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Breakout Incomes


Breakout Incomes is another make money online course developed by Pro Advantage 90. Just like with their previous course, Power Seller Secrets, this one also focuses on earning an income as a drop shipper working on eBay.

For this new product they are using a virtually identical sales page and making the same exaggerated promises of easy wealth. They claim that you can make up to $379 a day working only for one hour. On top of that they falsely make you believe that the program is only limited to 15 people per city.

There are other examples of these types of exaggerations found throughout the page and they’re all used to make you believe that this is a very simple endeavor that requires absolutely no experience or any kind of special skills.

So is Breakout Incomes a Scam?

The opportunity that they are offering you is not a scam. Drop shipping is a legitimate business and allows you to market products on online auctions without actually having to store or ship the items. While this is definitely convenient it also means that the drop shipper, in this case, is cutting into your profits.

The other difficulties with running a drop shipping business is that you are competing on a global scale, and with so many competitors selling the exact same products the winner is always the one that can offer the product at the lowest price.

This business can be profitable but you need to make sure to learn as much as you can about it and understand what you need to do in order to make it work. In most cases it requires extra effort and going above and beyond what your competition is doing.

Some Things to Watch Out For…

Breakout Incomes does offer a money back guarantee but you need to make sure that you have met their requirements in order to qualify.

In order to be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee, the customer must have logged into the system, and must contact us within their 7 day evaluation period.

Also keep in mind your evaluation period starts the moment your payment goes through. If you need to reach customer service their listed number is: 1(888)-702-7632 and email address is: [email protected].

Finally, you can expect to receive a call from a “business consultant” as part of your free consultation with a Power Seller Expert. In many cases companies like Breakout Incomes sell leads to third party coaching businesses who’ll try to sell you their services at costs in the several thousands.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Breakout Incomes " is 1.08 out of 5 based on 36 reviews.
  • This company is a SCAM. I bought the product online only for them to charge me $99 instead of the advertised $59. I emailed customer service right away without a reply. Contacted via telephone without success. I then received a call from another company that works with them that stated that if invested 5,000 (minimum) this at home business would flourish. I informed them there was no mention of this and if so I would not have purchased. I was able to finally reach the company and spoke to an individual named Mariah. I informed her what had occurred. She put me on hold to speak to a supervisor and informed me that I would be refunded. I gave it 4 wks but still no refund on my credit card. When you call the company it is very difficult to reach someone during their advertised business hours. I emailed Mariah but with no reply. I reached someone today and was told that now my requested refund is out of the 30 day period and and Mariah no longer works there and she did not document anything in regards to a refund. I'm assuming her putting me on hold to speak to a supervisor was a lie or the individual I spoke to today was lying. The supervisor whom got on the phone was not professional, and he sounded like the agent I spoke to that was rude (requested a supervisor) I told them that I would forward emails from Mariah but they said emails were easy to change dates on so they would not take that. I also suggested that they could check her emails since she was an employee there but they refused. Beware of this company : FRAUDULENT
  • I was scammed several years ago so I have learned to check with the BBB first then give any personal info. I believe if any company is legit it would not mind calling you back in as little as 20 minutes to give you time to check the BBB website as well as the website they claim to be from . So the lady that spoke with me didn't say she would call back and seemed quiet disappointed that I chose not to jump on this " chance of life time " opportunity. LOL jokes on them when I did decide to check out their "so called website" this is what I found . Ty all for having shared your story . I am sorry for your loses . Hope that you will all receive your refunds. Hopefully you can take some condolence in knowing that your posts here made at least one person "ME" know that I did the right thing by checking them out first .
  • They claim a 30 day, money back, no questions asked guarentee. This is completely false advertising because to receive a refund, you are required to provide a detailed explanation. They also state that not all refunds are honored depending on the reason.

    They also threatened me that they would pursue legal action if I pursued a refund and disputed the charge with my credit card company, and happened to receive both. I had not even mentioned a dispute in my phone conversation. The representative requested that dealt only with them and not the credit card company. I believe this was because they would be able to give me the run around until after the refund period, if I was even able to speak to a representative again. It took me three calls, after waiting at least 20 minutes per call to actually speak with someone. I finally disputed the claim with the credit card company. I certainly have more faith in them than ProAdvantage Systems/Breakout Incomes.

