Blazing Trader Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Blazing Trader, found online at, says that they are a new type of investment software that promise people 100% automation and 100% success with every trade it makes.

Perhaps the best part of this new trading software is that Blazing Trader is not asking new members to pay any fees whatsoever to use this software; they simply ask that you register with the binary options trading platform of their choice.

Once you have registered with that platform and begun trading with their software, they will at that time contact you about participating in their shared revenue plan, but only using the profits you are already earning from their software, and not from your own money.

How Does Blazing Trader Work?

Blazing Trader works with binary options trading, which is when an investor decides if the value of a particular stock will move up or down in a specific period of time. The promise of this software is that the investor themselves won’t actually make this decision – Blazing Trader will make this decision, and they will only invest when they have 100% certainty of a return.

To reach this certainty, the website says that their software uses “uses heuristic logic minimizers” which are a type of math algorithm that is designed to minimize Boolean functions. Their website says that these algorithms guarantee profits of up to $20,000 each day.

To use this software, however, you must work with the trading platform of their choice and you must create and fund a brand new account, even if you already have an existing account at that website.

The Ugly Truth

Unfortunately Blazing Trader appears to be just one of many hundreds of different trading bots that are available online right now. These bots all make the same promises – guaranteed returns of thousands of dollars a day – all with free software that only asks the simple request that you use their chosen trading platform.

The problem is that the whole point of the bot is to earn commissions from that trading platform when they sign up new users. When you deposit your $250 to fund your account, that bot earns money, and then its job has been completed. Blazing Trader – nor any other trading bot – actually cares if you earn any money and the truth is that you aren’t likely to earn any money at all.

In fact, binary options is actually a very volatile, high risk investment, so not only are not likely to earn money, you run the risk of the losing the money you have deposited. Because of this, customers should simply avoid this product at all costs.

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