Bing Rewards Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Bing Rewards is a new online rewards program being offered by Microsoft and popular search engine Bing, which promises to give users rewards for doing something they do online everyday anyway – search the internet.

Online rewards websites were created as a way for marketers and search engine providers to get access for information. You agree to let them record the types of searches you complete and the websites you click on, and they will compensate you with money or prizes.

Customers who are interested in becoming Bing Rewards members can do so completely for free, and get started with their system to see whether or not it is something they may be interested in continuing.

How Does It Work?

The Bing Rewards website describes their program as being similar to a frequent flyer program. As long as you sign in to your Bing account and remain signed in, each time you search you will receive points from Bing.

It has been reported that Bing Rewards gives you points for every two searches you complete, and while the most points you can typically earn in a day is ten, these are just the points you can from searches. Microsoft generally provides its users with a way to earn bonus points from clicking on a specific service or a website that is promoting.

Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you can go to their Redemption Center and pick a gift card from your chosen retailer, including, Starbucks, Game Stop, Groupon, Fandango, and more.

How Does Bing Rewards Compare?

There are many, many independently operating rewards programs out there, including Swagbucks and Qmee, which partner with different companies to provide them with the data they receive from their users. Generally speaking, using an independent reward program requires you to download a special tool bar or other specific tool to your computer to ensure the company can collect your data.

Companies like Bing and Google’s Screenwise Trends Panel can easily record your search information with no extra work on your part, because these are generally the search engines people are using anyway.

But, unlike other browser rewards programs, including the one offered by Google, Bing does want you to search either through your computer or your phone at least once a day, in order to stay active with their program. Thankfully this should not be difficult for most smartphone or mobile device owners, nor those who work with a computer every day.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Bing Rewards Reviews " is 2.14 out of 5 based on 36 reviews.
  • I've been with Bing/Microsoft for over a year. Honestly, I love it. I would be using the same search engine to look up things online. Why not get points for it? They have fun quizzes every Tuesday with interesting topics. I don't see why someone wouldn't sign up. It's a win-win. Thank Bing/Microsoft.
  • The bing rewards worked well for me, but recently they changed it to microsoft rewards, and my points are just not increasing at all. I used bing for search and my points were at constant 5957 for two days. Then it finally changed and started going up and then down randomly. For a day I should get 260 points ( 100 for Mobile search, 250 for PC search and 10 extra points) However, I got only 150 points in total after completing the search.

    Microsoft is apparently stealing points and using a faulty system to rip off its customers. Very disappointed :(
  • I rated 5 stars... Because so far I do not have a problem. I've been on Bing Rewards for 2 months and did not have a problem. I redeemed like 10 dollars worth of Xbox Gift cards got them in a day, even in the same day! I just hope it stays that way.
  • I liked the Bing Rewards, I was able to earn 3 gift cards for Amazon, and yes, I did receive them. I have transferred them to my Amazon account. So it is legitimate. But, I really don't like it now that it has changed to Microsoft Rewards. I have less opportunities to earn points and now gift cards cost more points. I'm still going to use it, but once I hit my max daily searches I switch to another program I use to do searches and earn points.
  • they scam they waste my time and they lie and take away point no reason stay away they waste your time and effort.
  • I collected enough points for a gift card and never received it. Not impressed at all.
  • Just put $20 into my Starbucks account from Bing rewards. Happy about that.
  • I've tried bing rewards in the past on their first roll out and never got my reward.I say scam
  • i had no issues and its easy the issue is that there arent that many cards
  • They wait to see what you want to redeem, then they jack up the points needed to redeem that item.

    My Bing says 700 points to redeem an amazon card.

    My son's Bing says 475 points to redeem an amazon card.

    BING IS A RIP OFF!!!!!!
    • That's because your son is a gold member and you aren't. Make the effort to keep searching every day and the prices will go down once you hit the threshold.

      Trust me, I've saved tons of points on Amazon gift cards because of it.
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