Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is a penny auction website that claims anyone can get items, from laptops to gift cards to jewelry, at extremely discounted prices.

Signing up is free and the bids at BidBass only cost 70 cents each to buy. You can use your credits to bid on any active auction. Bidding on item within the last 20 seconds will reset the bid clock to 20 seconds. The last bidder wins the item.

In penny auctions, however, the last bidder doesn’t so much “win” the item as they win they right to purchase the item at the final auction price, plus taxes and delivery fees.

BidBass offers a variety of auction types, from the traditional penny auction, to free auctions where you do not have to use your paid credits to bid, to beginner auctions that are only open to people who have not yet won an auction.

BidBass even offers Nailbiter Auctions, where members are not allowed to use BidBuddy, their automatic bidding feature. These auctions are for live bidders only.

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