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from 156 reviews Review It is a jobs database board that allows you to join, post a resume, and apply to jobs for free. They claim their network connects over 25 million professionals.

Beyond also has a feature called the Career Portfolio, which acts as a one stop shop for job resumes. It has all your information, your cover letter, your awards and certifications, and any other information you would like potential employers to see.

While you are signed up at, you will receive new job postings via email. In addition, you will receive special offers for products and services that may be relevant to your interests or job search.

Whenever you choose to no longer belong to, you do not delete your account in case you may need it later. Rather you inactivate the account so potential employers can no longer see your resume.

Finally, also offers a host of articles and services that are intended to improve your job search.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 1.33 out of 5 based on 156 reviews.
  • I can see where this site might be helpful but it's so littered with junk that they are hard to take seriously.


    Set up alerts for specific jobs in a specific area. 4-5 email per day for a month. 50 jobs per email. Absolutely none of which contained the title or phrase of the job I was looking for.

    They mine and post jobs of companies that are complete frauds like IVY Exec, Execunet, etc. I assume this is to increase volume and look like they have more than they do.
  • Never signed up, never heard of this site, and I'm employed. I got a welcome email out of the blue and then a listing of jobs as a security guard: I'm a professor. Looked up what's going on and it's obvious that they're pulling in information from some other source and signing people up. I won't bother trying to click through to their website: it just tells them that you're getting their emails. Instead just keep clicking spam until their emails are sent to oblivion. Eventually the large email providers will blacklist them.
  • is a great source for job placement. I found more unique candidates on Beyond , than when compared to many dups between CB and monster. I would recommend to anyone looking for ROI in the staffing space.
  • started hitting my email quite awhile back and has never stopped. I never signed up for anything with them. They have no option to unsubscribe or opt out. I go to their website and there is no way to opt out that I can find. They send about 1-3 emails each day.

    I would love to have that company stop spamming me.

    They have not received an invite to send me email. I have not paid them a dime. And I wouldn't trust anything that was unsolicited.

    Below is the info I find. But unfortunately the voice mailbox is full.

    Administrative Contact






    PO BOX 639






    Postal Code:









    [email protected]
    • I had the same problem.

      If you haven't come across it yet, in the top right corner of their website is a down arrow. Click on that, account settings and delete account to get rid of it. I just did and I will be doing unsubscribe through my mailbox. Good luck.
    • Coincidentally, after posting the above, I received yet another email. This time it asked me if I wanted to opt out. So I went online and did.

      I'm a little happier!
  • The site is a fake that is run by the government if you talk bad about them in any way

    As soon I made an account I started receiving Spam emails but I didn't pay them and I wanted unsubscribe so I did according to their site but they continued sending me spam job of fake position !! I'm stock with them forever.
  • i tried to apply last two weeks the beyond not work in my pc.
  • I tried to apply for a job listed. It just would not work. I emailed that their site is dysfunctional, and got a mindless form reply that I am "will no longer receive job alerts..."

    Dysfunctional it is!
  • Offered a free resume review on their website to which I clicked yes (Hell, why not?) and I then received an email from a nice chap at Monster telling me that I had already received a resume review from them several months ago.

    It seems like they just take your info and input it into Monster's resume review and then claim it as their own work.

    I deleted my account after a few minutes on there.
  • I know I un/checked the box for resume review. I can't recall check or uncheck, but I didn't want it. They sent it anyway. Remove abbreviations (I had listed Wachovia Bank, NA.) 'career summary is too short', 'Unfortunately, your existing resume gives the impression that you are a "doer" and not an "achiever."', 'structure of your resume is lacking in organization and consistency', et cetera.

    To make a long story short, I get plenty of interviews. I need help landing the job.

    I used a custom email address. I'll come back here once I have counts as to how much spam they send.
    • So far I've received one acknowledgement of the job I applied for and seven other messages. Two more messages pitching their resume services today. Beyond scammer is looking like.
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