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Bidify, at, is a new business opportunity which takes the current popularity surrounding penny auctions and combines it with an opportunity for profit sharing.

Penny auctions are different from traditional auctions because they charge their users a fee each time they bid on an auction. This fee ranges between fifty cents and seventy-five cents per bid. These fees cover part of the site’s operational costs, while the remaining fees become profit.

With their recent explosion in popularity, a decent penny auction website can have hundreds to thousands of bidders each day, and the capital of a popular penny auction site is impressive. gives its affiliates the opportunity to share in the profits of their penny auction site,

How It Works

First, simply joining Bidify is not an option. Those looking to join Bidify must be invited by an existing affiliate to be a member. After receiving your invitation, you must pay both a start up fee and then agree to a monthly administrative fee.

As is based in Iceland, their start up fee is listed as 100 Euros, and their administrative fee is 20 Euros a month. At the time of this publication, the Euro is worth $1.3052, which means signing up for Bidify will cost you $130.52, and the administration fee will be $26.10

After you have become a member, your job is to sell sample bids to potential Bidsson penny auction customers. You will receive points for the number of sample bids that you successfully sell.

At the end of each day, 50% of Bidsson’s net profits is shared between affiliates with appropriate levels of points and will be paid out as cash to qualifying Bidify affiliates.

The Bottom Line

Bidify merges the ideas of affiliate marketing – by requiring affiliates to recruit new members to their penny auction site – with a multi-level marketing compensation plan.

These penny auction/profit sharing opportunities are starting to spread through the internet, but they are still relatively new and there is not much being reported on whether or not they are effective money making opportunities.

If you have any experience with Bidify or similar opportunity, please leave your reviews below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Bidify " is 2.28 out of 5 based on 18 reviews.
  • Bidify has been linked to Titus Coin, from my understanding. Titus Coin is a scam, I’ve lost a bit of money on Titus Coin, all of it! Fennas Finance, the grubs who act as money collectors for Titus has been shut down by ASIC here in Australia. I got sucked into it by a friend. She lost too! Lesson learnt. Research it all first regardless of what friends tell you.
  • I put in 10 000 Euros and did not earn a penny. Is there a way to get my money back? Do not trust this company. Those of you who say it is great then buy me out!!! No one would. They changed their model after Zeek got shut down so it would not look like the ponzi scheme that it is. Anyone who can help me get my money back pls contact me inmintime at yahoo dot co dot uk. Thank you.
  • Sure it's a scam.

    Me and my entire downline put over 20K Euro almost a year ago, we never saw a penny back!!!


    Bidify is one of the greatest thefts in the MLM history.
  • Bidify is a proven Scam now. Thousands of people have lost their money for good.
  • Run away from Bidify. Do not believe any hype. You WILL Lose Money if you become an affiliate
    • But quickly! I worked with them, they even didnt pay my bills, there is a office in germany they rented but they stopped paying the rent months ago. If you want to throw your money then go on using bidify and bidsson.
  • It's a ponzi scheme.

    Its very much same as zeekrewards ,it said you will get the money back in 120days and share their 50% daily profits.

    very unfortunatly ,I invested usd$3000 in bidify ,

    After zeekewards was shutted down ,I asked for to stop the investment and wanted money back ,but they said YOU couldnt get it back once we invested it .

    It has been more than 120 days investment,you were supposed to get the back , not metion the profits.

    However they said they have always reserved the right to modify their compensation plan in the event of changes to the law or market conditions.

    With the new policy , you had to pay $25 monthly fee to keep the account active. And with $3000 investment I wont even make $25 enought to pay the monthly fee.

    They want to grab all of your hard earning .

    For those victims ,you could please file a complain to SEC,as the link below .

    lets work together to put the dishonest gang into the jail again and stop the scam !
  • Don't fall for this dirt scum bags that tries to rip your money off by offering deals that doesn't exist. If you don't believe it, here's what's going to happen.

    1st you invest in subcompany that says you are buying a business to operate within Bidify. Bidify will do the most work for you, and you will get a share of the money every day. However, you will only receive about $1.50 a day. This is if you have invested in @ $1500. And then, with $1.50 or less per day, you will be lucky to save @ $45 total for the month, but wait... You have to pay $50 per month to keep it active each month. Hmmm, you didn't gain anything, but continue to feed Bidify scum bags to get rich. If this isn't highway robbery, I don't know what it is.

    Plus, you ask for a refund and no one answers. You ask question and no one replies. Ahh, but they do reply when you ask about how much does it cost on certain things.... Only when it pertains to giving money to bidify, will they answer. Hmmm, the originator of the Bidify stays hidden, from Iceland, and registered in seemingly disguised in Britain, and nowhere to be found.

    Why am I writing this? My wife was scammed and I warned her about the Ponzi scheme. The pyramid scheme. This is disguised Ponzi scheme that says "business is for entertainment bidding of penny auction, and profits will be shared." Trust me, don't fall for it. You'll only lose money.
    • she wasn't alone ,the same here.

      with $3000usd invest ,actually you can only make5-50cents a day apprently ,even not a dollor.

      Not enough pay for the monthly fee!!

      please file a complain to sec ,who shuted down the zeeker. Only the goverment take a action to investigate ,then we could have a hope to get some money back .
  • Have any one joined Bidify in the last 4 months and paid by card, have you received an email from Bidify saying that they will not agree a charge back. This is a lie they cannot stop anyone doing a charge back, it is upto the banks, it seems that Bidify must be having a lot of people using the charge back. Contact your bank and reqest a charge back form A S A P.
    • Oh yes, I got pretty much the same reply when I told them I was going to do a charge back. They said "don't try it....your account will be suspended immediately"....HELLLLLLOOOO, who the heck gives a crap if it is suspended, it's just hanging in Limbo anyway.

      And I will contact the SEC also
  • I rated with a 1 because of the following: the people who are"investors" are only the ones getting $...look put simply (someone on the review already made this point, but I will further elaborate): its basically a slot machine, you dont know if you get item on the bid you place..which costs you $1 every time you let's say item like an iPad is auctioned & you placed 5 bids.thats still good cuz you only spent 5 bucks...well now let's look at the final price it sold, let's say 70 bucks that's still a good deal..right?..well but that means that company just took in. $7000!....are you seeing the casino mentality?? People spend $ at slots trying to score it big everyday in Vegas, but they spend lots of $ at slots and then walk away from machine when it doesn't pay out..same thing with these auctions, you dont get an item u bid on & u lost your money! But again that item that someone "won" for 70 bucks really sold for 7000, because that's how much money was generated by the bids!
  • Attention: Stay away from these types of MLMs. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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