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Before the internet, companies used live market research groups and round table discussions to learn about consumers. Through the World Wide Web Companies have found an easier method to reach the public for consumer information, trends and markets by following internet behaviors. They use internet users’ preferences to develop new products and improve their services. is one of the many sites that are used as a medium for companies to access a market of consumers who want to complete surveys. This particular site offers surveys to the public to submit and be entered into their sweepstakes drawings for cash prizes. Most often times, survey sites will exchange surveys for money, prizes, donations to charities and product samples. Since anyone who is at least 18 years of age can take these surveys, companies are able to collect information with a range of demographics contributing to very useful input.

Some companies do not pay you the money you rightfully earned by completing the survey. They will claim you didn’t fill out the survey completely, your account was not legitimate, or you did not use descriptive words. If they use PayPal, you can contact them to see if that particular survey company pays survey takers regularly. Also, check with BBB as well to see if there are any complaints regarding their payment system.

Some of the survey companies take advantage of consumers who are desperate and unsuspecting. They use a work from home ploy to attract people who are looking to make a living from home. These sites are usually not at all what they claim to be because it is impossible to make a living with the amount of money they pay.

Go through each of the site’s terms and policies, meaning the initial survey taking site and the sites you are directed to through them for the actual surveys. Read all of the fine print carefully because many of these companies sell your information to third parties. If they are legit, they would not have to distribute and sell your information to others.

The terms on states that they have the right to distribute your information to their partner companies to contact you. They also reserve the right to give your information to marketing services and send your applications to direct mail distributors and telemarketers.

If you are sure that you absolutely want to participate in a paid survey site, always make sure it is free, there should never be any upfront costs. If the survey site is trying to sell you something, it raises another red flag. Be wary of sites that offer extremely high dollar amounts for surveys, they are often not truthful, and the range of pay per survey typically ranges from $1-$10.00.

These online survey organizations and councils are worth checking out:Council of American Survey Research Organizations – CASRO, American Association for Public Opinion Research – AAPOR, Council of Marketing and Opinion Research Association – is the world organization for enabling better research into markets, consumers and societies. With 5,000 members in 100 countries, ESOMAR creates and manages a comprehensive program of industry-specific and thematic conferences, publications and communications as well as actively advocating self-regulation and the worldwide code of practice.

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