Brand Institute Survey Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Brand Institute Survey, available online at, is a new market research company that says they want to give consumers a way to make a difference while earning rewards.

Market research is an important tool for all companies, and Brand Institute appears to provide market research in industries ranging from pharmaceutical and healthcare products to consumer products.

Brand Institute Survey says that members can join for free just by completing a simple registration form. The more information you provide on this form, the better, as it will give them more opportunities to match you with surveys.

How Does It Work?

Brand Institute Survey appears to work like most other online paid survey companies. After members sign up and complete their profile, they will be provided with different surveys to complete whenever they are available and member is determined to be a possible match for the information they are looking for.

Their website says that all survey invitations are sent via email for timely notification, so customers should check their email regularly to ensure that they are receiving all surveys when they are available.

Their website says that they do not have a minimum cash out amount, which means that members who complete surveys are able to withdraw their money whenever they choose, without having to meet a specific amount.

Is Brand Institute Legit?

It appears that Brand Institute is not only a legitimate paid survey company, but may be one of the best companies available for people currently working in the healthcare industry because they provide more healthcare survey opportunities than the majority of other providers.

Unfortunately, if you are not in the healthcare industry it is likely that this company won’t have that many surveys available for you to take, although they do provide non-healthcare related survey options.

In addition, some reviewers have said that they also don’t offer that many healthcare surveys, simply because the number of surveys for your specific area of healthcare may not be that plentiful.

All of that being said, however, this company does provide their members with surveys and they do appear to be known for reliably paying out compensation to members when their surveys have been completed, so if you are interested in joining this survey company there doesn’t appear to be any reason not to.

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  • I somehow did get signed up with Brand Institute about a year ago. I make 9-10 $ per survey and sometimes I’ll get 10 a week, sometimes it will be a month before I get one. I’ve made over 690.00 since I began. I am an RN, and all the surveys have been Drug Names related.
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