Reviews – Is Big Spot Legit or a Scam? is a paid survey site that has been advertising on television lately.  They are free to join, as all good market research sites should be, however, they function a little differently than most other paid survey sites.

Instead of providing you with surveys and then compensating you for the work you have completed, Big Spot acts as a portal website that, once your information has been submitted, merely gives you a list of other free paid survey sites and encourages you to sign up at a variety of those companies.

Since doesn’t actually give you surveys, they aren’t responsible for paying you.  Instead, each individual company you sign up with will various policies and regulations about how you will be compensated, how often you will be compensated, and what kind of compensation you will receive.

Big Spot is honest and upfront about market research surveys being a good way to make extra money, though not for “getting rich,” and they say in their Terms page that Big Spot will never ask you to pay fees or charges at any time to them.

So What’s the Deal with Big Spot?

Well, since doesn’t actually provide you with any surveys themselves, they aren’t actually a paid survey company or a market research company.  Rather, if you look around through their various policies, you’ll see that Big Spot makes its money from giving your information to advertisers and salesmen.

Big Spot claims that they do not give your information out to third parties unless you authorize them to do so.  In general, Big Spot will ask for this authorization by saying that you have been chosen for a special offer or would you like more information regarding certain opportunities?  Once you say yes to that, your information has been legally sold, which results in many of the complaints about Big Spot centering on receiving spam and contact from people that users claim they never agreed to.

The truth is that not only are there a million free paid survey websites out there, but there are actually free portal websites out there that will bring you to one place where you can sign up for a variety of companies and who won’t sell your information to anyone.  So if you’re looking to make money taking surveys, probably actually isn’t the best place to go.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • If this place is so bad why do they put it on Tv i do believe it's a scam. So why is it on tv
  • I got into that MANY years ago only to realize that THEY did not pay u the other sites u were sent to did. Took FOREVER to get any $ for the amnt of time it took. My JOB was better pay. Would I suggest that to anyone - that would be an emphatic NO !!!
    • Thanks for your experience with this site, I was just about to click on it and give my information, wanting to make a few dollars but I will pass now.
    • Thanks for your opinion. I believe you saved a lot of people a lot of grief.
  • Thank god I didn't sign up for big spot looking at all these reviews
  • Oh, my gosh! I am Sooo grateful to all you folks who took your time to post your opioions RE: this ... I don't even know what to call it! It's a scam wagon selling Internet snake oil! Which snakes is

    What they are... slimey cold and despicable. Thank you all for sparing me and alot of other people from falling into their snake pit! Thankyou all.
  • I really can speak for you either way since I never sign up for any thing before I check its background, reviews, ect. Now that's the reason for my different review. It really don't take much to see that many people don't agree with your commercial after their experiences. Many of them even dislike you. My personal review report however different is honest, tasteful, and help get out of what you seem to be stepping deeper into. Many people ask the same question; If your not a scam then why not make changes needed to stop all of the above.

    Really all the effort and money put out just dealing with this will be a small thing when this goes flop and nothing but a bad business decision. One more thing and its name speaks for itself "BBB".

    Thanks All who read this review report.
  • I have been a member of Big for about 3 or 4 months now. I have accumulated $98.30 in reward money which I can not get. The web site no longer offers surveys and have removed their payment options. I sent a message to their non-existent customer support and after about a week I told that I would receive my reward in my PayPal account which has not happened yet. I think the web site has gone BUST so do not hold your breath about getting paid. Since this is a referral site and do not offer surveys directly do not expect to get paid
  • I checked this organization out in hopes of using it as an additional income. I was bombarded with phone calls during the day job and of course the expected email bombardment. I also had a call within the following two days from a guy who had my name and info and said he was from Microsoft which I knew was a scam immediately. This person continued to harass me by phone, using verbally abusive and sexually explicit language. This all within days of registering with Big Spot. FCC said they will not investigate, but use info. for trends or some crap. Big Spot tells people what they want to hear, but truth is you are making Big Spot a lot of money filling out these surveys which they in turn are providing these companies with your personal information. For every thousands you are making them, your making a few cents. There are legitimate work at home jobs - but this one ain't worth the hassle.
  • My 5 star rating is for reviewopedia and all of you that have posted truthful and helpful information that has helped me, and I'm sure plenty of others, from unknowingly falling for sum typical too good too be true BS website and their false advertisements. Thank you all!
  • I decided to look at the review on due to i have fallen for several different scams. If they r going to sell my key word my information then i should b able to get the money since its my information . I have enough of calls and emails from scams like this. So thank God I looked this this up and thanks everyone for posting this scam.
  • Scam scam scam
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