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Bing Rewards is a new online rewards program being offered by Microsoft and popular search engine Bing, which promises to give users rewards for doing something they do online everyday anyway – search the internet.

Online rewards websites were created as a way for marketers and search engine providers to get access for information. You agree to let them record the types of searches you complete and the websites you click on, and they will compensate you with money or prizes.

Customers who are interested in becoming Bing Rewards members can do so completely for free, and get started with their system to see whether or not it is something they may be interested in continuing.

How Does It Work?

The Bing Rewards website describes their program as being similar to a frequent flyer program. As long as you sign in to your Bing account and remain signed in, each time you search you will receive points from Bing.

It has been reported that Bing Rewards gives you points for every two searches you complete, and while the most points you can typically earn in a day is ten, these are just the points you can from searches. Microsoft generally provides its users with a way to earn bonus points from clicking on a specific service or a website that is promoting.

Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you can go to their Redemption Center and pick a gift card from your chosen retailer, including, Starbucks, Game Stop, Groupon, Fandango, and more.

How Does Bing Rewards Compare?

There are many, many independently operating rewards programs out there, including Swagbucks and Qmee, which partner with different companies to provide them with the data they receive from their users. Generally speaking, using an independent reward program requires you to download a special tool bar or other specific tool to your computer to ensure the company can collect your data.

Companies like Bing and Google’s Screenwise Trends Panel can easily record your search information with no extra work on your part, because these are generally the search engines people are using anyway.

But, unlike other browser rewards programs, including the one offered by Google, Bing does want you to search either through your computer or your phone at least once a day, in order to stay active with their program. Thankfully this should not be difficult for most smartphone or mobile device owners, nor those who work with a computer every day.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Bing Rewards Reviews " is 2.08 out of 5 based on 38 reviews.
  • Beware of Microsoft Bing Rewards. I have been going on the Microsoft Rewards website to participate in the activities - puzzles, quizzes, etc. - for a very long time. At first, I was able to redeem my points for a very small reward (e.g., 6500 points for a $5 gift card), but recently when I tried to redeem my points, I got a message indicating that my account was temporarily restricted. I contacted Rewards Support and received an email saying that their research indicated that I had used a bot or other automated means to do my searches rather than entering them manually. This is categorically NOT TRUE. I have never done a search by such means, not would I even know how to do a search other than manually. In fact, I rarely do any searches on Microsoft Bing other than searches in order to answer Rewards quiz questions correctly. Repeated requests for assistance either received the same response or no response at all. I even contacted Microsoft Support (not Rewards Support), but they were unable to help me. I am no longer going to participate in the Rewards program since I am unable to redeem the points I earned over a very long period f time.
  • This is a scam, I got a code to redeem my reward then I had to wait 24 hours for another code turns out it was a fake code so yeah this is a scam.
  • Points being added to my account is intermittent. Usually works, but when it doesn't, you're out of luck. "Customer Service" (I use quotation marks on purpose) only responds with canned emails that don't address the problem, like no one actually read your email (duh). Then they arbitrarily close the service request like they solved anything. They also tell you to not send anymore emails about the issue. In one auto-response, they did send a long list of trouble-shooting actions they wanted me to take on my computer. I already have a job. It is INTERMITTENT, which means it works OK without me changing anything. Then it fails again. They owe me 1,000 points now. I'm sure they get credit for number of searches that they use to mislead advertisers. Waste your time at your own peril.
  • Yep, TOTAL scam. They don't properly credit accounts, the website doesn't work when you try and transfer out money, and there's NO customer support. WORST company in the world.
  • A load of crap most of the quests don’t work and if you try to contact support you either can’t because of an error at their end or support does nothing. Daily signing should be banned it’s a con.
    • Was waiting for the winner of the $5000 Amazon gift card. Bing was going to announce the winner June 1. Instead. They just announced another $5000 gift card reward by June 30. Waste of time
  • Booked a trip at expedia. Bing rebates valid at that point. Took the trip 1 year later and they voided my rebate saying expedia never credited it. Scam - I have screenshots to prove it. Customer service is a joke - they respond 5 days via email each time you have an issue
  • Can you make it so my email will actually work and not make me do it 10 times!!!!!!
  • I started using Microsoft Rewards because I could use it to easily donate to charities on a very low budget. This is a great review! I added a link to it on my Microsoft Rewards Reviews Round-up post on My Green Savings Spot.
  • The best part of Bing rewards is that you don't need to spend more than 5 minutes per day to reach the minimum payout. Even though you can't make more than $10 per month, you can get that small amount every month without fail. If you are using Microsoft products like Xbox, then you can easily redeem the points. I think it also offers up to 10% discount on all Microsoft products and services.
  • For business, I do research online. I thought Microsoft rewards would be a good way to earn business related materials or prizes while working. It has been a nightmare. My points have vanished from my account by the thousands. Some points didn't add on at all, often you can't reach Microsoft for days on end.

    After three phone calls and about 12 emails, they insisted I somehow catch the problem, give them a recording of the actual problem(s) occurring and give them diagnostics of each of my new computers. As I said, my computers are new. I knew they couldn't be the problem. Also, I felt diagnostics and recordings violated my privacy. So, I asked what would happen to the information I provided. Microsoft refused to tell me their evaluation process or what they use the info for. It took several emails before they promised to only use the information to help me with my claim.

    On a video recording, I caught the points disappearing and not adding up.  After I documented the troubles occurring, through their chosen method, Microsoft refused to admit there was a problem!! They gave me a tiny percentage of the thousands of points they owed me, saying they only did this as a courtesy??!! So, I did an internet search. It seems their system is plagued by disappearing points and other troubles. Worse yet, Microsoft knows there's a problem but refuses to acknowledge it. To me, this means you're running a scam on unsuspecting and hopeful people.  Everyone affected by this should contact the Better Business Bureau and refuse to do business with Microsoft. We should blitz social media with information on this scam. Other people need to know before they invest their time and effort.
    • Hi Angel. I realize you posted this awhile back but I wanted to respond because points disappearing is still happening. I managed to hit 20,000, twice. All of a sudden it dropped back down into the 18,000 range. My ultimate goal was to hit 25,000 to earn a $25 Hulu gift card. I'm pretty sure I would have hit that by now but it appears Microsoft likes to cheat. I guess I should stop using Bing to search for things which is too bad. I like the daily photos they put up but it turns out that's all they are good for now. Thanks.
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