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Bid is a new penny auction site that has been getting a lot of attention.  Penny auctions are a specific niche in the online auction community that have been getting progressively more popular recently.

These websites have risen in popularity because they promise in demand, expensive items at unbelievably low prices.  But often what isn’t advertised, is the specific way in which penny auctions work.  In a penny auction, you are only allowed to bid a single penny at one time.  The prices that these items “sell” for is so unbelievably low because the bids are done in increments of one cent.

However, for each bid you place, you pay 65 cents to  That means if an item is sold for $20.00 on, Bid Rivals actually makes $1300 for the sale of that item.

So is Bid Rivals a Scam?

In my opinion, people would be better off to avoid all penny auctions, regardless of their reputation. and other penny auction sites require people to pay for the option to bid, but don’t allow them to bid in increments of their choosing.  This places Bid Rivals in direct control of the price that the consumer will ultimately be paying them, while they are acting as though they’re a non-interested third party.

On other auction sites, like eBay, the seller and buyer have the auction monitored by the website, which is a trusted third party.  On, there is no trusted third party.  Bid Rivals is both the seller and the auctioneer.  It benefits them – and only them – to drive the price up in these tiny one cent increments.

Bid Rivals tries to get favor from their customers by offering a “Buy It Now” option, which allows you to take the amount of your failed bids and put them toward the retail price of the item you were bidding on. This way, you are not supposed to feel as though you “lost” your money… well, except for the shipping and handling and potentially processing fee that Bid Rivals will charge you.

But if you’re not willing to part with that extra money (not wanting to pay full retail price for that item was probably what brought you to in the first place), then you’re simply out your money with nothing to show for it.

In generally, people would be much better off sticking to legitimate auction websites like eBay, instead of spending lots of frustrating time and money on penny auctions like

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • The curtains have finally closed on this site. The behavior of management while this site was on its death bed was dreadful. They first took the site down claiming they were under attack (DoS maybe). The management seem to have mastered the art of being cryptic, they never give any straight answers.

    I have already initiated chargebacks through Paypal.
  • I don't think it's scam, I won a Canon Digital Camera with 75 bids, you just need to watch the auctions closely and bid wisely.

    Proof -

    Do not just go and bid on everything, when there are 10 minutes of an auction remaining, do not bid - wait till the last seconds, wait and bid in the right time.
  • The site is a well thought out scam. Even if you manage to win an item, they are unlikely to send it. You have to repeatedly email their dreadful customer service for them to even consider sending it. They bank on most people giving up as any item not sent is pure profit.

    Most of the items are won by their "VIP" customer, who essentially get bids cheaper than anyone else so place a lot of bids.

    If you value your time and your money stay well away from this site.
  • I don't think bid rivals is a scam but you do need a lot of patience and an endless supply of bids to use, there is also a strategy to bidding. Don't get involved in a bidding war. using bid agent is not the best use of bids. I have yet to win an auction on bidrivals.Some bidders use hundreds of bids and still don't win.Also I see the same bidders bidding on the same type of items that they've already won.
  • This 'blog' site is probably run by them as well. This was the first site that i found when trying to sere if bidrivals was a scam
  • I just got suckered too.....bought the bids and placed a bid agent to buy an max price was 3 times higher than what the IPAD supposedly sold for, so I thought maybe it was because I placed a number without identifying CAD ( Canadian dollar), so today I specified 350.00CAD and the live auction opened a pick box saying ""max price must be a positive number"". I just emailed them, but have not heard back.....I think its a scam. Good thing I didnt buy a huge amount of bids.
  • is probably one of the sneakiest scams at taking people's money than any other scheme I have encountered on the internet. The site promotes you to use BidAgent in case you cannot be online when the auction is conducted. lures you into thinking that whatever maximum price you are willing to pay for an item will be honored through what you set up in BidAgent. Well, sorry to say, YOUR MAXIMUM PRICE IS NEVER HONORED, and I have several examples to prove my theory where an item was sold for probably half of what my maximum price through BidAgent was set at. This leads me to believe that the userIDs that I competed against were all bogus and there wasn't really any product that I was bidding on to begin with....just a glamorous shot of a nice, desirable product that never existed. I have also tried to find bidding histories for high dollar items (laptop computers) that I had bidded on (through BidAgent) and the item never appeared in the 'Closed' auction section. Based on the lack of evidence or any areturn email from regarding my protests I must call this site a real scam!! Don't be lured into the slaughter!
  • Thanks everyone for all the info! I will skip this site and stick to ebay!
  • Here is what I got from a seller on Craigslist his name is Chad. and he is sending the same email to every one that wants to buy an Iphone or a laptop from him.

    body: Hey, sorry for the delayed response, but someone already bought the iPhone and picked it up. You might want to try and buy one where I bought mine at. It's an auction site kind of like ebay that has quite a few iPhones.

    I am usually able to pick them up there for under $120, I think it's so cheap because the site is newer and there aren't many bidders yet. Anyways, I'd recommend you shop there if your still in need of an iPhone. The site is called I just checked and it looks like they have one ending soon and the bid is at $55 so far.

    Hope this helps you!

    • oh my god thats so scary i got the same email from this girl when i inquired about an iphone and this is what she said...and i even chekced out the sketchy site too..

      Ava Martinez [email protected]

      10:46 PM (15 hours ago)

      Hi there

      Sorry someone picked it up earlier, but I can actually tell you where I got.

      I just got 3 from and I sold them on craigslist for extra money.

      Since the sites really new there's like nobody online, nobody is bidding, its like xmas all over again haha. The secret is to bid right when the counter gets to 4 seconds and you win all the time.


    • I have received the same email when I inquired about an IPAD from craigslist. I was directed to use the website...also which had bad reviews online. I'm feeling like all of these sites are scamming people!
  • They list their address as the Empire State Building Suite 5900 350 Fifth Ave, NY.

    This is the same address as lawyer Javier A. Solano.

    Does that tell you anything?

    Be careful
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