Bouncy Bids Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Bouncy Bids ( is a new penny auction website that claims everyday people can use auctions to buy expensive, in demand items at extremely discounted prices.

Bouncy Bids allows members to register for free, but in order to participate in the auctions you must purchase credits at 60 cents each, in different size bid packs. When you purchase your first bid pack, Bouncy Bids will give you ten free Bonus Bids.

In addition, the larger the bid packs you buy, the more Bonus Bids you can receive. However, all purchased bids are non-refundable, so if you are a first time Bouncy Bids user you should wait until you are familiar with the site to buy the larger bid packages.

Is Bouncy Bids The Same As Other Penny Auctions?

Bouncy Bids is the same as other penny auctions in many ways. First of all, each bid raises the price of an item by one penny, unless otherwise noted, and the “winner” of each item wins the right to purchase that item at that price. They don’t actually win the item.

And, like other penny auctions, every time someone bids on auction item, more time is added to the auction clock to extend the time people are allowed to bid.

However, at Bouncy Bids the auction timers do not start counting down until the first bid, and while they do add time to the auction clock, the more bidders who are competing for an item, the less time will be added to the auction clock.

Finally, Bouncy Bids offers Rookie Auctions, which is the equivalent of Beginner Auctions at other penny auction websites. New members who have not yet won an auction are the only members who can participate in these auctions.

What to Look Out For

There are some differences between Bouncy Bids and other sites that users should watch out for, however.

Bouncy Bids does not have a standard Buy It Now feature, which is a feature that allows users who lose an auction to take the cost of their used bids and place it toward buying the auction item at full retail price.

Instead, Bouncy Bids only allows the Buy It Now feature for specific auctions. In addition, though Bouncy Bids promotes its Bonus Bids feature – where users are awarded Bonus Bids for doing things like referring friends – Bonus Bids will not be considered applicable.

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