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Bid is another penny auction website gaining in popularity these days.  Penny auctions are quickly growing in notoriety, not only because of the vast rise in different penny auction sites, but also because of the quickly approaching holiday season.  With most families having economic difficulties, the idea of getting a loved one a great quality, expensive gift at a fraction of the cost is obviously very attractive.

A penny auction site is exactly what it sounds like: an auction website where you bid on items in increments of one penny at a time.  Because the auction is conducted in cents, items that are generally very expensive, like televisions, cameras, and computers seem to sell for unbelievably low prices.

However, at each bid of one cent costs the bidder 60 cents to purchase, so the items aren’t being won for as cheap as they seem.  Consider that an item which is won for $100.00 was actually won after 10,000 bids were placed.  If each bid cost 60 cents, then that item actually sold for $6000.00.

Bid Here is slightly different than some other common penny auction sites because their auctions are longer, with an average of 25 seconds between each bid as opposed to the traditional 10.  In order to stop this from being an obstacle to your participating in their auctions, they offer a “Bid Monkey” that you can automatically set to make bids for you so that you don’t actually need to watch the auction yourself.

So is a Scam?

Well, it has been my standard practice to tell you to avoid all penny auction sites.  The fact that the website is both the auctioneer and the seller just seems like much too big a conflict of interest in my opinion.  They set the length between bids, they declare the winner, and if something happens that you aren’t happy with, who can you complain to?

But actually has more against it than most other penny auction sites.  First of all, a common complaint with all penny auction sites is the length of time between bids not being consistent.  Even though most sites have a 10 second limit, many customers complain that an auction they are involved in will suddenly end with 2 or 3 seconds left in the bidding, declaring someone else the winner and making lose out on an item they wanted to bid on again.

Bid Here has this same problem.  They claim a 25 second period in between bids, but many customers claim to have seen auctions end with as many as 5 seconds left.  In addition to that, Bid Here is unique in that customers also claim that times in between bids often go longer than they are supposed to, with customers claiming up to 45 seconds having past since their last bid before someone else bids, and the website accepts their bid as valid.

Another problem commonly reported by customers is their participating in long auctions with a couple other bidders, and then when the counter gets to 1 second, someone new bids on the item to keep the auction going, but then never bids again.  This is reported as happening multiple times during a single auction with each surprise bidder only bidding once, then never again.  This makes customers highly suspicious of bidding bots.

Finally, customers also complain of having difficulty receiving their items.  Whether it be bid packs that simply need to be electronically applied to their account, or receiving physical items in the mail, customers routinely complain of having to contact the company at least once before receiving these items, generally later than they were promised.

As mentioned before, I tend to advise people to stay away from penny auctions in general, but if you just can’t help yourself, it’s still in your best interest to stay away from

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • it's a scam, they use automatic system to never stops counting bids, the automatic system only stops when people have paid twice the price of the product, if the product don't sell enough money, the fraudulent system buy the product.
  • Awesome website, won over 10 items on here and saved over 4k

    would recommend to everyone. plus they offer buy it now so either way you don't lose with this penny auction Site it's awesome shipping takes awhile to Australia because they are based in the USA
  • I spent over $2,000 in bids at; I enjoy legit penny auction sites (but this isn't one). At, I had two wins validated -- an IPad and a Samsung Laptop. I spent a lot of bids winning them, but still I won.

    The problem? I never received either of the above items. I also purchased a watch band from them, which I didn't receive either. They kept stringing me along until it was too late to file a claim with PayPal, and then they stopped responding to my emails completely. I've filed a formal complaint against the site.

    My items were supposed to be delivered in August; it's October now. I don't think I'm being impatient -- plus customer service won't respond to my emails or calls.
  • I do not agree with Jen. I think its a great way to score a bargain.

    Can everyone win? Of course not.

    Then how many times do we win a raffles anyway?

    I think bidhere is quite professional, great deals, and popular. I've participated on at least 30 auctions and have won only 2 so far, but then you have to be focused while bidding and patience is king. You cannot expect to win a iPhone 4S for $1. It might take $300 before you win, but you've still saved yourself over $500?

    I think its great fun and I recommend this website to everyone.
    • I think this is a total scam. I have won 3 auctions on here and not a single one has shown up on my dashboard as won. They state it takes up to 3 days to show up, it has almost been 2 weeks. When I email them for help they do not respond. This is a scam and they are just taking people's money for bids and not giving them the merchandise they win.
  • DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY on this non accredited unprofessional "business". I won an auction, the timer ran out and my bid was the last bid placed. I emailed and asked what next and they stated I had not yet won the auction, the auction was placed on hold and will resume in a few days. BID HERE places items up for auction and when they do not get their moneys worth from the consumer, they pause the auction and later resume the bidding. BID AT YOUR OWN RISK!
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