionally, i have received suspicious emails (similar to those i once received from princes of Madagascar requesting my help at obtaining their money), but instead from random person with "*@rocketmail" accounts requesting that i re-send my resume because they "didn't receive it the first time". I strongly suspect this company will sell your email to shady people, and you will receive spam forever. Do not trust
  • I get emails every day from them saying "X number of jobs for X position in my town" and when I click the listing the jobs are nowhere near me and not the position given.
  • Completely horrible navigation and layout, pretty much just a giant advertisement to sell their services of resume building and submitting your resumes to other job sites for you. I don't believe any of their "job postings" are original here, all just lifted from most of the other sites you can get on at no charge. This is the way most of these "pay for play" job sites. Work. Jesus, even their "find jobs in your area" link routes you out ad after ad after ad with no hope of seeing a listing.
  • Worked on building a beautiful profile on beyond and have kept it updated over the past two years. Lot of work... logged in today and my entire profile other than my name, address and email is completely gone. No wonder I've been receiving completely irrelevant job listings from them lately. I'm really disappointed. If you use beyond, make sure you copy and paste ALL of your info into a doc that you can repopulate from later if this happens to you. Didn't think that was necessary but I was wrong.
  • I don't know how I got on there, maybe a link for a job I applied for I don't know. But I started getting emails from them out of the blue. I went and looked at my profile. It was like they took a resume from 10 years ago, and a little public information, and mixed it up with some that was completely wrong.

    I accused them of phishing and stealing my identity and I wanted them to delete my account. I got a response back in a couple of hours saying my account was disabled and deleted. I've gotten 1 email since then from one of the recruiters trying to contact me again from an earlier attempt.

    I think I'll just stick with LinkedIn and Indeed.

    Thank you,

  • I thought was a good site to assist with posting my work history for prospective employers to find me. I have gone through a scenario whereby, my profile came up with missing information. I wanted to change my email address from my google name to my yahoo email. The result of that caused my account to seem deleted. I've gone through some changes over the past year or more to make my "Beyond profile", look professional. And, for the longest time, I have been able to retrieve and view my profile at Now, here lately, I received an email from a "[email protected]", asking me if I wanted to update my latest profile. When I replied back, after confirming my profile at "richard-lines-tn", did truly exist, she replied back from a new email address, different from the one just 2days earlier. She's claiming to be an "Advocate" of and now her email address is: (nancy = not capitalized) [email protected] and, she's actually threatening me saying, I had a beyond account in Dec and deleted it, and another in Jan and deleted it and another in Feb and deleted it...all of which is false. Now, today, I tried to navigate to the already established site of "", and the site is unreachable.... this type of activity definitely seems suspicious and I would now come to the conclusion, and also from reading emails in this posting, that, is a fraud - JOB SCAMMERS.... good luck to all of us that have given them the time-of-day... I hope I don't lose my internet privacy from this!
  • This group is impossible to get rid of. I keep telling them to quit sending me emails but they ignore me.
  • Is there something lower than dreadful? I never heard of this company until I received a "resume critique" this morning. Later I got a recruiting letter from an insurance company. I have no idea how they even got my resume but they used it to create a profile with my phone number, past earnings and email out there for the world to see. They did this without my knowledge or consent. I choose to keep my resume and other personal info private and I decide where my resume goes. I've met my share of sleazy people in employment agencies, but this tops them all. THIS IS NOT OK!
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