Bitcoin Millionaire Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Bitcoin Millionaire is a new work at home investment product available online at from spokesman Jason Lee Ducker who claims that he has made more than one million dollars working at home from a wheelchair.

According to his website, Ducker says that every single day more than 27,000 jobs are lost in the United States alone since the economic crash occurred. This situation has made people eager for a way to make money that can withstand this bad economy.

And though Bitcoin Millionaire can give people this opportunity it’s currently being offered for $12 to the first 100 people, then it will return to its original price of $297 for the next few hundred customers before they will stop selling it completely.

What Is It?

Bitcoin Millionaire is an automated software program that helps people invest “surprisingly easily” in the Bitcoin market, which they say is currently valued at more than $12.2 billion.

Bitcoin is a type of electronic, alternative currency system that people are beginning to invest in, the same way many people invest in foreign currencies, but which is currently unregulated by any governmental or official financial body. says that you can install this automated software in just three clicks, and then be able to make profits of more than $20,000 each day, with the ability to be a millionaire in just 30 days.

The Problem

Bitcoin is actually a controversial investment option, mostly because there is no third party regulatory body that can oversee investments, potential frauds, and any other type of illegal financial activity that can take place.

But the real problem with Bitcoin Millionaire is the unbelievable earnings claims they make – that you can make $20,000 in profits in one day, that you can be a millionaire in just one month, all using automated software that doesn’t require you to actually do anything.

These types of financial claims made by businesses online are usually a clear sign of an unethical company, because these claims simply are not sustainable.

If you have already purchased a Bitcoin Millionaire license, their payment processor says that you can request a refund of your initial purchase cost of $12 through them – SSL payments. However, all customers should be careful because later purchases, investments, or deposits are not necessarily covered by this same guarantee.

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