Reviews – Is Big Spot Legit or a Scam? is a paid survey site that has been advertising on television lately.  They are free to join, as all good market research sites should be, however, they function a little differently than most other paid survey sites.

Instead of providing you with surveys and then compensating you for the work you have completed, Big Spot acts as a portal website that, once your information has been submitted, merely gives you a list of other free paid survey sites and encourages you to sign up at a variety of those companies.

Since doesn’t actually give you surveys, they aren’t responsible for paying you.  Instead, each individual company you sign up with will various policies and regulations about how you will be compensated, how often you will be compensated, and what kind of compensation you will receive.

Big Spot is honest and upfront about market research surveys being a good way to make extra money, though not for “getting rich,” and they say in their Terms page that Big Spot will never ask you to pay fees or charges at any time to them.

So What’s the Deal with Big Spot?

Well, since doesn’t actually provide you with any surveys themselves, they aren’t actually a paid survey company or a market research company.  Rather, if you look around through their various policies, you’ll see that Big Spot makes its money from giving your information to advertisers and salesmen.

Big Spot claims that they do not give your information out to third parties unless you authorize them to do so.  In general, Big Spot will ask for this authorization by saying that you have been chosen for a special offer or would you like more information regarding certain opportunities?  Once you say yes to that, your information has been legally sold, which results in many of the complaints about Big Spot centering on receiving spam and contact from people that users claim they never agreed to.

The truth is that not only are there a million free paid survey websites out there, but there are actually free portal websites out there that will bring you to one place where you can sign up for a variety of companies and who won’t sell your information to anyone.  So if you’re looking to make money taking surveys, probably actually isn’t the best place to go.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Dammmmm thank god I went to the reviews
  • I'd like to take surveys for cash.
  • Most survey sites are scams. They all sell your information to other parties. Don't be fooled. That's how they all make their money. Also, good luck reaching the payment threshold requirement.

    I do

    Requires paypal account and they will pay! Not many surveys to do, but keep watch. It does pay when you get's the best survey program around.

    Realistically, any company that actually pays you, will not give you many surveys.

    You are notified via email. And no....i don't get a "referral" fee for passing this along.

    It is so simple, you will way this will work.

    Some of the surveys will try to take you to 3rd party sites, but you don't need to go that far for payment. This is the most legit info. you will get from another user. This company has been around a long time, but is not widely advertised. For good reason, i suppose. 1 buck for each survey. Can get exspensive if it was widely known. Even when the sponsor pays the expense. Lol

    But seriously...try it.
  • See you in class action suit. Work without pay is illegal and filling out any of your questions is work not to mention invasion of privacy. ps. if you remove my review again i will review you on twitter.
  • I am sure that this is illegal, fraud and invasion of privacy. Thieves...Hear from you later as a class action suit because water on a dog's back must roll down and around his belly. Giving my info was work without pay...So illegal.
  • Anyone can make a commercial whether what u are advertising is real or fake. Only takes money to put the commercial out there. Can't go for everything seen on tv as tv is the biggest scam of them all....
  • Glad I checked the reviews first. Just seen the commercial and said that this could be something where you would have to give your personal info to. They just found out another way to get telemarketers a way to get to you. Thanks and everybody be safe
  • Save your time and sanity this is nothing more than a con!
  • is a sham! They reel you in saying that you will be submitting your opinions of new products for pay. This couldn't be further from the truth. When you sign up you are directed to a third party who has no liability for their lying commercial. The surveys begin rolling in but they are not what you expect. You are never asked to give your opinion on anything, instead you are asked to give personal info and details of your life. They promise to pay you and you already spent so much time so you comply. You give them your info and just before you reach the end they say sorry, you do not qualify so we won't pay you. Instead we will enter you in a drawing and we will pay you for your next survey. The next survey is more of the same and round and round you go, giving them a profile of yourself so they may sell it to marketing companies. You will not be paid anything, instead you will waste hours and hours of your time only to get thousands of calls and emails from people trying to sell you insurance and vacations and viagra. You wanted to make a few extra dollars and instead you get harassed bye spam and telemarketing.
    • Thank you for posting. I almost signed up till I google after seeing the add on TV. I'm sorry you got taken. So many people want to earn a little bit extra now a days and there are sites like this taking people
  • What a scam
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