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Bing Rewards is a new online rewards program being offered by Microsoft and popular search engine Bing, which promises to give users rewards for doing something they do online everyday anyway – search the internet.

Online rewards websites were created as a way for marketers and search engine providers to get access for information. You agree to let them record the types of searches you complete and the websites you click on, and they will compensate you with money or prizes.

Customers who are interested in becoming Bing Rewards members can do so completely for free, and get started with their system to see whether or not it is something they may be interested in continuing.

How Does It Work?

The Bing Rewards website describes their program as being similar to a frequent flyer program. As long as you sign in to your Bing account and remain signed in, each time you search you will receive points from Bing.

It has been reported that Bing Rewards gives you points for every two searches you complete, and while the most points you can typically earn in a day is ten, these are just the points you can from searches. Microsoft generally provides its users with a way to earn bonus points from clicking on a specific service or a website that is promoting.

Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you can go to their Redemption Center and pick a gift card from your chosen retailer, including, Starbucks, Game Stop, Groupon, Fandango, and more.

How Does Bing Rewards Compare?

There are many, many independently operating rewards programs out there, including Swagbucks and Qmee, which partner with different companies to provide them with the data they receive from their users. Generally speaking, using an independent reward program requires you to download a special tool bar or other specific tool to your computer to ensure the company can collect your data.

Companies like Bing and Google’s Screenwise Trends Panel can easily record your search information with no extra work on your part, because these are generally the search engines people are using anyway.

But, unlike other browser rewards programs, including the one offered by Google, Bing does want you to search either through your computer or your phone at least once a day, in order to stay active with their program. Thankfully this should not be difficult for most smartphone or mobile device owners, nor those who work with a computer every day.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Bing Rewards Reviews " is 2.17 out of 5 based on 35 reviews.
  • This is a scam for sure. I was on for less than a week, tried to redeem for one of their "sweepstakes". I got a message that my account was under review and after several days of that I emailed asking if there was a waiting period. I got the same message that others have gotten saying that I had violated the terms of service. There is no way I violated the terms of service as I had done little more than go through their introductory content and they would not tell me what I had supposedly done wrong.

    It surprises me that a major company would perform in this way.
  • This is a scam. My account was banned without me violating the TOU and when i complained I got an email that did not in any way tell me why I was banned. Don't bother with this service.
  • I accumulated over 9000 credits over the course of a year since 2014. I wanted to use the credits all up to get Applebee's gift cards. It has been almost 2 weeks and I still have not received anything. I have contacted Bing Support and no reply to my query has been made. I have even used the "reend" button and still nothing. If I do not hear anything by this week I will send a letter to Microsoft at their main headquarters in Washington to voice my complaint.
  • I've been using Bing Rewards for years. Like others, I had one account. But after a few years, they banned my account. I tried to get it back, but ignored me.

    So, I made a new one months later. Got redeemed multiple times, etc. But one night, they did it again. Banned me. Tried to get it back, a month later, they gave it back to me with 50 bonus points.

    So, we go to now. Why am I giving this one star after all that's happened? Well, Tried to redeem for a reward, my account is "Under Review" AGAIN, ONE ACCOUNT, they're about to ban me....AGAIN!

    So, if you use Bing Rewards. Remember this. You WILL be banned from them after a good 6 months to a year. It IS a scam...but it's one you CAN scam back...So if they scam you, scam them right back.
  • i tried it got a amazon gift card
  • I had joined up with bing about 1 year and have just ONE account. But had claimed 3 25 sweepstakes entries to X-box 1 with the halo edition thing. I got 4 of my friends from collage to get in on it as I told them about xbox gold cards and Onedrive cards as well. But today I wanted to claim a Onedrive card finally got gold status and was unable to get the card. June 11th 2015 I tried and it kept giving me back my points I don't know whats going on I did what they told me to do. Do searches heck I even did the little 1 point things and the trivia was my favorite to do I love challenges. (Wish there was more then 3 questions). But to my surprise it was not letting me redeem my points at all. I started to get a little paranoid because I was looking around Google and did searches to find people had there accounts banded for no reason and allot of other things are going wrong with them. I do not do this BOT stuff and I have my android device along with 2 home PC's and my (Annoying) wife LOL. Has been tons of times where I did not get any points in my tablet searches. I don't even know how to explain it. a Few weeks back I got a message saying app was incompatible on my new android tablet. I sent a e-Maill to microsoft bing rewards program and got this back.

    Hi John,

    This is Lester from Bing Rewards Customer Support assisting you with Service Request number xxxxxxxxxx.

    It seems that your previous attempts to redeem a reward didn't push thru and you wish to know why.

    It may be a possibility that there are issues within your Bing Rewards account that could cause this and with that being said, I will be working alongside with our research department to determine how to enable your account to redeem rewards again.

    We'll provide you with updates as soon as they are available.



    The Bing Rewards Team -

    I blocked out my number for security reasons but I think- you all have seen letters like this.

    I still cant claim any award for my searches with bing. I don't even know if this is a SCAM but I put in allot of time with it and I would like to be at-least rewarded for my efforts in helping Microsoft with BING.

    I guess Google search will be my search engine for now on if my account gets banded for no reason at all but being a loyal person.
  • When I first got it, it worked great and earned Amazon gift cards easily. Then I suddenly "violated" the terms of use and got disqualified, right at the time of the opportunity to get my next gift card...
  • I was locked out of my account right before I had enough points to be eligible for a reward. I was supposedly locked out for violating Terms of Use, though when I questioned this they couldn't tell me exactly what I had done. I only had once account, used it for normal searches, etc. just as the TOU says.

    This is a total scam.
  • It's definitely a scam! They never mailed me my gift card. The also claim to allow you to donate to charity through their system. I would be weary about this since they do not send you any reward for searching. A fool follows countless dead end roads. The fact that they do not actually support charities or send their members rewards like they claim to is probably a crime. Someone should notify congress or however cares about the citizens in this country anymore.
  • As soon as you reach your goal (in my case a $5 Amazon Gift card) the account will be locked for "violating terms of service".

    I searched normally, did not use a bot, multiple accounts or anything like that, followed terms of service as far as I can tell to the letter, so this seems to be how they avoid paying out.
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