    I am very frustrated in myself to have fallen for this "product".
  • I was just looking for more information on the Breakout Incomes when I stumbled on this website. I feel very sorry for the people who's been swindled by these fraudsters.

    They're so clever, there is little you can do as they often disguise and create one fraudulent scheme after the other. These are internet criminals who make working from home and online business a dreadful affair.

    My take on it all is that we all need to be cautious and get educated. The internet has come to stay, and a lot of people are unaware of the possible schemes that can happen through it. When I read their salesletter, I was excited. However, having bought schemes upon schemes in the past, I acted differently.

    I needed their contact details and the details supplied on their website didn't work. No responsible online marketer would disguise their contact detail - not when you have such a successful salespitch as theirs.

    I tried to opt-out, and the discount started and I knew from experience something must be wrong somewhere. My latest action is to ask them for a Review Copy hoping to test it out as I also am an online marketer.

    However, I don't just recommend things to my list of subscribers unless I can vouch for the claims made by the product owners. I recognize that this comes from experience, and in the next couple of days, I am going to give out a list of things anyone can look out for before buying from such bogus claims in the future.

    I am going to put the information on a blog for anyone to comment and hopefully it would help to reduce the rate at which such miscreants create unwarranted difficulties among unsuspecting people - Anyone could have been caught by their scheme!
  • Oh no, they have my $99. I was so stupid to fall for this. This guy Dale just called and asked all kinds of questions. Wanted to talk to my husband, who doesn't know anything about it. I guess I'm out the $99 and to hear that they probably have hacked into my address book just makes me boil. No wonder I got this from someone I barely know. That person doesn't even know that it was sent under their name and email address. I will call and report this creep to the Federal Trade Commission and also the FBI on the internet.
  • This site is a huge scam. I got a call from my mother about an email she got from my grandma I checked my email I had the same email as well, so I opened it looked into it and when I seen a woman from my area was making big money I thought how cool but I seen it was 99 dollars so I decided not to do it. Well I got a call the next day stating we can give you this for just 27 dollars so I talked to my mother and we decided to do it. Well I finished there tutorial and got to the end and it was just about me putting more and more money out there and then the sight wouldnt work and I googled it to find this site. Omg I am so upet I wish I found this site before I did this but I thought my grandma sent it so it must be good, boy was I wrong I called the number back that called me well surprise surprise that number said no one was available to talk leave a message so I called the 188-652-7632 number waited like 20 minutes to talk to someone they guy asked for my area code and I asked him why is it that the number that called me earlier today isn't working the phone got staticky and then he hung up on me. These people need shut down and caught. I now have to change my email address and plan on changing my phone number I can see they are hacking my computer because anything I try and do goes to a page saying loading and the link shows as this #pid=1&id=gbsf&parent= and thats all it shows. Now I have to be worried because they have my address as well as my mothers because she paid for it.
  • got a mail from my trusted previous boss asking me to check a news/ particular website out,i should have know that it was a scam.paid $99.00 through debit sure i cant get the money back.wicked people
    • Dear fell for it, I too experienced the same through a friend's email and paid the $99. You are correct in that these people are wicked and feed on the desperation of people who are unemployed and looking for a way to have an income. I have one word for them: despicable! For all of the people that have been scammed by them, here are a few things you can do to help shut them down and possibly get monetary reimbursement. Call the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357 and file a complaint. These people are very nice and I have called on them before regarding fraud from big corporations (banks). They don't play around and if they get enough similar complaints against a corporation or entity, they will investigate and prosecute. Trust me on this: a company does not want to be on their bad side!! Another agency is the Internet Fraud Commission: You can file a complaint with them as well. It is time we all band together and shut these people down and fight back. That is the only way to stop them! Good luck to everyone!
  • Almost got sucked into it. It's a good thing I listened to my boys not to sign up this was a SCAM.. . .
  • Scam , I talked to Blake Maloney who said go to rend to get form for refund. No such place and if anyone does get any info please share
  • If you intend to truly use this system and you're computer and internet savvy good luck to you as I had difficulty in every aspect of this system. I am having difficulty getting my money back for the membership I had paid when enrolling into this system. It has been over 21 days and I have yet to receive my refund. Initially when I had cancelled within the 30 day trial period they advised me that it would only take 6 business days to get my refund. On my third call of inquiring I spoke to a Supervisor then advised that it would take 21 days. It has has been a total of 25 days and I am still as I add this review have not received my refund.

    I do not suggest this website at all.
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