Binary Interceptor Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of Binary Interceptor, a website which promises to provide people with the only binary options trading software currently available on the market which actually works.

According to their website, the makers of this software realized that the market was flooded with different types of binary options trading software which didn’t actually work and were unable to make their users any money. They decided to change this.

But they understand that people must be so burned from fake software that they have decided to give their customers a 45 day trial of this product to see how it works for themselves before they begin charging any money for it. After 45 days, customers will be required to let the software pull 15% of their profits.

The Claims

Though binary options trading seems simple because investors are simply asked to decide if the value of a stock will rise or fall in a short period of time, the truth is that is has proven to be a complicated investment method that has a high risk of loss.

Because of this, the internet is suddenly flooded with claims of software that can make the investment choices for you, and “guarantee” that you make money. Unfortunately they have essentially all proven to be useless bots so far, that are really no better at making the right investment decisions than a user flipping a coin.

Binary Interceptor says that their program is the first ever bot that actually works to earn investors money, by constantly monitoring the world’s financial markets, detecting important news which can be used to investor’s benefit, and using the latest technology to process all this information and determine the right direction for your stocks.

Is Binary Interceptor Legit?

Binary Interceptor does a good job of trying to differentiate themselves from other binary options trading bots. First they admit that all the other bots on the market are useless, then they explain the kind of monitoring and analysis their bot is able to do which makes them successful. They even go so far as to point out that while other bots claim to be free, they do expect their customers to pay for the use of their bot, but only after they have had 45 days of fee-free profits.

But unfortunately this whole song-and-dance is just another sales gimmick. In fact, other binary options watchdog websites have pointed out that this exact website and video setup was previously used for a discredited scam bot called Virtual Income App.

The truth is that this app is just like all the others – it doesn’t matter to them that they let their members use this app for free for forever, for 45 days, or for just one hour. This company makes money the second you sign up with their chosen binary option trading platform. After that, they simply don’t care what happens to their investors. Customers who are interested in binary options trading should do their own research and even consult with an investment advisory, but should avoid these kinds of scams at all costs.

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